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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Headaches and stitches...
I got out of the hospital quite some time ago, but I'm in so much pain from the two surgeries that I don't do much besides lay around watching TV... And poor Josh is being deprived, not a problem for me though. :D
I talked with my stepmum Candy today, she said she'd come out to help me but dad won't let her... And they might get a divorce. Way to go, dad, get rid of the one wife your kids actually like (aside from their mother). Ya know he needs to stop being such a douche about this... So I married my sister's ex boyfriend, well she's married to the guy who put me and my brother Jake in the hospital! D:

How was everyone's Valentine? Mm... Mine would have been so much better had I not been in so much pain... Shasta had her puppies, 21 of them (damn Lycan... -.- I'm getting him fixed). So we got a bunch of blue eyed Huskitas, in April we'll try and get them new homes, I already promised my friend Andy he could have two of them. :) He's really great with animals and he's a great person so I trust him with our babies. :) And one might be going to Will and Kent, they haven't answered me on that yet.

Its funny, all the pain medication I'm on makes me sleep most of the day and yet I'm still so tired! D: it's nuts...
And hey look! It's almost 1am here... XD Go to bed, Strawberry.



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