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the world is full of junk thats not worth my time

OK ok i better write more then that or everyone will think i'm a bad~...

ok lets see i'm 6 foot and my class, well 5 girls, has won the school wide tug-a-war sence 7th grade...(we beat senior boys two years in a row..;D)Ok that was when i was in highschool. I'm now in college and it's ok but hard :P

so i'm into reading and etc. (anime, games, and all that jazz)
well lets see...oh i'm no good with email and love math ( i know i know GEEK!)

oh and if you don't get the message on the top... well its like... all that junk that doesn't mean anything should just move out of my way...

ok if you still don't get it ask some one else...

well i loveya all bye :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ok hi... i'm so mad right now!!!!!!

Reason 1 for being mad at my roommate: likes to go to bed a 7-9pm every night or when goes partying she may not be back till 1-6am and of course she is not quite (or sober)

Reason 2: She brings guys into the room that always smell bad (smoke and etc.)

Reason 3: She always brings guys to the room (i mean OMG you already had a kid and your still dumb as a door-nob)

Reason 4: OMG there are pic.'s of her open adoption baby everywere (window, desk, walls and etc.) The kids cute but not that cute!!!!

Reason 5: She lets her friends sleep over all the time (Oh and this morning, 6AM!!!!, her freind brings a guy back to ower room and has sex with him on the futon, thank the heavens it's roommates, then i have to wait till there asleep to get out of the room and to do so i have to move his foot to open the door and of course he's half naked and she's, laying on top of him, completely naked)

Reason 6: (like i need another one but) her boyfriend comes over like once a week and i am pretty much kicked out of the room and expected to lie if asked if shes been true, which if asked i'd tell the truth (NO!), also this guy left her when she was with child and now there dateing again... there idoits!!!!

Ok the rant is over till my drunk roommate wakes up then theres hell because i have been sweet and nice for to long!!!! there will now be hell to pay and i am NOT HAPPY ANYMORE!!!!!!!

well bye (would put a smiley but its would be a lie)

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hello people

LOL, i luagh because i'm crazy, is the world grand?
ok hope your well and not sitting in the liabary avoiding homework like someone i know (ME!!!!)
anyway i thought i should post and say that i'm bored.... oh and that writeing a 2 page summary of a 26 page artical is a waist of time (thats what i'm avoiding)
Ok happy moment i have lost weight (ya not that big a deal but it made me happy because i fit into the bridesmade dress my sisster picked out)
not alot of weight just 2 inches (not sure for pounds lost because i don't weigh myself)
ok off that sudject... onto the fact that i not makeing freinds at college because i am to wierd (should i be sad about that?) poeple often walk away from me or avoid me after we have gotten to know eachother... LOL best part is there faces make me laugh because there scared of what i am...
I am nice and kind and loud
but i am mean and angry when i'm angry (it take alot to make me angry but once theres no turning back), i am also weird in the fact that i love cartoons and anime, poeple also have a problem with the fact that i hate and love all my peers (ok the reason is because i hate poeple on agenral level, i like to be alone and won't tell people my feelings, they want to much and yet i feel like i must help everyone i see feel good about themselfs and help them become or do what they want, people say i'm to nice to strangers)

I don't worry often about stuff like this but today i noticed it more and thought back to all the people i know and well this is whta i am (my friends say i'm a coin with two sides that are diffrent but conected, they also say thats why they love, a small univers of clideing parts that see's the world through eye's they wish they had. That part scares me becuase i feel like no one will ever understand what i look at when i see the world)

ok forget that i'm insane and think about the way you are and what you are...
are you a coin or a net or a ball...?
i wonder if any of you see the world like and ever turning hourglasses with bad and good fighting for more sand and not always balanceing...
thats what i see
ok i'm a freak show i should charge money LOL XD
anyway don't think to hard and rember it doesn't matter what you are...

I hope you all have wornderful days/nights/whatevers

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Well i'm almost ahead in all my classes so cheer for me... however the cost was my social life for 2 weeks...
So my B-day is soon!!!!!!!!
I'm really happy that i have a holiday break and can spend a week doing nothing (well doing anything but homework)
So i hope everyone is have a blast this holiday

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

   just thought it was cool

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

   OMG.... death
My teachers wife died last night....
she was nice and had three kids, she had cancer and we thought she was getting better but then this. She was i super nice ladie and a good wife and mom, i really liked her and her husband adored her.
i keep crying and can't understand why it happened, i hope she died peaceful she diserved that...
I feel really bad for her kids and husband and for all those that loved her...
I won't forget her anytime soon and hope others keep her in there thoughts and help her family, i can't imagen loseing a parent but i feel the pain of losseing a friend and mentor!

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