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Monday, June 23, 2008

   Seven Years and Counting
June 6th marked the seventh year that I've been in the OtakuBoards and wider theOtaku community. Holy crap. lol That sure brings back fond memories. Friends coming and going, being the anime forum moderator, making the header banner, meeting fellow OB members, being the art category moderator, the launch of myOtaku, being the art forum moderator, the many threads I participated in... I haven't forgotten you guys yet, despite my large drop in activity since I started college. Drop me a line on AIM (Syk326) or Hotmail (Syk3_26@hotmail.com), or call me up on Skype (sykeyboy). I'd love to hear from you guys.

Sorry for taking forever on comments for the past few posts but here we go, lol:

Spring Semester Starts (Sunday, February 3, 2008)
-Solo: I do recommend giving Japanese a try, as it's given me another reason to appreciate what the country has to offer as an art in itself. It's really an interesting language, and fun if you're motivated to put time and energy into it! I was very scared on Valentine's Day of things going wrong, but I took a chance and she turned out to be interested as well. Though while I'm in Japan, she will be returning to her hometowns of Guam and the Philippines (she's Filipino), and with some luck I might be able to visit while I'm overseas (it's about 3 hours away). "What if"s are the reason to try new experiences, because it's better to regret something you did so you can learn from it than to always wonder what could have been. But if it's unavoidable, then try not to worry about it. :]
-Azure: The plans are set and the bags.. um, will be packed.. but yeah, I'm definitely going to Japan. I leave August 31st and return December 22nd. Valentine's Day.. man, what a day. I started out playing it off as friends, but eventually confessed that it was more right before she left, and now we've been dating for 4 months. ^_^

Dear Diary (Wednesday, February 20, 2008)
-Solo: Thanks, Solo!! I hope you are doing well with everything as well.
-Revoluton: Yeah, I've been getting "a life" as they call it. Though I still yearn for time to just sit back and play video games or watch anime, or check out theO of course. lol I hope to reap the benefits of this hard work, but grad school is looking like 5-7 years long. Damn.

SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL! (Saturday, March 15, 2008)
-Shin: That was an awesome match we had the other night. But you still haven't added me!!1!1

I finally had some time to check out the new Worlds feature for theOtaku.com, and guess what? I think it's pretty awesome. And yeah, I want to be hip. I want to be cool. I could just keep blogging here every once in a while, and keep it nice and concise but NO! I'll make it complicated and do it on my own World's page instead. :p That way I can take advantage of whatever new features are available for it, plus the shiny new cover is rather inspiring.

Here ya go: See you guys around. Syk3-out

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