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Saturday, December 11, 2010

It appears I disappeared again... D:
I swear I don't mean to disappear from here so often and I keep telling myself to update but I keep forgetting... D: Gah... My mind is always elsewhere... :(

Yes, life is nuts... I'm still living in Maine with Josh, my cousin Cameo and his boyfriend/my best friend Aiden, and our five dogs and two cats. It's a good thing this place is so big otherwise I'd be a very angry person. XD
I got married back in October, it was great. :) I was gonna post about it here but like I said my brain is elsewhere and I completely forgot. D: I am so sorry!

Well when I told my dad about Josh and I getting married he disowned me and on Thanksgiving he almost got me arrested... :/ I'm starting to think my dad has some sort of mental problem... The crazy old man. D:

Aside from that, not a whole lot is going on... Aiden and Cameo are going to Louisianan next week to visit Cameo's parents for Christmas and Josh and I are... well we're not sure what we're doing. It's not like I can go back home to Illinois cuz my dad hates me for no apparent reason; so we might go to Oregon and spend it with my sister Kira and her husband. We'll figure it out eventually...

And that's all.

--Strawberry (frickin) Miyavi--

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well... shit.
Sorry for not updating lately. But... I'm in the hospital again. A couple weeks back, I got hit by a truck, so I'm stuck in the hospital with several injuries... They had to shave part of my head to fix my skull... I'm half bald!! D:
I'll be out of the hospital on the 2nd of August, hopefully. It all depends on how I'm doing. :/ I hate being here... I'd have updated sooner but for the last couple days I've been pretty doped up cuz of the pain. D:
Wednesday was Josh's birthday and since I'm in the hospital I wasn't able to do shit for him. Which makes me feel bad, but when I get out, I will do something. That's for sure.

And... my mum died on June 28th... So I'm not in Maine, I'm in West Virginia cuz I had to be here for the funeral and all that shit. It's the main reason I've been gone from here...

Josh and I finally set a date for our wedding, we plan to get married on Halloween night this year, I'll be thirteen days shy of 18. Hopefully my hair will have grown back by then. D:
And we plan to tell everyone when I get out of the hospital when Josh's mum comes to visit. He's not too happy bout her visiting either, cuz she's never really been there for him.

But that's about all that's going on in my world.
Thanks, Alphonse13 and Poison Fangs. :) *hugs for you both*

--Strawberry (frickin) Miyavi--

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm getting married!!! =D
No joke. Josh and I are getting married! When? I dunno, no date has been decided. But yeah, I'm engaged and loving every minute of it. :) At first I never really liked the idea of getting married (let's blame my parents for that) but being with Josh is a lot different and I can actually picture myself with him forever and let's pray that's how long we'll be together.

I haven't broken the news to my family yet either... Well my brother Vicious knows cuz he just happened to walk by when Josh asked me... but I threatened to have his wife beat the hell out of him if he told anyone and since his wife is the only one who can actually scare him it worked. :D I can be so mean to him at times... :>
But I actually dunno when would be a good time to tell them... I mean how do I break news like that without passing out? I've never been one to break news at all... Trust me, it wasn't even easy for me to tell them I had a boyfriend. :/ I'm a weird one for sure...

Well I haven't much to say but I'd thought I'd let you guys know what's been going on in my world. :) So yeah...

--Strawberry (frickin) Miyavi--

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Monday, May 10, 2010

I had to miss work twice because of Ru running away and guess what? I got fired! And she has done since she got here is complain and whine about everything! I am trying so hard not to yell at her and be the mature one, but she makes it so difficult!
It's times like these that I remember why I moved in with my dad, cuz I was so sick of taking care of my sisters. I really cannot stand Ru right now... she pisses me off. For dinner I made pork chops, but no she wasn't in the mood for pork chops and threw a screaming fit and broke almost all of my dishes! Then she kicked Lycan, our akita, and almost threw Sitka across the room!! I swear if Josh hadn't held me back I would've smacked the shit outta her! I could not believe she hit my dogs! I've had it with her, I don't know what I'm going to do with her... I really don't. If she touches my dogs again I will call the cops, I don't care if she is my sister, I will call them!

Tomorrow I'm gonna talk to my brother Kevin and his boyfriend, see if they can get Ru back to Illinois, cuz I can't handle having her here. She's been here four days and already she's causing problems for everyone. All she and Nate do is fight cuz Ru has to be a bitch to everyone just like Kira did when she was that age... What is it with women in my family and thinking they're the greatest thing ever? I mean really!? My mum is like that, Kira is like that on occassions, and all of my aunts are like that!! What is wrong with them!? Seriously!?
I think my dad should send her to one of those strict British boarding schools. It might straighten her out a bit, or send her to Catholic school like I had to when I was younger, except I got expelled for piercing my lip in class... But you get my point, right? I just think Ru needs to get off her high horse and stop being such a bitch, cuz one day she'll end up in a real bad situation cuz of her attitude and no one's gonna help her get out of it.
For now, there ain't a whole lot I can do so we'll see how this goes, ne? Hopefully Kevin can do something because I sure as hell cannot take another month of this shit. I really can't, I have enough on my plate without her adding to it. Josh told me I need to go to the doctor's tomorrow to get my heart checked since it's his day off and I think I will... Stress does not help a weak heart at all... And I'm still recovering from having that tumor removed, so I really don't need the stress.

