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Thursday, September 13, 2007

gess what i have anger problems!!!!! SHUT -UP I MEAN COME ON I GET ANGRY SO I HAVE ANGER PROBLEMS... a teacher told me i might want to see someone... or she could stop being so fucking annoying...
whatever needed to rant
ok i had to make myself smile so as to displace the anger it will come out again later but i hope theres a pillow around...or an annoying person aslong as i can hit something ^^
ok other then that my day ruled because at like 7:30 there was a wall of bubbles infront of the fountain in the court yard of were i am and it was great!!!!;D(laffs at the thought)
oh but i have to give a speech and i suck at it, i once said "like" 246 times during a 2:30 minute speech.... ya beat that!!!
well other then the total being told to go see someone by a moron my day was good
P.S. i wouldn't mind beening told i'm insane but she was a dumbass (i bet you all know one)
bye loveya :P

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