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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hey everyone! It's DJayy again. As you can see, Sayoko gave me my little posty thing! Yay! Hunny's mine. :] Well anyways, nothing really is happening right now. I'm just at my grandma's house for the usual Sunday family gathering. And then we're getting together on Tuesday again for Christmas. :] I can't wait to se what I got.

Well anyways, I'm about to post on my own individual site after I finish this posty post, so yeah. :] How've you all been? Help us spread the word of our new site! We've only got 3 guestbook entries. TT_TT We want more! ^_^ So it would help if you could advertise us somehow. =^_^= Thanks!

That's it for now! Until I posty post again. :]


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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hello Everyone! DJayy here posting an individual posty post again! Wait...this is my first time posting. XD Well anyways, I hope you all like the site! We - being Sayoko - finally finished it. :] Kawaii, eh? *nudge*

Well anyways, yesterday, Friday the 21, was my last day of school! *happy dances* And whats better is I got my computer privilages back. ^_^ But that doesn't mean that I'm going to be on here much. Lol, I'm not taking the risk of signing onto Myotaku at school and then getting in trouble. TT_TT Sowwy to all of you. But don't forget, you guys all rock. <3 Lovvv yaaa.

And then yesterday night, I got to see The Nutcracker! The guy playing the Nutcracker Prince was HOTT. :] OMG, but during the ballet, when the dude was picking up the one girl, his shirt went up, and you know how in ballets everyone wears tights? Well when he lifter her up, you could see the guy had a freaking boner! HAHAHAH. I was literally laughing out loud. :] And there was this other hot guy there in the audience that kept looking at me and he always seemed to be everywhere I went. :] Wow. Lol, why am I happy about that? I should be scared, because he might wanna rape me. XD

So yeahhh. Hope all of you have Happy Holidays, celebrate whatever you celebrate happily. :] lol.

Toodles! <3


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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Heyyy. Sayoko here! Individual post, on a combined site. :3 Djayy might add her own post one day too. Lol. So anyway... I finally finished decorating the site. With help from my sis and other owner of this site, Djayy. I think it looks good. Tell us what you think. Ok? And be sure to sign the gb... ^.^

Anyway... Time to talk about stuff that's going on for me. XD

Yesterday, I talked to the guy I like again. I was so happy. ^.^ I also talked to my other sis, Fire Fist Ace... who's always fun to talk to. Love you sis. *Huggles* Oh yeah, forgot to say stuff about school. Haha. Well on Friday in school, in science class we had a substitute and we all got in trouble for this really bad E.T joke... and then on Monday our science teacher gave us a lecture and we had to do really stupid bookwork because we were bad for the substitute. But luckily today he said we could have another chance and learn without the books... everyone hates the books. We love learning from our teacher, he's awesome.

Yea, all I have to say that's interesting... all my other classes are boring to write/type about. haha. Later!

~*~*~.:Sayoko <3:.~*~*~

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello everyone! Sayoko and DJayy here! You all probably know us from ByakuyaLover354 && Djayysaurus.

One day while the both of us were talking online, Sayoko came up with an idea: We should make one site together! It was a great idea at first, but then the big challenge came...THINKING OF A NAME. XD It was soooooo hard to think of a name for our site. But she wanted it to be something with the word bat in it. =] So then I came up with SupaBatBat, and now it's our site name! There's two 'bats' because there's two site owners. :) This is going to be hard, but we're up for the challenge of posting.

Well our site will be developing, so come back and check on us!

~*~*~.:DJayy and Sayoko <3:.~*~*~

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