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Saturday, October 22, 2005

   Bleach episode 1 its almost finished downloading!!!*does happy dance*

Time of Post: 08:13 p.m
Listening to:"Thank you"
Current mood:Hyper/mood swings

Hello you lovable people you!

[randomness]Oh me gosh I can't wait to watch bleach #1!!!]



Sorry for my pretty lame/whinning previous post, I was mad and really annoyed...lol
Sorry also for not updating nor visiting anyone last friday, I was out all day long, father decide to take us out and do lots of fun things with only me, my little sister (Mistu) and older brother uhmmm let's call him "Legion" kay?XP
My older brother was out of town in fact he's still is (he's travelling with his school since he's a football player =D) and mom was at her friends house having some fun (she really deserves it), so we went out ate lots of yummie food x3 did some shooping aaand "SERENITY" is finally playing here!! *does happy dance*
I couldn't watch it though, we were going home when they put the big poster, I couldn't watch it today nor tomorrow cause parents decided to do other things then going to the cinema ;___;
Buuuuut my sister (mistu) got hooked when I talked about it so we're going to watch it really soon!Can't wait!hehehe =P
Today was such a funny day! We went to a park with brown/golden leafs all over the floor and falling softly and birds were singing, gooooosh I wish I could have drawn or took a picture of the park, it has a mixture of golden, brown, green, pink and rainbows!!I really felt like I was in anime *daydreams* I run and jumped layed down on the leafs swing on swings, I felt like a small child, it was so wonderfull...and I ate sweet pork with fried rice....yuuuuuuum X3 oooh and for dessert I had green tea ice cream!!!I thought we didn't had this type of ice cream here.... your not the only one who ate it Enin-chan!*sticks tounge at you*
Its sooooo good...you guys have to taste it X3
Now I can't wait to know what parents have decided to do tomorrow, they haven't told us yet, gosh I'm so curious XP
[Edit:Oh yeah I changed my theme, everything you see here, welcome/update banners, picture and even background were done by moi, I have the new photoshop sooo I decided to play around a bit =P, oh yeah while I was doing that bg it remind me of evil I dunno why though, so I decided to dedicate this new theme to her, because she's awesome like that yo!*huggles badboy* Hope you like it! =)]

My comments about your comments

Shizuka-chan: Its okay darling, I'm sure real soon I'll find a job, I just have to be a bit more patiente XP
Hinaru-san: I'm glad to hear I'm forggiven =]
Thanx! Have lots of fun on the anime convention you hear me you lucky bum you!*hugs*

Shadow out

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

   If only I had more money...I would send thousands of gifts

Time of Post: 08:35 p.m
Listening to:"Glass house" I'm on Vicky's site =P
Current mood:Annoyed, tired, sleepy, hungry, always mumbling and whinning well in one word - feeling quite crappy today

Hello buddies!

Still I'm unemployed...which major sucks....I want money dammit!!>.<
The sweaty guy did called me a day after the interview only to say I was too honnest on my answers but he never did said if I got the job or not O.o...I was like "WTF?" I ask and ask he avoided the question all the time...Bastard!>.>
I have to go there tomorrow and ask him personnaly!

Anyway, I've been helping my sister with this project, well actually I'm making the project for her, I know its bad, but she has so many projects and tests to study that its insane!!How can she study and do all those projects in one week?So yeah I've been helping her with that but while I do that I have to sat down on the computer most of the time making research and drawing all those halloween figures for her class "halloween" party which she was made responsable for doing all the decorations, its so many things I really pity her so I'm helping her all I can still its really tiring to come home after walking for hours on my "job adventure" *sigh*
Heh I'm not very cheerfull today ne?So sorry for that, but ya know I'm getting tired of going every morning buy journals and walk, walk and always get a door closed on my face sometimes because I'm not qualified or sometimes I have to much jobs qualifications, and I still have to come home help my sister and do what I'm supose to do on the house, not to say I've been missing school so much lately.
I know its insane but I really do miss school and all the things that school implies *sigh*
Awww well its not me talking here its just a body asking for some food and rest XD so I should do that soon...don't mind much this post okay?I just kinda need to do this unecessary rant/whine about my daily life ^_^;;

Well aside all that I have some packages to send I just can't wait till all of them go to their owners and most of all, I hope they like them...hehehe =P

My comments about your comments

Sahki-chan: Yeah they make the stupid questions ever, yeah I can't lie either. hahaha
Your welcome...take care you too *hugs*
Someguy-kun: You are not a jerk, your just a lucky guy that's all!*pokes* =P
Arigatu "botões"!!*hugs* Chou-chou-chan...soooo cute!X3

