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Monday, May 14, 2007

.leave me alone;;
Time → 12.00am
Mood → D8<
Music → God Hurts Those He Loves//Koyasu Takehito

Grah. For some reason I'm really irritated. D| I'm not comfortable at alllllll. DDDX I couldn't find any pajamas and then I realized that I don't seem to have any clothes. D8<< And djkalfds I'm just frustrated. I'll be over it in a minute. .... .__.;;;

I actually never really ever have any energy drinks, because they usually make me really irritated. DDx And I only used it to try and get over a little bit of the exhaustion that I was having. D|

And actually, our kittens are named Asch and Lenalee, not Asch and Luke. xDDDD;;; We were saying that if we got two kittens (and one was black and one was white) that were both male, then we'd name them Asch and Luke, but they're both black. :3;;

I'll try and get some pictures up soon~

I was pretty tired again today, but I think it's starting to get better, so tomorrow I should be able to finish the plot that I'm trying to write out....

Anyway, I'm off to sleep. See you all later~♥

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