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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Heyyy. Sayoko here! Individual post, on a combined site. :3 Djayy might add her own post one day too. Lol. So anyway... I finally finished decorating the site. With help from my sis and other owner of this site, Djayy. I think it looks good. Tell us what you think. Ok? And be sure to sign the gb... ^.^

Anyway... Time to talk about stuff that's going on for me. XD

Yesterday, I talked to the guy I like again. I was so happy. ^.^ I also talked to my other sis, Fire Fist Ace... who's always fun to talk to. Love you sis. *Huggles* Oh yeah, forgot to say stuff about school. Haha. Well on Friday in school, in science class we had a substitute and we all got in trouble for this really bad E.T joke... and then on Monday our science teacher gave us a lecture and we had to do really stupid bookwork because we were bad for the substitute. But luckily today he said we could have another chance and learn without the books... everyone hates the books. We love learning from our teacher, he's awesome.

Yea, all I have to say that's interesting... all my other classes are boring to write/type about. haha. Later!

~*~*~.:Sayoko <3:.~*~*~

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