Matt-san:Wow!!Great answers bro!^_~ Thanx for answering them ^_^ *cheers with matt*
Shizuka-chan: I know I'm always honnest but heh being honnest is not really helping right now, lately I've been doing like instead of being completely honnest I only stick to yes or no lol
Tea moment would marvellous now! ^____^
Hinaru-san: First of I'm sorry and you know why I'm apologizing!*hugs*
heh Thanx so much, booo for them indeed...lol
Nope its not here yet. *sigh*
Kana-chan: Yes no one is perfect especially me hahaha
Thanx dear *hugs* Ewan-chan:*hugs you tight* Boy where have you been?!Oh that's right school is keeping you busy right? Good luck on the job hunting too!*hugs*
Well I search on everything that has advertising ya know like newspapers, magazines, tv and by walking by and seeing if their asking for new employees ^^;
Yes I got, I'm gonna reply to you soon okay?
Sleep is wonderfull wish I could sleep forever!!

Shadow out

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

   Sometimes being honest isn't the best way...

Time of Post: 12:35 p.m
Listening to:"Saddness and Sorrow"
Current mood:Annoyed

Hello peepz!

Bah...don't you just hate job hunting or jobs interviews?Well I do!Why?
Its to stressfull, your feet hurt from walking all day, and your completly soak due to the massive rain, not to tell you that your hungry and you still have to listen to a very smelly man who doesn't stop sweating or didn't got a proper shower for awhile*sigh*
Oh yeah one tip for you guys don't be too honest on your answers on a job interview it can make you loose the job before you have it, ya know?
Questions like "Why did you apply for this job on the first place" and you answer this way "Because I need the money, no one really want to apply to a job only for the pleasure of working...right??" or "Do you see yourself working like 10 years from now in this job?" and you answer "No, I mean I just want this job till next summer come and then go back to my studies"...
I know it may not be pleasent to hear those answers that I gave him but heck its just a stupid job on a "snack bar" on a supermarket which the employees are all just like me!!So why bother asking that?>.>
Aww well maybe it just me...I was kinda annoyed of waiting in the rain till the guy finally remembered he had a job interview after an hour and half later...*sigh*
I think I need some rest....=_=;;

Oh btw today is [Hinaru's] birthday! Happy birthday hinaru!I send you as soon as I finish my nap your gift kay? =P *hugs*

My comments about your comments

Shanny-bear: Its okay hun, I really can't wait to watch it, but I still have to wait*sigh* Awww thanx so much!*huggles*
Shizuka-chan: Vicky is much better now, thanx for caring ^_^
Heh I didn't do anything exciting on my weekend. Hope you did *hugs*
Latias angel: Its alright soon or later I'm gonna watch it no matter what =P
Thanx for passing by Latias =]
Matt-san:I know the feeling to well Matt its always the samething here too. I hope it comes soon too ^_^
Sweetz-chan:I knoooow I'm obsessed by that too, pretty cute huh?So glad you like it *hugs*
Aww don't worry I've been abscent from here for awhile too ~_~
Twinkie-san: I'm so happy you like it twinkie!!I really am ^_^
Yeah vicky's gonna be alriight I know it! ^_^
Ooh gala thing heh?You lucky you *pokes* XD Did you had fun?Hope so =]
Kana-chan:Wahhh your went to a manga store and did you bought some books?Hope so, your so lucky, wish we had a manga store here too ;__;
BAke!!!I miss baking! lol Not really XP but I do miss eating some cookies...yumm...gonna do some today if I have sometime to do it there is >.>
Rinoa-chan: First I'm so sorry I haven't visit you or signed your gb yet ;__; I'm so bad yeah, goona do that as soon as I can, promise!
Thanx for the sweet compliment about me site *hugs*
Vicky worried everyone, but I'm glad she's okay now.
I saw the preview on shanny's site too, it made me so hooked to watch the movie and I shall!!
Hope you had fun at the football game! =D
Hinaru-san: Hey!
Well the thing is I don't have to much time to do fun things anymore but heh I'm trying ^^;
Aww its not there either?Meeen what's happening?We are serenity-deprived!!Not fair!!
Yeah like I said before I just don't have time *sigh*
May go to the movie or slack off heh?Great plan XD
Wow!That's a lot of nicknames yo!Their lovely thank you!*hugs back*
Evil-san: Bad boy! Yeah I'm gonna call you like that from no on too, you know why? Because it reminds me of the movie "Badboys", we would be a hell of a police partners don't you agree?XP *giggles*
Thanx so much!Aww don't worry I haven't been very activi-er too lately, so its alright ^_^
Yeah that's another problem "d'argent" (hehehe) I still haven't gotten a job either >.>, good luck though *hugs*
Dposse:Thanx, I hope I get to see it soon too. ^^

Shadow out

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Friday, October 14, 2005

   Oh why, why Serenity is not on the cinema noooow??

