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Sunday, September 23, 2007

ok hello and i spent my day trying on dresses I HATE DRESSES!!!!!

anyway why do all my freinds think today is the day to tell me that they know why i do what i do... news flash you don't live in my head and i say and do what i do allways for them... don't hurt me if this doesn't apply to you but if it does hope this tells you that i care and i would never do anything to hurt you.... believe it or don't but i know its true and if you think about it you do to..
also if you got alittle more anger than your enfence called for i'm sorry might have been alittle mad ok so sorry and you know if your the one who should have gotten all of my anger today... but you probly won't read it so... so nothing i'm sad that they might not read it

bye and loveya freinds thats all of you!

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

   bla bla bla
Hi people
well i bored and theres no one here they all left for the weekend and I CAN'T!!!
Don't get me wrong i'm here because my sister needs me tomorrow and i'm closer to her were i am... stupid gas prices
all well i just have to tuff it out and find something to do (homeworks at the top of the list) Well other then getting sick and missing a night of work i'm doing good and lets hope my boss doesn't fire me :( that would suck i like and need my job....
well i started to wright again, ya i wright storys *i'd post them but my art skills suck* i'm tr'ing to write a book but that is on the back burner because of not haveing the right insperation, so right now i'm righting what i hope are short storys... maybe i'll try posting a story here and people can read it and give me feed back that might keep my mind bissy and then i'm won't go nuts and try and force people to do stuff with me because i' super bored!!!
ok thats all i got so i better get back to my boring life and do homework ;P
hope you have a great day/night/whatever

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Monday, September 17, 2007

   bla bla bla
ok thats what i feel like to day... i'm not happy and i can't stop thinking about bad things
so not helping all my coments suck :P
i don't like the world and i don't like people so why do they think its a good idea to talk... 'breath'
ok not talking about today yet

but yesterday i rode in a float plain and it fricken ruled ;D I EVEN GOT TO FLY IT FOR A LITTLE WILE


well it was fun to remeber but bad mood is back so bye all and hope you don't feel like this

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

gess what i have anger problems!!!!! SHUT -UP I MEAN COME ON I GET ANGRY SO I HAVE ANGER PROBLEMS... a teacher told me i might want to see someone... or she could stop being so fucking annoying...
whatever needed to rant
ok i had to make myself smile so as to displace the anger it will come out again later but i hope theres a pillow around...or an annoying person aslong as i can hit something ^^
ok other then that my day ruled because at like 7:30 there was a wall of bubbles infront of the fountain in the court yard of were i am and it was great!!!!;D(laffs at the thought)
oh but i have to give a speech and i suck at it, i once said "like" 246 times during a 2:30 minute speech.... ya beat that!!!
well other then the total being told to go see someone by a moron my day was good
P.S. i wouldn't mind beening told i'm insane but she was a dumbass (i bet you all know one)
bye loveya :P

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Hay everyone...

well still 4 hours away rom were i want to be...
but am doing better :)
well my sister is now out of her mind with the wedding so whatever (i don't mind her man but he can be a gerk)
ok now its my sisters b-day and i'm not there (must turn away and sob alittle) but i got to call her so yay!! her present is a knife, eek! she has alot of weapons (its cool but you walk into that room at night and have a heart attack...LOL
well try and get on here more but am a little bissy
loveya big hug bye

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Monday, September 3, 2007

   being alone sucks
ok my life is now at a stand still...
but i'm 4 hours away from my family and gess what i am really sad (family has yet to explode but it's only been 2 days) so thank you guys for the support it helps me not to run to my car an drive the 4 hours home...
aright thats about it 4 me i'll try to say positive and stay put,

so sad

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

   LOST (what to do)
OK hi and well you now what just happened my sister got engaged (is that spelled right?).
and that would be grate if she had called my dad (we thought she told him) so he found out 4 days after the fact... my house was a war zone!
Also my parents hate her boyfriend (or what ever he is now). So my mom is bissed and my dad is upset... oh and to make mater's worse i'm headed to school in 4 days and my dad is all sad about lossing his girls.
I love my family but come on...
ok hers the think i have 3 sissters 2 are out of the house and one is about 16, she is rebelling, so i'm the one who is always there to help and the one that has taken on alot of the work that makes our family not kill eachother.

alright i'm done ranting... thatnks for lissening and if you have problems like this tell me about them or at least let me know i'm not the only one :)


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Thursday, August 23, 2007

These things are really funny and cute :D lol

I adopted a Naruto chibi! ^.^

Name: Chibi's Name Here

Likes: killing

Dislikes: sasuke

Owner: Me?

Click here to adopt your own Naruto chibi!

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Friday, August 3, 2007

best episode ever

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Sunday, July 8, 2007


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