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Sunday, May 13, 2007

.come back before you go;;
Time → 3.00am
Mood → D8;;
Music → 1/2//ANCAFE

Very early morning everyone~ 8D;;
I was trying to combat against the tiredness that I'm feeling, so I drank an energy drink, but all it did was make it so that I can't go to sleep. DDD| I haaate it. Because I'm not really energized either. DX I hate this stuff. D8<

I also thought that I could finish writing out what I need to, but I was so tired most of the day I couldn't. But maybe now that I'm not able to sleep, I'll work on it... Gah, I dun like it when things like this happen. D| Ah well.

I also want to make a new layout for my LJ, so I might do that too. Since I'll probably be awake until the morning. D|;;; Guh.

Ah well, I'll see you all later and I'll try and get to sleep sometime before the sun comes up. D8

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