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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hey everyone! It's DJayy again. As you can see, Sayoko gave me my little posty thing! Yay! Hunny's mine. :] Well anyways, nothing really is happening right now. I'm just at my grandma's house for the usual Sunday family gathering. And then we're getting together on Tuesday again for Christmas. :] I can't wait to se what I got.

Well anyways, I'm about to post on my own individual site after I finish this posty post, so yeah. :] How've you all been? Help us spread the word of our new site! We've only got 3 guestbook entries. TT_TT We want more! ^_^ So it would help if you could advertise us somehow. =^_^= Thanks!

That's it for now! Until I posty post again. :]


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