Time of Post: 10:35 a.m
Listening to:"Angel"
Current mood:Tired...

Hello peepz!

First I want to thanx every bud who visited Petie, Enin and Shanny when I asked you to, your guys are the best!Thank you so much!*bows*
And second I was really worried with [Vicky], she was on the hospital two days ago, I got a p.m from her and she says she's better, I'm so glad and relieved to know your okay hun!Get well soon!!*hugs bunnie tight*

Anyway...for quite awhile I didn't do anything really fun like going out with friends, buying stuff for me or even going to the cinema to watch a movie, sooo yesterday I decided that I should do something fun before I start working because, well we all know when you start to work you have so little time, (even now I don't have much time imagine when I'll start working, haha). Two lovely peepz suggest this awesome movie that's out now called "Serenity", they said that you must watch it so I followed their command.
I tried to call to my lost friends, but they didn't pick up or the phone was dead maybe their too busy or they didn't want to be bother >.>''
So plan B!! Which consist on moi annoying my older brother to watch it with me XP till he says "Okay I will...dammit!!" XD and I succeed it!!Yay for me!!

Note: My brother loves to go to the cinema but he only goes to watch movies with terror, you know the ones that make you stop breathing and suddenly you get up waving your arms like mad making your popcorns fly over people while you yell "he's behind you, behind youuuuuuuuuu....See??? Your dead now....stupid"...oooh wait that's just me...
I'm kidding, kidding XP



Yesterday - Here I am all happy eating my ice cream walking around in the mall waiting till the cinema gets opened, when it finally was we got there and:

Me: *smilles* Good afternoon Sir! We would like to buy tickets for the movie "Serenity" *smilles once again*
Ticket boy: Good afternoon miss!Serenity?Oh I'm so sorry but didn't you saw the movies that are available now over there?*points* Serenity still is not available.
Me: O_O....*looks slowly to the place where the ticketboy pointed...stops smilling*Wahh...why?They said it was playing for like a week...
Ticketboy: Its playing on Lisbon and other places on Portugal but not on the islands, we still have to wait for awhile...you know how much time it takes to a good movie gets here, unless its a world premiere...
Me: Yeah I know...*sigh deep*
Ticketboy:I'm sorry...but we still have other good movies... *points again to the same place*May I suggest one?
Me:*smilles* Thank you but no, I was really looking forward to watch that movie so I think I'll wait when it comes out.Once again thank you!

So yeah thats my luck when I finally have sometime and decide to watch a movie after errr...a year without going to the cinema, the movie I want to see isn't there...Aww well I still had some fun, bought some cloths, a videogame aaaand eat another ice cream X3
So it was good it would be better if I watched it but it was fun nonetheless ^_^

Do you guys have some plans for the weekend?heh if so please feel free to say cause heh I need ideas XP

My comments about your comments

Kana-chan: Haha, why thank you!*hugs*
Black-san:Awww well their sweet too just like you are!*hugs*
Hinaru-san: Lovely lady huh?Aw thank you *bows and hugs* ^_^
Someguy-kun: Oh yeah its my favourite too, that's why I have it up =P
Well its always a pleasure to hug Canada ya know? heheh
Ooh your gonna hug us?Wait!! *gets all islands together* Okay you can do it now!!*giggles*
Shizuka-chan:Aww...your sweet as well *huggles back tighter* thank you!!
Masterman:Get a new computer huh?XD haha I really need to get a new one buuut I'm pretty happy with this one =D
Aww hope your life gets more exciting in the nexts days ^_^

Shadow out

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

   Why days don't have more hours?

