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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ok hi... i'm so mad right now!!!!!!

Reason 1 for being mad at my roommate: likes to go to bed a 7-9pm every night or when goes partying she may not be back till 1-6am and of course she is not quite (or sober)

Reason 2: She brings guys into the room that always smell bad (smoke and etc.)

Reason 3: She always brings guys to the room (i mean OMG you already had a kid and your still dumb as a door-nob)

Reason 4: OMG there are pic.'s of her open adoption baby everywere (window, desk, walls and etc.) The kids cute but not that cute!!!!

Reason 5: She lets her friends sleep over all the time (Oh and this morning, 6AM!!!!, her freind brings a guy back to ower room and has sex with him on the futon, thank the heavens it's roommates, then i have to wait till there asleep to get out of the room and to do so i have to move his foot to open the door and of course he's half naked and she's, laying on top of him, completely naked)

Reason 6: (like i need another one but) her boyfriend comes over like once a week and i am pretty much kicked out of the room and expected to lie if asked if shes been true, which if asked i'd tell the truth (NO!), also this guy left her when she was with child and now there dateing again... there idoits!!!!

Ok the rant is over till my drunk roommate wakes up then theres hell because i have been sweet and nice for to long!!!! there will now be hell to pay and i am NOT HAPPY ANYMORE!!!!!!!

well bye (would put a smiley but its would be a lie)

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