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Monday, May 7, 2007

.after the sun shines;;

Time → 12.45pm
Mood → 8D;;
Music → SpidERSpins//OLIVIA

...Is it just me or the MyO one day behind? D8
Or maybe it's my computer messing up? Because MyO wouldn't load for me last night, so that could have something to do with it.

Anyway.... I tried to wake up early today and I just kept going back to sleep over and over. D8 I fail at waking up. DX

But I'm going to try and work all day from the time I woke up, so it should be good. 8Db I can't help but feel like my drawing skills are inadequate, but I'll never get better if I don't start doing something now! 8DD;;

I think I tried the first battle with Arietta once on Unknown, and even though we were at a really high level, we only did 1 point of damage with every hit. DX It was going to take forever, so I think I just quit. D8>

Why is it that the monsters on the beach are always pretty weak, I wonder. D: I remember that on ToS we used to put everyone in their swimsuits and have them fight on the beach. |D;;; That reminds me that I haven't played Symphonia in forever. D8

Okay, I should go now!
Thanks for wishing me luck!♥

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

.you are the music;;

Time → 2.30pm
Mood → 8D
Music → God Is a DJ//P!nk

I think I'm starting to stop procrastinating FINALLY.
Instead of just thinking and planning everything that I want to do, I'm actually going to start doing things. I don't really know why I would keep putting things off like that, but finally I'm gonna get started. 8D

So, if I miss a day or two at updating, it's because I'm actually working;;;

I can't wait to finish the file that I'm on right now, so that I can start a replay file. |D I know how you feel about watching people. D: I usually don't watch other people play, because I want to be playing myself. xD;;;;

Ooo, that sounds like a neat idea, I haven't tried that before. :D But on my file on the english version I started my game as a reply file and had x10 EXP and I would spend a lot of time playing on unknown mode. The battles took a long time, but it was still fun. xDD;;;

And I should probably stop about there. |D

Okay, I should go and work now, so I'll see you all later~

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

.let's go this way;;

Time →11.00am
Mood → :D;;
Music → Born To Be...//Hamasaki Ayumi

Sorry I was gone for a couple days! D:
I didn't have my computer for a few days, that's why I didn't update for a while. Dx
How've you guys been?

I guess that I don't really have much to say... D8

Shizuka-chan! Let us spaz together about Abyss! XD;;;

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

.don't you ever forget;;

Time → 10.45am
Mood → D|
Music → Kimi to Iu Hana//Asian Kung-Fu Generation

I'm tired this morning. D: But I'm trying to wake up earlier, because I don't want to revert back to the sleeping pattern that I had earlier. It was too messed up. D8

I need to practice a lot more with my tablet. D| I've become very unsatisfied with my drawing skills lately. ._.;;; Especially, because I think that I should have had a lot more pratice than I do at this point.... But I guess I can't really change that at all;;;; So all I can do is practice from now, right? xD;;

I still haven't played Abyss for a few days. D8 I think I'm really gonna need to soon. |D;; It seems like most everyone is kinda getting over Abyss by now. ._. at least over on LJ And I feel like I'm getting left behind, because I think I love Abyss more now, than I did when we first got it. xDD And it's not like I want to move on to something else, or like I feel like I need to, it's just that at this rate, I'm gonna have no one to spaz with. |D Ah well, for me, being able to write about it and draw about it is enough. It doesn't matter if everyone else forgets what it is ♥ Do you think that I like things like games and anime series too much? D8

Anyway, I have to get to work, and get some tablet practice in today. 8Db
See ya~

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

.kind of like this;;

Time → 9.50am
Mood → :D
Music → NYAPPY in the World//AN CAFE

Ha ha, I'm up early today. |D

Sorry for not updating the past few days. D:
We left on our trip and then when we got back I was kinda lazy about updating. D8 But we had fun~

The weather is getting nicer, finally! 8DD
I can't wait for summer~♥

I've found a lot of new music lately. *_* I looove iiit.

Well, I hope you're all doing well. :3
See ya!

