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Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello everyone! Sayoko and DJayy here! You all probably know us from ByakuyaLover354 && Djayysaurus.

One day while the both of us were talking online, Sayoko came up with an idea: We should make one site together! It was a great idea at first, but then the big challenge came...THINKING OF A NAME. XD It was soooooo hard to think of a name for our site. But she wanted it to be something with the word bat in it. =] So then I came up with SupaBatBat, and now it's our site name! There's two 'bats' because there's two site owners. :) This is going to be hard, but we're up for the challenge of posting.

Well our site will be developing, so come back and check on us!

~*~*~.:DJayy and Sayoko <3:.~*~*~

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