I should probably get off, the dogs need to go for a walk...

--Strawbery (frickin) Miyavi--

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Was I gone that long? O.o
Damn... my bad! Sorry, everyone, for my random disappearance again. I didn't mean too, I've just been preoccupied with things... I'll try to keep myself here. ^^;
So how's everyone been? Good, I hope!

Between home life, babysitting, taking care of the dogs, keeping Josh happy, and work I barely have time to breathe these days... But work won't be taking up too much of my time anymore, we finally got another worker and I no longer have to work over fifteen hours, I can go back to my normal six hour shift. =D

Josh's boss left town for awhile and left his son Nate with us, he's a good kid. All I hafta do is feed him and that's it... very responsible for ten year old.
And speaking of ten year olds... my sister Ru ran away from home and guess where she showed up? My house. How the hell she got from Illinois to Maine is beyond me... But she showed up last night, declaring she wasn't going to live with Dad anymore cuz he didn't let her dress like a slut... -_-; So now I have to deal with her... I'm about to strangle her, why couldn't she have ran away to one of our other siblings!? Like Kira!? DX
I had to take the day off to deal with her and call Dad, he's as mad as hell at her for pulling this stunt and I don't blame him. I'm mad too. I have a life and it does not involve raising my sister (again)!
Josh and I'll keep her here till school's out, then when we head back to Illinois to get the rest of our stuff we'll take her with us. As if my life wasn't bad enough?

Does anyone have a deviantart account? If so, my friend Saora and I have an account we posted our horror story on: http://masaki-cross.deviantart.com The story's just starting so if you want go check it out. ^^ It would mean a lot if you did. :)

As for now, this journal is done. Lots of love, everyone!! *hugs*

--Strawberry (frickin) Miyavi--

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Friday, March 5, 2010

If there was nothing left to say...
Then I probably would not be updating this journal. :D

Shasta's puppies turned a month old on the third, and usually it means that on the third of next month I'll have to find em new homes. But that ain't happening, I own this property, there's plenty of room for em and plenty of room for em to run, so I see no problems. :D
Sitka is the oldest and she gets really annoyed with Denahi and Kenai, for a small, one month old puppy she sure knows how to put those boys in their place. Denahi is the second oldest and he seems to pick on Kenai quite a lot... You'd think with Kenai being the third born he'd pick on Winter, but nah, he's protective of her and doesn't let the other puppies bully her. :) Just like his grandmother Soporis.

One of the weirdest things happened last night, I was getting ready for bed and I hear whining outside and then I hear Shasta barking, so I thought I left her outside so I go and check, well she was in the living room by the door. I opened the door and there was a little gray kitten sitting on the porch crying. The poor thing looked so sick and cold, so I brought it in and fed it and now... Shasta's babying it like it's one of her puppies. I called Josh and told him what happens and so we've decided to keep the poor thing. We're calling her Mika, after a good friend of ours. :)

I've been doodling a lot lately, and seeing as I've lost my sketchpad I've been using my notebook... damn lined-paper. *pouts* But hey, I got a lot of doodles, lol I love that word. XD
Sao called me recently to help her, she needs a song for her book and asked if I could contribute and so I did. :) I think it's a good song, Sao loves it and that's good enough for me. :D

--Strawberry (frickin) Miyavi--

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Friday, February 5, 2010

   Home sick...
Yup, I'm home sick today. Curse my anemia. I guess I'm just prone to illness, eh? Probably right on that one XD But I guess its a good thing I'm home today, cuz Shasta and the pups need watchin. We got four little angels, two boys and two girls, all of each color: 1 black/white, 1 red/white, 1 gray/white, and 1 all white. :aww: The little black and white boy is the spitting image of Shasta, and we've started calling him Denali, the little red boy we've started callin Kenai, and the gray girl we're calling Sitka, and Josh decided to name the white girl Winter. Hahah she's the only one with a normal sounding name, poor baby, but she's special so I love her. :3

So my brother Yatsu called me yesterday with some 'extreme news!' and you'd think with it being him he found like a nickel or something on the ground, but no... it was actually extreme news. Him and my best friend Lizzie are gettin married... :O Dude, that is extreme. And they're coming to stay with me and Josh for spring break, too bad Jewel can't come visit... haven't seen my triplet in forever. But he's busy with his daughter and trying to sort things out with his boyfriend who no one has seen since March of last year. Lord only knows where he went...
Speaking of siblings, Vicious' wife Audra had the baby last month, a little boy they named Hiroki, and guess what else? Audra is pregnant again. XD Vicious and Audra are so far turning out like meh parents XD just watch they'll have twenty some odd kids by the time they're thirty! XD I probably shouldn't pick fun at this. Oh well.

Well, Shasta's whining again so better get off and see what she wants.

