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Monday, December 13, 2004

   Kinda happy and bored at thesame time...

This new theme is for my buddy Naru, because I know how much ya like Sailor Moon.^_^

My mom bought me the new Beckett Anime magazine, and it had some FullMetal Alchemist stuff in it, and a realy cool InuYasha contest.^_^
We also put up our Christmas tree yesterday.^_^

I don't realy have that much to talk about right now.I mostly spent the day watching Christmas shows, and movies.
Forgive me for not visiting all of your sites.

I' am also a staff member on the YGO site where I get my YGO/GX episode downloads.^__^
I' m in charge of putting up the YGO images.I also changed the look on my YGO site.It's mostly all Tombrobber Bakura looking.Please look at it.Theres a link to my website in my intro.

I did post alot of cool wallpapers, about 3 greetings, and 1 new art pic yesterday.

Now for the anime bishie.^_^

Name: Musica

Anime: Rave Master

My new fav. character from RM.Hes very hot and pritty tough, and he kinda reminds me of Ed(from FMA) when hes pissed lol.^^

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Ja Matte Ne!
~ Matsuo ~

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

   The Coolest Inventions of 2004!

I didn't get my Science test back yesterday, because some people had to still finish it.I think it should of snowed today but instead it keeps on raining.
In Art we got to paint some small things made of clay.We will get to take them home next Friday so we can put them up on our Christmas trees, and I think my family will be putting up our christmas tree later today.
I ordered from the internet the Yugioh the movie ani-manga graphic novel for Christmas.I will also get a free Egyptian God Card with the magazine.^__^

During Science class we were reading this one magazine and it had something called "The Coolest Inventions of 2004."

Here are some of my favorites, well only the ones that sounded kinda cool to me.

A company called Intel has built the world's first Wireless Technology Surfboard. The board has a built-in computer, which lets surfers send e-mail and surf the web, and a webcam to make videos. But it's not for sale to the public.Bummer, dude.
Can you imagine taking a vacation on the moon? Burt Rutan can. He thinks space tourism has a great future.
Rutan designed SpaceShipOne, the first spacecraft built by a private company. SpaceShipOne looks alot like a small airplane. For fuel, it usesrubber and laughing gas(nitrous oxide). Last October, SpaceShopOne made two successful round round-trips into space.Rutan's team won $10 million prize for building the first privately owned craft to travel to space twice in two weeks. Virgin Airlines has ordered five of the spaceships from Rutan. Expected takeoff: 2007. The price of a single ticket: $190, 000.
Yup, the SpaceShopOne is realy expencive, unless your a millionare.-_-
Now enough about that and let's move on to our next bishie.^_^

Name: Mustang
Anime: FullMetal Achemist
Mustang, a very good fire alchemist, and a very good looking bishie.I like him because of his awesome alchemy, there are more reasons but it'll take me forever to write them all lol.^_^

Theres 1 new art pic up, and a few new wallpapers up too.

Hope you all enjoyed the post.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Friday, December 10, 2004

   Tired yet again....

Woah boy, I never thought I would find this kind of piccy from the Dawn of the dead.O_o

Screenshots of Yugioh GX episode 10 are now up on my YGO site.Click here to go to the site.
Now that I'm done with the screenshots on my website, I will be able to get all of your requests of getting you guys the screenshots you wanted, and I'm sorry that it took so long to finnaly get all of you, your pics.

Well the grade I got on my English test was kinda bad, the Science test was a little hard, and the Math test we will hafe to take on Monday now lol.

I don't have anything else good to say so I'll leave you all with the next bishie.^_^

Name: Varron
Anime: Yugioh Doom Series

A very hot bishie with a pritty voice, and also a very good dueler.Hes my fav. character from the doom series next to Dartz ofcourse.^__^

Se you all later.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Thursday, December 9, 2004

   Sorry for not being here yesterday...

I forgot that I had an English test yesterday too.The Math test was cancled until Friday not on Thursday.Thank god couse I didn't feel like taking both a Science and Mah test on thesame day.It's just to much thinking for one girl heh..^^
I got a 100% on my Math assignment.Lol I didn't get a 100% in Math since like the 4th and 5th grade lol.

Thanks to everyone who answered my question yesterday.All of them were so nice and sweet.^__^
Me and my big bro watched Dawn of the Dead.That movie was great.I always had a thing for creepy zombies.^^

I did post more art, 1 new e-card, and some wallpapers for you guys.
I also wanted to share something with you guys.Check it out,

Anybody recognize these guys?Yup, it's the Paradox Brothers from Duelist Kingdom.The guys who double dueled Yami and Jounouchi.
Well they're back in YGO GX, Episode 10, when they tag team again to battle Yuki and Sho this time.^__^
I can't wait to download it soon.

