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Why by Ayaka
NOTE: Some of you may NOT be able to hear the song.

Before we start anything… we thought you might wanna know what we look like. Maybe? Yea.

That’s us. Be amazed. Two best friends, right there. ^.^

Heyyyy, I’m Sayoko. Real name… is classified. A lot could be said about me… I can express myself better through conversation… so talk to me. I’m 13… and yea, only 13. I’ll be turning 14 on December 26th though. ^.^ Anyway, I’m South Korean… meaning I’m Asian. Asian pride, baby! XD Anyway… I’m obsessed with anime, manga, Jrock, Visual Kei and almost anything Japan related. I’ve been to Japan and Korea before… and they were the two best trips of my life. I’ll never forget them. If you have anything to say to me… don’t hesitate to send me a message on my OWN site. Not this site… Mmkay? Now stuff about my dear friend Djayy.

Hi, I'm DJayy. =) I'm 13, and yes 13 ONLY. Please, please, PLEASE don't mistake me for being over the age of 15. I'm bisexual, and if you've got a problem, then deal with it. I'm still like any other person out there. I'm always laughing and smiling. I also enjoy writing stories and meeting new people.
RAWR;; What else? I'm not like your other girls out there. I love video games so much. Rock music and anything like it is my one and only, but I also enjoy music with good lyrics. Me and Sayoko are best friends && sisters, so we're both lazy and don't like making "About Me's". That's the reason I'm cutting this short.

So, that’s us. Yea, two of us. Ok? ^.^ We’re so close, we’re like sisters. HAHA. So, if you want to talk to us… send us a PM on our own individual sites… it would be way too confusing to answer PMs here. Ok? Well, See ya around and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hello everyone! Happy Day After Christmas! XD How have y'all been? I've been great, I got all the gifts that I've wanted. I GOT CHOCOLATE, the Ferero Rocher kind. :]<3 YUM. Hahaha. IF you want to see what else I got, check out my site.

Anyways, TODAY IS SAYOKO'S BIRTHDAY! *throws confetteii as a random band starts playing happy birhtday* XD Yay I wish I could get her something. T-T But I can't. It sucks. =( We should throw a party for her! YAY *invites everyone* :]

Aha, we've been through crayz times also. We make up words after hitting the keyboard! Like this:

ckrnwqla - corn kan run north while quails lay apples

xDDDDD Don't ask how I thought of that, it was pretty stupid. XD

Well anyways, Happy birthday Sis! Lurvs ya. *hugs*

OH yeah, Sayoko, I was wondering if you remember this from a LOOOOONG time ago.


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