Time of Post: 10:35 p.m
Listening to:Violet
Current mood:Tired

Hello kawaii gentlemen and ladies!
Yes so from now on I'll be known as "The Lady with big arms" or "The chick that hugged Canada"
Sorry I just had to say that XP
Well the last days have been pretty uneventfull and quite normal (aside the fact I have to woke up everyday at 06am...booo), so the real reason why am I updating is to ask you to visit two wonderfull gentlemens since they both celebrate something today:
Its [Petie's] birthday!!
Happy birthday Petie!!*huggles*
Its [Enin's] one year on Myo., one year!! Wow time does flies!Once again enin happy one year on myo!!*hugs*

Edit: Don't forget to visit too [Shanny's] site, she's back for awhile so give her a very warm welcome back because she deserve it yo! ^_~
*hugs shanny*We will never forget ya babe!^_^

Please do make them a visit, you won't regreat it, they are lovely people and they deserve to be visited and pampered today ^_^
Thank you so much!*bows*

Shadow out

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Canadian Thanksgiving and all that yummie food.....MmMmMmMm....you lucky people you!!*pokes*

Time of Post: 09:35 p.m
Listening to:Glassmoon I'm on twinkie's site =P
Current mood:Lack of energy

Hello kawaii gentlemen and ladies!
*giggles*Glad to hear that everyone got a bit entertained with my little story about the adventure "Fairly normal girl and the black fur spider" XP
Btw who are still wondering the girl was me and no animal was hurt during that storie well at least me since I was the one who got scared by the insect =.0''


Ahem moving on...

Soooo today's is Thanksgiving on the lovely country Canada, that's right, and me passed more then 2 hours chatting with my favourite cousins, it was so much fun for months I haven't spoke with them so it was great ^_^
My cousin gonna send me my favourite chocolates again...wahhh he spoil me way to much but I sooooo love to be spoilled X3.....heheheh
Who doesn't right?*winks*
Saddly we don't celebrate thanksgiving here since I'm portuguese and Portugal don't celebrate this date, shame though...
But I did ate turkey today, so it counts right? XP
I hope all my lovely canadian buddies (you know who you are ^_~) had or have a great thanksgiving full of food and other yummie things X3
So here goes a big hug to all the lovely canadian people *hugs canada*

I have big arms ya know?

Shadow out

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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Time of Post: 09:35 p.m
Listening to:Forget me not
Current mood:Still wonderfull full of energy and hyperness!!

Hey lovely people!
I thank you for all your patiente with me lately, for keep visiting even if I don't visit you and for those lovely comments you leave *bows*

Well nothing much to tell today unless you want to hear my fairly adventure with a spyder today...you want?Okay then...XP

Once upon a time a fairly normal girl was sleeping on her fairly normal yet soft bed. She started to woke up little by little due to feeling something soft walking on her leg, she thought it might be her sister trying to harass her so she kept still and trying to fall asleep again, but the tickles continue so she shouted to her suppose sister to stop without opening her eyes because she was lazy to open them..
The tickles continue and grew stronger, so she decided to finally open her eyes and for her big surprise it wasn't her sister but a huge black full of fur spider walking up her leg, this girl is not afraid of spiders she actually like to watch since child, spiders doing their houses with webs what she doesn't really like is having them on her especially a huge one like that one...
She stood still for awhile trying to figure out what she would do, then she yelled and trew away the little yet big spider. So now she was safe yet she didn't knew what to do with the insect, she didn't want to kill her so she decided to pick a paper put the spider there and bid her farewell on her backyard and..... that's what she did...Le end

Hahah I hope it entertained you somehow XP

Shadow out

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Friday, October 7, 2005

   Randomness and hyperness = Kooky Cookie aka Shadowness!

Time of Post: 01:35 p.m
Listening to:Grief and sorrow by Naruto OST
Current mood:Wonderfull!I feel full of energy and hyperness!!

Hey peepz!
How are you today?Did you guys missed me? =P

I know lately I rarely update (when I do there's nothing exciting or really interesting to be read lol), I just visit one or two friends per day, sometimes I only visit I don't even comment, I still have p.ms to reply, people to help with html and all those gb entries...heh ^_^;;

Its not like I'm getting tired of Myo, or I don't love you guys, it just:

A) Life being uneventfull and I kinda enter a wierd routine, I hate routines because routines are boring and I don't like them, unfortenaly though I'm forced to have a routine since my mom needs to change her bandage everyday and I'll always go with her to her doctors appointments, not to forget that I've been job hunting lately...I love to do diferent things everyday so it kinda wierd for me having a routine lol
B)Sometimes I dunno what to say on my comments, and sometimes its due to not having enough time to do a proper comment.Sorry if my comments seemed lame lately.