And I wanted to start something new.Well I'm kinda gonna do thesame thing as Panda , except a little different.
In each of my posts I'm gonna put up a piccy of some of my fav. anime bishies, and tell some info bout them.

The first bishie is Naruto.

Name: Uzumaki Naruto
Naruto is one of my fav. characters from Naruto, because hes just sutcha cutey and he kicks major butt, and hes also kinda funny heh.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post.

Ja Matte Ne!


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Tuesday, December 7, 2004


The YGO GX episode 9 screenshots are up on my site now.I got the episode 7 screensh0ts aswell.I just need to put them up on my site and also episode 6.-_-

In school theres this one girl who hates me, and I hate her too.During Reading class she was bugging me and also fighting with me.Shes was being realy annoying.I can't stand her!!!

Well enough about that I have a Math and Science test this Thursday and alot of homework again.Just like last week.

I wan't to thank everyone who ansered my question.Most of you said Yugioh Guru, and I'm glad.^___^and some of you picked Yugioh freack hehe..that one was true.I am obsessed with YGO.^^
Heres the next question.

Do you wish you could meet me in real life?and why?

I did have more things to post, but I don't have enough time right now so it will hafe to wait till tommorows post.

Theres some art up.Maby more later.^^

Ja Matte Ne!

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Monday, December 6, 2004

   Long YGO post...

Ready to se what's inside of your Christmas gift this year?

I'm glad you guys like the new look.I found some realy cute Husky Christmas piccys, so I decided to make a christmas theme out of them.^^

Well yesterday I had a pritty fun day.
My mom bought me a new Shonen Jump magazine.It had tons of great YGO stuff I liked.
The front cover had Yami on it, and there was also an awesome Yami poster inside wich was just like the front cover pic, and inside I got a free YGO card wich was the "Archfiend of Gilfer".
I also found out that in the next SJ magazine that they will skip like duelist kingdom, battle city...etc. manga parts and do the Yugioh Pharaoh's Memory ones.YAYY!!^__^Now that I saw all of the pharaohs memory episodes.I can also read the manga of it.^^
And I almost forgot to mention that the original Yami poster was drawn by Kazuki Takahashi(creator of YGO) for Shonen Jump's 2nd anniversary.
I also scanned the YGO card I got and the Yami poster for you guys.

Click on the links below.

Yami Poster

Now here are some of my episode screenshots of Yugioh Episode 224, the very last YGO episode.


Marik, Odion, and Ishizu screenshots

Well I hope you all liked them, and I have downloaded YGO GX episode 9, so expect screenshots on my YGO website soon.^^

I also wanted to ask you guys something.

Wich one of these would you say I am?

1.Yu-Gi-Oh! Guru
2.Yu-Gi-Oh! Freak
3.Great YGO fan

Please pick one...^^

There are some new wallpapers, greetings, and art up, check them out sometime.^^

Ja Matte Ne!

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Sunday, December 5, 2004

   Just a normal day...

My friend is over at my house now, and shes being kinda annnoying.

I woke up at like 1:00pm today.All of that school work just wore me out.

My dad put up some of the Christmas decorations, and we still need to put up a christmas tree.

I got to watch all of my fav. animes today.I realy liked the YYH episode.

Well I did have something else to post, but I can't put it up now so it will hafe to wait for the next post.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Saturday, December 4, 2004


Well there wasn't to much snow, so I didn't realy go outside and play on it, but in school me and some of my friend were throwing snowballs at each other.One of my friends threw a snowball behind my neck and then I threw one at her face lol.^__^

In Math I got another 96% on my assignment and an 80% on a spelling test.

In Gym we had to play Basketball.It was kinda fun but kinda boring.

When I came home I just wen't to sleep and woke up at like 9:00.I was tired..I liked it better in elementary school when you got to sleep until like 8:00am but once your like on high school and middle school you hafe to wake up at like 6:00am and 7:00am.That's how it is here atleast.

I finnaly got to rent the Hero DVD, but I didn't get to finish watching it couse I fell asleep.

For thoes of you who gave me your wallpaper request for winning my contest.Your wallpapers are up now.

Alot of you asked some questions about Yugioh episode 219.
So here is some info about it.

In the beginning Yami was still battling Zork, but he could barely stand up.He was very weak from Zork's attacks.

Eventualy Little Yugi, Jounouchi(Joey),Anzu(Tea), and Honda(Tristian) came to help him, and they also found his real name, but they weren't able to give it to him because it was written in egyptian.
Anzu came up with an idea on how they can still tell him what his real name.
She saw the necklace she gave to Yami before he wen't back to memory's world to remember his past.
Anzu toold the rest of her friends to think of how the name was written and that it will appear on the necklace where egyptians can put they're names on or something like that.
It worked and Yami remembered his name, "Atem(Atemu)".Once he remembered his name he was able to finish of Zork with the egyptian gods, obelisk, ra, and slifer.
Then the Creator of light Halakti appeared and toold Atem he wasn't able to defeat Zork 5,000 years ago without partners(friends) so he had to seal him and Zork inside of the millenium puzzle.
Once Halakti disappeared, Atem and his friends wen't back to the palace.
Atem toold some things to Priest Seto and these are the things they said toeach other.

