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Saturday, September 22, 2007

   bla bla bla
Hi people
well i bored and theres no one here they all left for the weekend and I CAN'T!!!
Don't get me wrong i'm here because my sister needs me tomorrow and i'm closer to her were i am... stupid gas prices
all well i just have to tuff it out and find something to do (homeworks at the top of the list) Well other then getting sick and missing a night of work i'm doing good and lets hope my boss doesn't fire me :( that would suck i like and need my job....
well i started to wright again, ya i wright storys *i'd post them but my art skills suck* i'm tr'ing to write a book but that is on the back burner because of not haveing the right insperation, so right now i'm righting what i hope are short storys... maybe i'll try posting a story here and people can read it and give me feed back that might keep my mind bissy and then i'm won't go nuts and try and force people to do stuff with me because i' super bored!!!
ok thats all i got so i better get back to my boring life and do homework ;P
hope you have a great day/night/whatever

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