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

.before it's gone;;

Time → 4.50pm
Mood → |D
Music → Brightdown//Tamaki Nami

Well, we're going on a trip tomorrow. I'm still not entirely sure where we're going, either. XD So if I suddenly don't update for a few days, that's why. D:

I have some packing and getting ready to do, so this is gonna be pretty short again. D8
I'll be bringing my computer with me because I have a lot of ideas that I want to try and write out and stuff. |D;;
I wish that the full versions of songs would come out sooner. DD8 I WANT THEM SO BADLY. DX

Gah, anyway. XD I should get back to packing and stuff. See you all later~ :3

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

.just don't turn around;;

Time → 4.00pm
Mood → ._.;;;
Music → サイクロン//12012

Hey there. I'm not really feeling well today, so this'll probably end up being pretty short. D:

Sorry for not updating yesterday! DX I didn't have my computer all day so I didn't have the chance.
I've made myself a new schedule so that hopefully I'll be able to get more done. |D;;;;
.... And now I am suddenly called off to help with yardwork. So I'll see you all later~

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

.who will be left;;

Time → 5.45am
Mood → |D
Music → Watch the World//Box Car Racer

Good morning~ |D
... Very early morning, but still. xD;;;
I actually woke up a few hours ago. |D;;;;; I actually kinda like this way of sleeping. xD;; And thank you, Shizuka-chan, for wishing me luck. ♥

Today, I have more stuff that I should get done. But I'm stuck writing out a bunch of thoughts. D8 And I'm just rambling on and on, but I can't write anything else until I get them out. And there's a lot to get out. D: Ah well, there's not much I can do, I suppose.

Finish writing, then I need to do some tablet practice, and then finish off the plans for my first project. :3 No idea why I'm writing this out here. And then I'll try and make it to stay awake until around 6 and then sleep. xDD;;;; I AM CRAZY. XD;;

Anyway. I suppose it's time for me to go back to writing now♪

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

.and then it starts;;

Time → 5.40pm
Mood → D|
Music → 3 Libras//A Perfect Circle

Hello, everyone. |D
I'm actually about to go to sleep. I HAVE WASTED THE ENTIRE DAY BY SLEEPING. D8 Hopefully by the time I wake up I'll be rested enough to continue with my schedule. xD;;; I'm not used to sleeping this much. DX

I wanted to take an hour rest in the morning and it ended up with me sleeping past noon. D: GUH. So, I'm going to try it again today, going to sleep around 6 and waking up later. |D;;;


There a lot of things that I want to write out when I wake up tonight;;; Let's see how much of it I can get done. |D I HAVE TO START MAKING PROGRESS! >8Db I actually really like being awake really early in the morning, it's fun. |D And I think better then anyway. 8Db

...I'm sorry, I guess I really don't have much to say today. o.o;;;

I'll see ya later. |Db

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

.before we go;;

Time → 6.15pm
Mood → D|
Music → Space Dementia//Muse

Hello, hello. :3
I didn't really do what I'd planned yesterday, I don't remember why not, but I didn't get around to it ever. D: I hate it when that happens.

But anyway, I was up until around 5am playing Abyss, though. |D;;; I think I fell asleep soon after that, though. xDD;;; And before that I got distracted messing around with different things, so I really didn't get anything done but reading through some info about Abyss that I had printed out. 8D I guess I never really realized how much work they acutally put in to making it. o__o All of the history, the everything, gah, it's so detailed. @_@;;

I did go to the library today, though, in hopes that I could get something done. It was good, but QUIET. XD I felt like even my breathing was too loud. D| The walk home was nice and long, though. |D Even if it was really windy and it started to rain. Is it strange that I like that kind of weather? 8D And now, I'm really tired for some reason.

I'm gonna go sleep now for a few hours and then get up and probably end up staying awake all night long. DX
There's a new sleeping schedule to try out, sleep in the evening, the time of day that I don't like anyway, and then wake up and stay up all night and through the morning and afternoon. 8D

I'll actually end up trying this out today, probably. |D

Okay, time for bed, see you all later~ :3

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