Atem:Darkness was gone but the compesation was too big.Many lives for sacficied for it.From noe on, we hafe to burn a single light of a survivor and keep on building future.Seto!

Priest Seto:Ha!(Yes)

Atem:I have something to ask you, do me a favor.Please inherit my throne and become a new pharaoh.

Priest Seto:Wh...What?

Atem:You must become a new pharaoh.

Priest Seto:You said it very suddenly.I have a life for what...

Atem:I no longer remain in this world.(There is no memory from this point on.I have no existance in this world.)I have no time.I hafe to go.

Priest SetoM:Pharaoh, your body!

Atem:Seto!When you were temporaliy possesed by the dark priest(Akunadin)You finnaly didn't loose your light of soul.You won darkness inside.

Priest Seto:Light of Soul?

Atem:Take this Millenium Puzzle.To prove your title of Pharaoh.You now become a new Pharaoh to reconstruct this country.

Priest Seto: Pharaoh!

Atem: I count on you, Seto!

Little Yugi:This is good...


Jounouchi:Yocha!!!Let's go back!

Mana:Goodbye, Prince! Goodbye!

Priest Seto:Pharaoh!

That's how the Pharaohs Memory saga ended and on the next saga.The ceromonial battle between Atem and Yugi will begin, and if Atem looses he will go back to the underworld with his friends and family who died during the battle between Zork and himself and some who died before that.

Hope this answered all of your questions.

I'll leave you all with 2 other screenshots, and there will be more info and screenshots up on my YGO site later on, right now I'm working on the YGO GX screenshots and stuff.

His name is not Yatimu.That's just how the subtitle thingies write the YGO names and I don't know why.

Atem remembered something his father toold him when he was a kid.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Friday, December 3, 2004

   Realy Happy!!^^

It's finnaly snowing here!!
It's dark outside so I can't go and play on the snow until I come home from school.I hope that there will be some ice where I can slide on hehe...^__^

On my Math test I got a bad grade just like I guessed, but I got a 96% on my assignment.^^
We played a game in English so we can practice for our test.

I am finnaly able to get my own YGO screenshots again, thanks to Seto2112(Marik2112's mom).
and speking of M2112's mom.I finnaly got the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon card she sent me.^___^
Seto2112 is a realy cool person.

I wan't o thank everyone who entered in my contest.The correct answer was Priest Akunadin the father of Priest Seto, so for thoes of you who said he was my least fav. character please tell me what kind of wallpaper you wan't me to make for you all and I'll try making them for you all ASAP.^^

Hope you all like the new theme, and there are more wallpapers, fan art, and greetings up now.^^

I'll leave you all with a few screenshots of Yugioh episode 219.The last episode of The Pharaoh's Memory saga.

If you would like to know more info or wan't to se more screenshots of this episode then just say so and I might put it all up on my YGO website.^^

Ja Matte Ne!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

   New Contest!!!

I'm just in a samurai kind of mood so I posted a piccy of Okita Souji from Peacemaker Kurogane.

YAYY!! It's Decmber finnaly!!^__^

My math test was kinda easy but I have a strange feeling I didn't pass it.
When I came home I didn't do much.Just watched TV and played on my PC.
Well I realy liked all of thoes comments some of you guys left me of what I would be the queen of so I decided to reply to them.

Gray Underpants: I kinda thought of being the queen of HTML, but then I thought that there might be some other ones things I might be the queen of aswell, but thanks for your comment.I realy appreciate it.^_^

Yami Loni: Your comments always make me laugh, and being the queen of wallpapers and greetings would be cool, but I think you would be a better greetings queen, because your greetings are just hilarious.

Bebopinutrigun188: I'm glad you like the Athrun x Cagali theme so much, and I think getting a Kawaii Award for it would be nice.

BlackMagicianGrl: A InuYasha queen, thanks, I have loved InuYasha since it aired in America and that's how I know so much about it.^^

Now for the contest.It's pritty easy.All you hafe to do is guess wich one of these YGO egyptian characters I like the least, and you will get any anime wallpaper of your choice, and it will be made by me ofcourse and there can be more than 1 winner.

Here are the pics of the characters.







Just tell me the name of the guy/girl your guessing on by leaving a comment.Have fun guessing everyone, and goodluck!

Oh and there are new wallpapers, 1 InuYasha christmas greeting, and some art.

This is all for now,

Ja Matte Ne!

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