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Sunday, September 23, 2007

ok hello and i spent my day trying on dresses I HATE DRESSES!!!!!

anyway why do all my freinds think today is the day to tell me that they know why i do what i do... news flash you don't live in my head and i say and do what i do allways for them... don't hurt me if this doesn't apply to you but if it does hope this tells you that i care and i would never do anything to hurt you.... believe it or don't but i know its true and if you think about it you do to..
also if you got alittle more anger than your enfence called for i'm sorry might have been alittle mad ok so sorry and you know if your the one who should have gotten all of my anger today... but you probly won't read it so... so nothing i'm sad that they might not read it

bye and loveya freinds thats all of you!

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