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Sunday, December 26, 2004

InuYasha Post!

Well I had a pritty good Christmas yesterday, but it would of been better if they showed some animes.Cartoon Network was showing christmas cartoons for most of the day, and Adult Swim only showed Read or Die, and Animatrix, wich I saw already.
Thanks again for the christmas piccys and e-cards everyone.^_^

Nothing else realy happened today.I made a wallpaper of Kagura from InuYasha, and drew a piccy of Hakudoushi from InuYasha also.

I decided to get you all screenshots of the last InuYasha episode.
Click here to se them.There are over 90 pics.

InuYasha, puts the Shikon Jewel on Tetsusaiga so it would be powerfull enough to let InuYasha and his friends out of the demons stomach they were trapped in, but it was to powerful, and it transformed InuYasha in to a full demon, but Kagome hugged InuYasha and he returned to a half-demon and he used the Bakaryuuha(Backlash Wave) to escape from the demons acid stomach.
Unfortunately, Naraku is still alive, and InuYasha and his friends must continue they're journey to destroy him.

This was the last InuYasha episode released in Japan, but they are still countinuing to make the manga chapters, and the 4th IY movie has been released already in Japan.
Hope you guys liked the pics, and the info.

Now, heres the bishie of the day.

Name: Hakudoushi

Anime: InuYasha

One of my absolute favorite IY characters.He realy cought my eye in the last IY epi, and he reminds me alot of another anime character.I just can't remember who it is now.

Hope you all had a good christmas.

Ja Matte Ne!
~ Matsuo ~

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

I woke up at about 3:24pm yesterday, my parents wen't to some party.I didn't feel like going.I needed a break from all of thoes tests I took in school, but I have my Christmas vacation right now.

I posted more wallpapers, greetings, and fan art for you all.

I also wanna thank everyone who already gave me a Christmas card.I don't realy wanna make a card for everyone, so that YGO pic above is for you all who visit me, and who are my friends here.

Heres the bishie of the day.

Name: Itachi Uchiha

Anime: Naruto

My fav. Naruto character.Hes very strong, and realy hot...^__^

Merry Christmas everyone!

Ja Matte Ne!

~ Matsuo ~

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Friday, December 24, 2004

Since when can school be fun?

Yesterday in school was mostly just a game day.
In the morning we just had our regular classes except we just made christmas stuff instead of do just like assignments and stuff.
In Science we made snowman out of rice, and scoks lol.In my 2 English classes we just took some simple tests, and one of our english teachers gave us all christmas presents wich had candy, 2 pencils, and a Reading and English class assignment passes where you get to skip any assignment you wan't with it and automatecly get an A.
After the morning classes we had out party wichs was great, and then after the party we just played some games, and after that we corrected some Social Studies tests during study hall since no one had any homework.

When I came home I justdid thesame stuff, watch TV, and do stuff on the PC.
I' am finnaly able to make my own animations too, and I know how to use Photoshop 7 like an expert now too.^_^
Here are 2 of my animations just for fun.I'll make some better ones soon, and theres an Inu and Sessh animation up in my intro too for thoes of you who haven't noticed that yet.

YGO GX Animation
Text animation

I don't mind sharing any of my avi's or animations, but please if you use them then please tell me and also credit me otherwise I woen't let you use them.

I don't have school today, and tommorows Christmas yaaayy!!!Feel free to send any of my Chritstmas greetings to your friends too.^_^

I was able to download Yugioh GX episode 12 today, and I got screenshots up on my YGO website.

GX Screenshots!

No bishie today, sorry.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Ja Matte Ne!


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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Sorry for not posting..been bussy with school!

Vivian Wong, from Yugioh KC Grand Prix!

Yes, theres finnaly tons of snow outside.Me and my friend had a big snowball fight until it was practecly dark, and the principal of our school also said to listen to the news on the radio and stuff, just in case if it's to cold or if there's to much snow outside,that they will hafe to close down the schools.
We also have a party at school today.!^^

I appreciate all of your guyses comments about all of my site themes and stuff, they're all realy sweet, and I don't mind hearing them over and over.
I just hope some of you can forgive me for not visiting your sites yesterday.I didn't get to much time on the PC since.I mostly spent the whole day outside.
I also wanna thank Silent Magician for the Art award.It's not an award for my fan art or anything it's just an graphic award.^__^

Today the 4th InuYasha movie will come out in Japan, and hopefuly the japanese InuYasha site I currently visit will have it to download since they already had the 3 other movies to download when they first came out in Japan.

Oh and I wan't to thank everyone for giving me over a 1000 visits on my YGO site.^__^I'm sorry for not updating there yet.

Today is also Marik Ishtar's birthday, yay!!^__^Hope you all can wish him a happy B-day!^^

Well enough about my day, let's do the anime bishie of the day already hehe..^^

Name: Hiten

Anime: InuYasha

My fav. Thunder brother.Also very cute, like Souten, and pritty strong when hes angry.~.^

Hope you all had a good day.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Monday, December 20, 2004


No Subject!

Another one of my graphics.

I wan't to thank you all for hoping that Shanny will get better soon.I'll make sure to tell her of all the things you guys said.

Nothing much happened today.I just mostly spent the day making stuff on Photoshop 7.

Also, some of you may already know this.I have changed my email adress to matsuoyumi@gmail.com because it's better than yahoo.You get 1000mb, and whenever you get a new email it tells you that you got it, instead of always going to the website and checking yourself if you got any new mail.So please don't email me at sesshomaru1011@yahoo.com anymore.

