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Konnichiwa! Nice ta meet ya, I am Strawberry Miyavi, ya better be nice here, or else, cuz dude, I gots some strict rules here!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

So out a nowhere I started thinking of my ex-girlfriend Emily... I dunno, I really miss her. She was really something special, she had a way of always making me smile and whenever I was down she'd always pick me right back up. I'm not sure why I started thinking about her, just out of nowhere! D:
I remember how she'd talk about the future and how she'd picture us married with two kids... I remember her laugh. I remember her smile, her sugary voice, her soft rose petal skin, and the way she felt wrapped tightly in my arms.
and somehow I miss it all.
I don't understand why... She broke my heart and tore me apart. She cheated on me with my best friend...
But Josh cheated on me as well but I took him back but didn't take Emily back... I don't see the difference in either situation. They both cheated on me for the same reason...
I haven't spoke with her since my dad forced me too move to Massachusetts... Maybe I should call her sometime?
I really dunno what to do... I feel so confused. D:

--Strawberry Miyavi--

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Headaches and stitches...
I got out of the hospital quite some time ago, but I'm in so much pain from the two surgeries that I don't do much besides lay around watching TV... And poor Josh is being deprived, not a problem for me though. :D
I talked with my stepmum Candy today, she said she'd come out to help me but dad won't let her... And they might get a divorce. Way to go, dad, get rid of the one wife your kids actually like (aside from their mother). Ya know he needs to stop being such a douche about this... So I married my sister's ex boyfriend, well she's married to the guy who put me and my brother Jake in the hospital! D:

How was everyone's Valentine? Mm... Mine would have been so much better had I not been in so much pain... Shasta had her puppies, 21 of them (damn Lycan... -.- I'm getting him fixed). So we got a bunch of blue eyed Huskitas, in April we'll try and get them new homes, I already promised my friend Andy he could have two of them. :) He's really great with animals and he's a great person so I trust him with our babies. :) And one might be going to Will and Kent, they haven't answered me on that yet.

Its funny, all the pain medication I'm on makes me sleep most of the day and yet I'm still so tired! D: it's nuts...
And hey look! It's almost 1am here... XD Go to bed, Strawberry.



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Friday, January 21, 2011

Hopsital! D:
I'm in the hospital... again. I kept throwing up and passing out so Will (my doctor) insisted on me being hospitalized until further notice... Which for the record... is gonna be a long fucking time. D: We're not sure what's causing me to get sick and Josh keeps saying I might be pregnant. -.- He shouldn't joke like that... my brother actually did get pregnant. D: So I smacked him for saying that.
And cuz Josh works weekdays Aiden and my friend Andy are taking turns staying with me until he gets off work, which is good, I hate being here by myself... Well Will's here, but that's a different story. XD

I feel bad that I'm stuck in the hospital, cuz my friend Saora held a contest and I agreed to help do the prizes but since I'm in the hospital I can't draw the prizes. :(

Well Will says he'll knock me out if I don't get off the computer and since I'd rather not be unconscious right now I better get off. So bye and stuff... >.>

--Strawberry (frickin) Miyavi--

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Da da dun!
How was everyone's Christmas and New Year? ^^

Mine was pretty good, Josh and I drove out to Oregon to visit Kira and her boyfriend Nick, that guy I went to school with who made my life hell and beat my brother Jake up. D: I stabbed him in the stomach with a fork when I got there, why? Cuz Vicious told me to. XD No seriously, he called and asked if when I got there if I'd stab Nick in the stomach with a fork for him and so I did. XD
Christmas was an interesting day, we spent it with Nick's family and that was... well it's amazing that I'm still alive! His dad was my school principal and after all the windows I broke and all the fights I got in he really hates my guts... :/ I blame Nick. He was the one I usually got in a fight with. D: But no, we all got along well and had a nice Christmas.
As for New Years, Josh and I decided to scare the life outta Kira once again. XD Which resulted in her hitting me upside the head with the table lamp. D: I had to go to the hospital and get stitches... I swear at the rate I'm going, the hair on that side of my head will never grow back!! So I learned, don't sneak up on Kira ever again... no matter how fun it may sound, it's a bad idea.

I just got back from Oregon today and I go back to work on Thursday... The only part of work that I enjoy is working with my friend Andy, who just makes work so much fun. XD Nothing says fun like scaring all the straight workers into thinking you wanna do em. XD Oh, Andy, you silly gay perv, you. XD
Aiden and Cameo are in Louisiana until the seventeenth, and I miss them... :( But the nice thing is Josh and I have the house to ourselves. ;P It's actually quite nice being able to snuggle up with Josh in the living room without Aiden and Cameo interrupting. XD

Well guys, I'm gonna go do that now... Yup, I'munna go snuggle up with my husband and watch a movie. :)


--Strawberry (frickin) Miyavi--

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

   My life is boring. D:
It is!! For once!! D: Gah... It's maddening!! XD All I do is go to work, come home, make dinner, watch TV, go to bed and start all over again... Well I guess it's better than my life making no sense, ne? XD But I'd at least like a little excitement, hmm... I'll get Aiden on that. XD

And guess what will be happening next month? My dog Shasta will be having puppies... Again! D: I really need to get her spayed... :/ But yeah, we'll have little huskita (akita/husky) puppies and rottskies (rottweiler/husky) puppies. I also need to get Buster and Lycan neutered. Oh god... Sitka... Nuuu, she's too young to be having babies!! I'm getting her spayed first! D:
My dogs are like my children if you haven't noticed. XD
Aiden keeps asking me if he can keep one of the huskita puppies, well... we'll see about that! We already have five dogs! I don't think we need anymore... :/

Josh and I decided that we're going to see Kira for Christmas, we'll be leaving on the 20th, hopefully the weather's good or I won't drive. I haven't driven in bad weather since I was sixteen and got in a wreck. D: Was not a fun night for me.

Reply to alphonse13:
Hahah, I've noticed... Even my friend Saora (The Angel Sango) has disappeared from here and she's been on here longer than me. XD

Yeah, I got married. XD It was nice. We hired a friend of Josh' to photograph it and he broke Saora and Aiden's cameras and they tried to kill him. We haven't got any pictures at all of it... :( It bites, but oh well... He got his ass kicked at least.
My dad's just dumb... He wanted Kira to marry Josh and me to marry my lying-cheating-slutty ex-girlfriend Emily... But Kira married Josh's half brother Nick and I married Josh and we just ruined his plan entirely. :D
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! :)

--Strawberry (frickin) Miyavi--

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