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Hello there and welcome! 8D

Sunday, May 27, 2007

.look up and laugh;;

Time → 2.00pm
Mood → :3;;;
Music →

For a long time, my computer's been acting up and will not load this site. D: T_T;;;;

Anyway, how've you guys been? :333
Sorry I haven't been around much. D:

I guess I've been kinda busy;;; But not doing the stuff that I want to be doing. read: irl drama D8< But I think it might be settling down soon. D|

I don't have much to say and I have to go soon, so I'll stop this here. 8D;

See ya later~ x3;

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Monday, May 14, 2007

.leave me alone;;

Time → 12.00am
Mood → D8<
Music → God Hurts Those He Loves//Koyasu Takehito

Grah. For some reason I'm really irritated. D| I'm not comfortable at alllllll. DDDX I couldn't find any pajamas and then I realized that I don't seem to have any clothes. D8<< And djkalfds I'm just frustrated. I'll be over it in a minute. .... .__.;;;

I actually never really ever have any energy drinks, because they usually make me really irritated. DDx And I only used it to try and get over a little bit of the exhaustion that I was having. D|

And actually, our kittens are named Asch and Lenalee, not Asch and Luke. xDDDD;;; We were saying that if we got two kittens (and one was black and one was white) that were both male, then we'd name them Asch and Luke, but they're both black. :3;;

I'll try and get some pictures up soon~

I was pretty tired again today, but I think it's starting to get better, so tomorrow I should be able to finish the plot that I'm trying to write out....

Anyway, I'm off to sleep. See you all later~♥

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

.come back before you go;;

Time → 3.00am
Mood → D8;;
Music → 1/2//ANCAFE

Very early morning everyone~ 8D;;
I was trying to combat against the tiredness that I'm feeling, so I drank an energy drink, but all it did was make it so that I can't go to sleep. DDD| I haaate it. Because I'm not really energized either. DX I hate this stuff. D8<

I also thought that I could finish writing out what I need to, but I was so tired most of the day I couldn't. But maybe now that I'm not able to sleep, I'll work on it... Gah, I dun like it when things like this happen. D| Ah well.

I also want to make a new layout for my LJ, so I might do that too. Since I'll probably be awake until the morning. D|;;; Guh.

Ah well, I'll see you all later and I'll try and get to sleep sometime before the sun comes up. D8

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

.don't blame yourself;;

Time → 1.30pm
Mood → D|
Music → Merrymaking//AN CAFE

And again, my computer is being strange and not letting me got on MyO. D8

I've been really exhausted lately. D| Like I'm really tired all the time without even doing anything. And it's not really like I'm sleepy, because I've slept plenty. I remember feeling like this last year at around this time... It might have something to do with the weather or allergies or something;;;

And for some reason it's taking me a really long time to type this out. D:
Anyway, yes, I named my kitten Asch. xDD;; He's all black, just like his sister and on our way back from the vet with him, he kept fighting and clawing to get out of the cage. xD; But once we got home with him he started playing around with his sister. x3; They're both so cute! But I think that six cats is definately the limit for our house. @_@;;; But I guess it's still okay. xD

Kana and I were talking once and if we got black and white kittens and they were both male, that we'd name them Asch and Luke. |D;;

Ah well, I better go now, I have to finish writing out a plan for something now.
See ya~♥

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

.don't go there;;

Time → 1.50pm
Mood → 8D
Music → The End of the World//ELLEGARDEN

My computer's been being funny, and it hasn't been loading MyO lately. D8
Sorry, guys.

Anyway, we got two new little kittens!♥ They're brother and sister and one is Kana's and one it mine. 83;;; Kana named hers Lenalee and I named mine Asch. X3 They're both sooo cute! ♥♥ I'll probably post some pictures later. xD;;;

Aaaaand, I'm really tired and I don't think I can finish this update. DX
I'm gonna go rest now. D8

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