And friends who p.med me for personal reasons, or html and gb entries, I did not forget you, soon you'll have your help and my reply, just wait a little longer okay? ^_^;;

Okay I just had to say that because it was kinda bugging me inside...heh...
Anyway yep since yesterday I've been feeling quite good although the weather outside is getting cold and rainning all day, but its fall right? So its okay, ah!I had a wonderfull chat/convo yesterday on msn!!Mennnnnnnnn it was so much fun!!I didn't want the night to end!!I was so hyper and crazy I scared everyone who was on, I tottaly lost it I just wanted to shout and do silly things all the time, I think they will think diferent about me from now on, Haha
Though they were quite nice with me, I even got hugs and kisses!!Yay!!!=D
So yep I want to say a big thank you to everyone who were on ( you know who you are*wink*) for the patiente you guys had with me XP, heh for your information I'm still hyper and quite random today let's see if I can get on today too, heheh *grin....giggles*
Your guys certainly are the best!!*huggles*

Oh btw peepz thank you so much for the wonderfull compliments about my new layout I'm so so happy you guys liked it ^_^
Have a great Friday and a wonderfull weekend/Thanksgiving!!!!!*glomps*

Shadow out

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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

   New layout, new music...

Time of Post: 07:35 p.m
Listening to:my new music =P
Current mood:Healthy once again...quite bored due to rain...*giggles* That rhymes XD

Hey people!
Phewwww....I finally finished the new layout...geeez that was so hard to do -_-#...but I've done it ^_^....heh sort off....0.o... I still need to fix some things >.>'
Still I'm quite glad with the new layout...and did you guys notice the new music?Yep there's new music on the music list thingy...heck that was complicated to find those musics ~_~ but I found them...well some of them there is, haha

Anwayyy there's nothing much to report about Shadow's life, ya know the usual boring stuff...add a tons of stress, busy and a tons of rain and you'll see what I mean, haha
I can't complain much though, I'm healthy once again...well still I cough now and then and stupid nose still runs...my nose hurts ;___;, mom's much better, she've been doing dinner lately....yummm....
Meeen how I missed her cookings...oooh I can smell the food she's doing now...Mmmmmm chicken....*tummy growls*....yeah she's better cook then I am....hey I'm still learning!! XD
My food isn't that bad though ^_~, I don't want to brag but its quite tasty xP

Okay I rambled enough, sorry about the randomness post, heh I just wanted to let you know Shadow's alive and uhmmm I kinda need to know if all my work with this html codes works well...and heck I want to see if half of the day I spend working on here paid off!
Hope you guys had a good day today, and have a great tomorrow!!*hands cookies*

Shadow out

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Friday, September 30, 2005

   Wah...why can't we be ninjas like on Naruto?

Time of Post: 12:35 p.m
Listening to:"Feeling Good Corp." by Gorillaz
Current mood: I feel healthier *breaths deep and cough*...heh still recovering I think lol

Hey people!
Wow...I've been neglecting Myo. for some weeks now, am I right? Tsk...sorry about that.
Its I've been recovering from this stupid flue I got from my Auntie ( yeah I catched this from her not from my friends haha...can't believe some people really believed that...lol) its really rare for me to catch a flue or cold so when I catch it I feel like crap...sorry bad language lol
But nothing like lots of Lemon tea with honey don't solve it...oh btw I hope [Evil], and [Nami] are better from their cold too *hugs both*

Anyway aside that I really didn't know what to writte here (like now...I'm just babbling around, haha), but I did watched anime, lots of anime I must say...heheh
Let's see...I watched:
- Elfen Lied 4 eppies
- Chobbits ( I saw the ending...wah sooo cute...I cried lol yeah I'm that silly yo!)
- Naruto (5 episodes) the last one I saw was so funny I laughed so much!!Its well....[spoiler don't read ahead] when Naruto tries to summon a frog but he only can summon a laptoad...*giggles* that's so funny[/spoiler ended] aww naruto gotta love that guy =D
I also saw Naruto the movie!!Wow!Such a great movie!Love it!!^___^

Now I don't have anymore anime, I've been saving those for so long now I wanted to download a few more to see them but hell I was sick so I needed something to make the boringness go away, so I watched everything I had saved now I don't have any haha

Anyway time to go...Ah!Yeah I almost forgot I changed the theme...again...well it seems my last theme was making people sad with that image of the girl with a red eye, so I decided to change it for a more pleasent theme, an autumm theme... its not that good since it was made in a bit of hurry lol, well shutting up...

Have a great weekened you cool people ^_~

Shadow out

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