Reply to alphonse13:
lol well of course I'm alive, I wouldn't want to say I'm dead when I'm actually quite alive. XD
Yup! Four little angels, all of em look like their mum, specially Denali.
Yeah, I don't get what's so wrong with it, I mean I could be just like them and make a huge scene for them dating the oppisote gender. XD But that would get me nowhere, except the mental home. XD Eh, true, best to take the highroad and ignore their shit.
I know, I got alot of patients with em, and it humors me to see them act like they know everything when they don't and in the end everyone always tells em how stupid they look. I have two brothers who do in fact know everything so... yeah XD

--Strawberry (frickin) Miyavi--

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I hate school and I hate work.
Okay, so I'm not dead. But I will apologize for my absence, between work and school I barely have time to breathe, I'm not in school today cuz Shasta had her puppies and I'm making sure they're all okay. I'm kinda glad I have to take care of em... it means no work or school today, yay...

School: Sucks. No one really gave a damn about me and Josh when we first started school, they just ignored us. Till they realized we were together, now all anyone does is mock us and whatnot. I swear I am very close to busting their skulls open... Josh keeps telling me if I do not to hit a girl, I dun't see why, I've done it before. Then again it was Kira so technically it wasn't a girl... Well now I see his point.
Work: Is a bitch. There are five workers including me and I'm the only one that handles the sells and helps a costumer find what they're looking for, all any of them wanna do is stand around acting like retards. And almost everyday a bunch of poser-brats come in and almost start a fight with me cuz they think they know everything about guitars and drums, well I'm sorry to burts their bubble, but they don't. I've been raised around music, learned every instrument and mastered it, I think I know what I'm talking about...

And, sorry Saora, I didn't mean to wake you up early, I was trying to call Lizzie, but Josh kept trying to take the phone away so I ended up accidently calling you... Sorry, Sao, it won't happen again, I promise.

I guess I should get going, Shasta keeps whinning at me...

--Strawberry (frickin) Miyavi--

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here we are again...
Well Tuesday when I came home and couldn't find Josh anywhere I called the police station to file a missing persons report... and of course they made me come down there, sadly I don't have a care, so I had to walk and its frickin cold out here in Maine. Well when I got there he asked me what my relationship was to Josh and I said I was his boyfriend, he gave me this look that clearly stated he's a homophob so he made me talk to a different officer (who's gay).
After telling him all the important stuff he drove me home and told me he'd call if they found him. So I went inside and curled up on the couch with Shasta, crying like a frickin idiot and fell asleep.

Woke up yesterday morning and no sign of Josh... I spent the entire morning at home worrying about him, I would've gone into work but my boss said I needed to stay home incase they found Josh. I called my dad and told him what was going on... he seemed pretty worried and so did Candy.
I ended up walking around town all day long, I dropped by Kitten's foster home to visit him, I didn't stay long since I was feeling shitty... and then I did the same as I did Tuesday evening, went home, cried, and fell asleep.
I dunno how late it was but it was pretty damn late when Kent (the officer I talked to) called and said I needed to come down to the hospital. So in the middle of the night, in the cold, I had to walk to the hospital, which is a lot further than the police station. When I got there Kent told me Josh had got jumped... he's fine, just a few minor injuries, like a broken wrist. I also found out that Kent's partner was the doctor who was taking care of Josh, they've been together fifteen years! Wow, that's longer than most of my parents' marriages last.

So Josh is at home with me, he's sleeping right now which is good cuz he needs some rest. I'm gonna go fix Josh some lunch.

--Strawberry (frickin) Miyavi--

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

   Life only throws the worst at me...
Okay, so we officially moved into the cabin two days ago, I got hired at a music store, I get to sell records and guitars. That's probably the best place for me to work, and as for Josh, he works at my great Uncle's farm. And cuz of mine and Josh's high grades and high IQs the school decided to graduate us early, tho we have to go back for graduation in May. Josh and I were supposed to have been in a second year of college but we decided to just go back and finish up high school...

Anywayz, last night Josh and I were talking about our future together, he wants us to get married and adopt... but I'm not sure that's what I want to do. I don't really like the idea of marriage thanks to my parents' hopeless marriages... and I'm not sure I want kids... So were started to argue about it, Josh got mad and stormed out of here...
I went to bed, thinking he'd be home when I woke up and life would just go one like it always would... but no. I woke up and he wasn't home, I called his cell and no answer, and then the worry hit. I've been trying to call him all day and haven't got any answer from him...
This is one reason why I hate being in a relationship... I swore I'd never be weak or pathetic for anyone, that no one could ever break my sheild and get inside... well obviously that didn't work out cuz Josh got passed my sheild, I've been crying and worrying about him all day... What if something happened to him? I don't know what I'd do without Josh, I really don't... I'm so scared of loosing him. He's the only person I've ever truly loved and if something happened to him.....

I dunno what to do. If he doesn't show up soon I'm callin the police... damn regret keeps seeping through the sorrow... The last words we spoke to each other were horrible and if something happened to him the last thing I told him was he was a selfish ass... Now I feel like shit... I'm gonna go look for him, but I needed to get this out... so yeah...

--Strawberry (frickin) Miyavi--

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