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Friday, January 21, 2011

Hopsital! D:
I'm in the hospital... again. I kept throwing up and passing out so Will (my doctor) insisted on me being hospitalized until further notice... Which for the record... is gonna be a long fucking time. D: We're not sure what's causing me to get sick and Josh keeps saying I might be pregnant. -.- He shouldn't joke like that... my brother actually did get pregnant. D: So I smacked him for saying that.
And cuz Josh works weekdays Aiden and my friend Andy are taking turns staying with me until he gets off work, which is good, I hate being here by myself... Well Will's here, but that's a different story. XD

I feel bad that I'm stuck in the hospital, cuz my friend Saora held a contest and I agreed to help do the prizes but since I'm in the hospital I can't draw the prizes. :(

Well Will says he'll knock me out if I don't get off the computer and since I'd rather not be unconscious right now I better get off. So bye and stuff... >.>

--Strawberry (frickin) Miyavi--

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