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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hello people

LOL, i luagh because i'm crazy, is the world grand?
ok hope your well and not sitting in the liabary avoiding homework like someone i know (ME!!!!)
anyway i thought i should post and say that i'm bored.... oh and that writeing a 2 page summary of a 26 page artical is a waist of time (thats what i'm avoiding)
Ok happy moment i have lost weight (ya not that big a deal but it made me happy because i fit into the bridesmade dress my sisster picked out)
not alot of weight just 2 inches (not sure for pounds lost because i don't weigh myself)
ok off that sudject... onto the fact that i not makeing freinds at college because i am to wierd (should i be sad about that?) poeple often walk away from me or avoid me after we have gotten to know eachother... LOL best part is there faces make me laugh because there scared of what i am...
I am nice and kind and loud
but i am mean and angry when i'm angry (it take alot to make me angry but once theres no turning back), i am also weird in the fact that i love cartoons and anime, poeple also have a problem with the fact that i hate and love all my peers (ok the reason is because i hate poeple on agenral level, i like to be alone and won't tell people my feelings, they want to much and yet i feel like i must help everyone i see feel good about themselfs and help them become or do what they want, people say i'm to nice to strangers)

I don't worry often about stuff like this but today i noticed it more and thought back to all the people i know and well this is whta i am (my friends say i'm a coin with two sides that are diffrent but conected, they also say thats why they love, a small univers of clideing parts that see's the world through eye's they wish they had. That part scares me becuase i feel like no one will ever understand what i look at when i see the world)

ok forget that i'm insane and think about the way you are and what you are...
are you a coin or a net or a ball...?
i wonder if any of you see the world like and ever turning hourglasses with bad and good fighting for more sand and not always balanceing...
thats what i see
ok i'm a freak show i should charge money LOL XD
anyway don't think to hard and rember it doesn't matter what you are...

I hope you all have wornderful days/nights/whatevers

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