I have posted some awesome art today, some more great wallpapers, and also some very good e-cards yesterday.Hope you all like them.
Oh and I put up a new song for my site,"Numb", from Linkin Park.^_^

Now for the bishie.

Name: The Legendary Knight Timaeus

Anime: Yugioh Doom Series

My fav. knight from The Three Legendary Knights.I think that hes just the best out the other 2 knights.^_^

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

   New theme...

One of my graphic pics.

It was snowing a little today, but not that much.I woke up at like 2:00pm and by the time it was 4:00pm it was already dark.I think that was couse in the morning I heerd rain drops, and usualy it's always dark when it rains.Many of you said in your comments about me still having another week of school, and yes I do, but only until Friday.

I got a PM today from Dark Phoenix. She isn't feeling well so she will be hospitalized for a while, so just in case if she isn't around here to much she wanted me to wish all of Happy Holidays for her.Let's hope she comes back to us soon, ok?^_~

Name: Haku

Anime: Naruto

This awesome bishie is for Shanny(Dark Phoenix), and yes it's a boy not a girl for thoes of you who don't watch or read Naruto.^_^

Have a good weekend everyone.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Saturday, December 18, 2004


It's finnaly the weekend.I realy needed a break, because next week we are gonna have tests in like every single subject. A reading test, 2 english tests, and I think some quizzes, and some other tests that I can't remember now, because there are waaayy to many..homework isn't bad anough.

Well enough about school now.

When I came home I just went on my fav. YGO forum and spent most of the day posting stuff there, and speaking of posting.On the YGO site I'm a staff member on I have put up more pics.So far there are pics of Yugi, Yami, Seto, Priest Mahado, Dark Magician, Varron, Dartz, Amelda, Raphael, and Marik.By tommorow there should be pics up of Tombrobber Bakura, Mana, and the Dark Magician Girl, and more over christmas vacation.

Yugioh Episode 6: Miracle of Hano Kuribo

I finnaly put up screenshots of YGO GX ep. 6 on my YGO site.

Well I'm done with my post, now let's move on to the bishie of the day.

Name: Edward(Ed)

Anime: FullMetal Alchemist

A bishie that always makes me laugh, very cute, and strong, and an awesome alchemist.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Ja Matte Ne,

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Friday, December 17, 2004

   Kinda a bad...good day....

Awwww..shes just so adorable like that...

I finnaly got my Yugioh the movie ani-manga yesterday, and I got Slifer the Sky Dragon with it too.^_^
Also heres a link to one of the pages of the book I scanned.
Scanned Pic

I got tons of homework, some of it I finished in school but I still got a Math worksheet, my science report, and reading questions to do for tommorow.
Forgive me for not being able to visit all of your sites, for the last few days, I've been bussy with school, and working on the YGO sites and other stuff.

I posted some more wallpapers, a few greetings, and 1 art pic.

Now for the bishie of the day.^_^

Name: Vash

Anime: Trigun

A very funny bishie, who loves to eat donuts just like me lol, and also a very good with shooting guns.

Yugioh GX Episode 11

I finnaly put up screenshots of Yugioh episode 11 on my YGO site.
Click Here!

Hope you all had a good day.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

   :::NO SUBJECT:::

Well I got my Math test back and it was an improvement score from my last Math test grade, but it was still bad.
In Science class we hafe to do a reporton a great invention of the 20th century, and I'm not sure on what to do my report on, but I'm thinking of doing a report on Computer Windows 1999, 2000 etc. since that was the only good info I could find on the computer.

Today I got some more YGO cards from Marik2112's awesome mom, wich I've become some very good friends with over the last few months.

The YGO site I'm a staff member on is currently down for the next few hours, kinda like theOtaku was, like when we tried coming to TheO and it said that the site couldn't be found, well it's thesame thing on the YGO site now, and I'm not sure why yet.

There are some more wallpapers up, maby I'll make more later if I feel like it.

That's it for the day, and now heres the anime bishie of the day.

Name: Amelda

Anime: Yugioh

Another one of my fav. YGO Doom(Doma) series characters.I think hes very cute, and I like his clothes kind of, hes also a pritty good dueler to me.^_^

Hope yall had a good day.

Ja Matte Ne!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Sailor Uranus(Haruka), my fav. character from Sailor Moon.

Thank you for all of your polite comments bout the new theme, but many of you said that Venus is my fav. character from SM, but she realy isn't.Sailor Uranus is my fav. Sailor Venus, is just one of my other fav. character lol.

Well in school I got my Science test back and I got the woerst Science grade I have ever gotten on one of my Science tests, and we finnaly took the Math test wich was kinda easy, but like always, I will probably get another horrible grade.
Lol I can't believe that next week will be the last week of school for this month before our Christmas vacation, time sure passes by quickly.
I almost forgot to mention that in the morning there was some snow on the ground and REALY windy.My eyes were red from how tired I was..-.-

I got an email yesterday from the place where I got my YGO the movie ani-manga, saying that they shipped it to me, so I should get it by tommorow or sometime this week, yay!^_^

Please forgive me again for not getting to all of your sites today, now that I'm a staff member on one of my fav. YGO sites, and pritty soon maby on another YGO site, I can't come on MyO as much.I usualy always work on my own websites and on the other ones.

Before I move on to the anime bishie of the day, I wanted to let you all know I posted more wallpapers, greetings, and fan art.^_^

Name: Miroku

Anime: InuYasha

Heh, this sexy perv always makes me laugh.Hes deffenetly on my top 10 anime bishies list.^_^

Hope you all had a good day.

Ja Matte Ne!

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