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Saturday, November 20, 2004

   I'm back!

(Thanks Marik2112 for this Ryo pic.)

Well I'm done with all of my school work so I can start updating here again.
I could of updated last night but my brother didn't let me go on the internet.

I did change my theme again to a Sesshy one.
I posted tons of wallpapers of him too lol.

Nothing much happened yesterday.I had no school.The Gundam Seed episode was awesome and kinda sad.I almost thought that Kira was realy dead, but he wasn't.^_^

I'll try updating again tonight so I'll just leave you all with a Sesshy pic.^_^

He looks realy hot tucking his hair back.^_^

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I got my English test back today that I took last thursday, and I got a B-.I'm gonna have another English test this Thursday, but its a different english class.They're not thesame ones.

I woen't be updating tommorow or on Friday.Well actauly I will update on Friday night except it will say I updated on Saturday, and the reason I woen't be updating is couse I wanna catch up on some of my school work and I need to study for my English test and for my Science Quiz wich is on Thursday.

The YGO movie came out yesterday on DVD I think, but I'll probably go buy it on Friday.

I posted probably over 10 wallpapers today, some greetings, and 1 new drawing.Tell me what you think of them.

Oh and BlackMagicianGrl is hoolding a very cool contest.Go check it out.^__^

Well that's all for now.Se you all on Saturday.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

   I wanna sleep...

(Its Ryo/Ryu from YGO GX.)

In school I didn't realy have an exciting day.It was mostly boring and on Thusday we are gonna have an English test and a science quiz and probably more stuff, but thank god there will be no school on Friday for me and next week no school on Thursday and Friday couse of Thanksgiving.

When I came back home.I spent most of the day just working on my YGO website, and I made alot of changes so feel free to go and look at the changes, and please vote for my site.The link is below.All you gotta do is click on it and that's all.

I also decided to change the theme on MyO site.
Its a Ryo one from YGO GX.
The only reason I like him is couse he has a card in his deck that looks alot like the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon wich is my fav. card, and Ryo also reminds me a little of Sesshomaru.^^

I did post a few more wallpapers, and 1 new Joey pic from Yugioh, so check them out sometime.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Monday, November 15, 2004

   Sorry for updating late..

The reason I'm updating right now is couse last night my dad was downloading something on my computer so I wasn't able to get on the computer when he was done because I had to go to bed.

Nothing much happened yesterday anyway.I posted alot of wallpapers and guess what?I have themost wallpapers on theOtaku now just check the Most Prolific Artists section.Lol

I'm still trying to get use to Adobe Photoshop 7.0 but I am starting to get the hang of it.

That's all I gotta say for now.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Sunday, November 14, 2004

   Guess what I finnaly got?

I was finnaly able to download photoshop 7.0.Thanks to a realy cool downloading website.It has everything on there.Like all of the photoshop versions, music, movies, and more.So now I'll finnaly be able to make better graphics and I will be making animations.So lookout for all of this stuff.

I didn't realy do anything today except watch some animes.

I did manage to post 2 new wallpapers.Hope you guys will like them.

Gotta go watch FMA now.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

   Still kinda bored...

My dentist appoinment wen't ok yesterday.I will have another appoinment in May, but I think I will hafe to se a different dentist soon.

After the dentist appoinment I just played on the PC and watched TV.

I posted tons of wallpapers and I got over 1500 download stats lol.^^
There are also 2 new YGO greetings up, and a Robin and a Jakotsu drawing.

Hopefuly I will have more to talk about in tommorows post once I watch alot of animes tonight.

Ja Matte Ne!

[EDIT] I just put up a MyOtaku banner.Its up on the top of my intro.I can also type in japanese letters now.So what do you all think of the banner?

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Friday, November 12, 2004

   Boring day..

Yeah I changed the theme to a Witch Hunter Robin one.Hope everbody likes it.

Since I have a dentist appointment today in the morning I woen't be going to school so I'll get to have a 3 day vacation lol.^^
As some of you know.Yesterday was Veterans Day and we had an assembly couse of it and it was kinda boring.
In Math, the people that got an 80% or more on they're Math assignment got to sit in the back row and the people that didn't get a an 80 or higher they had to sit in the front so the teacher could help them understand it more and they droove the teacher nuts but thank god I wasn't one of them.

My mom finnaly bought me a new Beckett Anime magazine and it had tons of InuYasha stuff in it.

As some of you may have noticed.I have over 100 wallpapers posted here on MyO, and the wallpapers I submitted today were all YGO ones, so if your a YGO fan go ahead and check'em out for me.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

   I'm surprised!!

Ok yesterday I got 1300 wallpaper download stats and today I got over 1400.Thats why I'm realy surprised right now.^^

Yesterday was the field trip.We wen't to watch a play, and it had alot of dancing,fighting, singing, and kissing lol.
Some people thought it was boring and it kinda was at the beginning, but I kinda liked it.
I have a dentist appointment tommorow and I will not like it at all because pritty soon I'll need to get braces.-_-

I'm realy glad that on Adult Swim they are showing Witch Hunter Robin again, but I wish they didn't hafe to cancle Case Closed so Wolf's Rain can be on.

Well I'll leave you all with a pic of Robin.

Ja Matte Ne!

I just took this great YGO quiz, what do you think?
Yaoi Fangirl

What Kind of Yu-Gi-Oh Fan are You? (includes pictures!)
brought to you by Quizilla

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

   Look at the smiley and guess what I am still?

I was tired again yesterday, but thank good the field trip is today, and no its not couse of no homework because I haven't been getting that much homework this week anyway couse of the mixed up schedule, but next week I'll probably get tons of homework.

For thoes of you who were disappointed that Bush won the election again and Kerry didn't.Well I read in one of the Yahoo.com news that Kerry might run again for president in 2008, and lets hope he does, but if Bush runs again and wins.I swear I'll move to Japan lol if I'm old enough.

Theres this one girl in my class she keeps on saying that this one boy that sits in front of me likes me, but he always bugs me and I always just kick his desk and I absolutly can't stand him even if he is cute.

Well I did post tons of wallpapers today and pritty soon there will be over 100 of my wallpapers here on MyO! lol.^^Please check them out.

I'll talk to yall later,

Ja Matte Ne!


[EDIT] I just went over and looked at how many download stats I got for my wallpapers and it said 1300!Thank you to whoever likes to put up my wallpapers as their desktop backgrounds!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2004

   Tired again...

I hope everyone likes the new theme.I just felt like doing a yaoi kind of theme so here it is.

I was realy tired today at school but I had a pritty good time since the schedule has changed alot.
Almost every morning we hafe to listen to our teachers talk about making the right decisions and things like that are boring and then we just have like 10 minutes of every other class(English,Science,Math etc.).
We had a guest speaker today, and it was kinda sad of what the speaker toold us.
It was about her son and one of his friend hitting her in the back of the head with a gun, and now she can barely walk and talk normaly.Both her son and his friend are in jail right now and she can never se them again.She only got to se them once, and they said sorry for what they did to her and she forgave them.

Well I don't realy want to talk about that anymore.
In Reading class we got our tests back and I got a B!I guessed on all of the questions and I still got a good grade.I should realy guess more often.
I think we will have an English test today but it might be pritty easy since I got A's and B's on almost all of the assignments, and tommorow is the field trip.Now I can finnaly catch up on my sleeping lol.

Thats all for today,

Ja Matte Ne!


[EDIT] I almost forgot to tell you guys that I posted 2 new Sasuke drawings and 1 Yami pic, so feel free to look at them, and there are more greetings up and my name is under the Most Popular Gnomes now too!I'm glad you all like the greetings I make.

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