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Sunday, July 9, 2006

   i'm back
hello peeps! i just got back from my family reunion and let me tell you, i need about 10 hours of sleep. since my mom had such a big family my little brother and i got to sleep out in a tent. i'm soooooo tired. but it was fun. we stayed for 4 days and did lots of stuff. i got to see my adorable little cousin who is a itty bitty baby! he's so cute. we had one day to go down to a lake and my uncle brought his boat and jetskis! wheeeeeeeeee! but now i am suffering for my fun. wind burns and sunburns. owwwwww. yes i got sunburns in the same spots as last time and my legs have been beaten senseless by wind burns. i hurt but had fun. now please excuse me. i need to catch up on 10 hours on sleep. *does a face plant on the keyboard* zzzzzzzzzzz...
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