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Thursday, July 13, 2006

is there even such a word? anyways, at 2:00 i'm going to go to the YMCA with one of my good friends. her name is alex. anyway, yesterday my mom told me that she had a kinda rare disease (i don't know how it can be kinda rare, but i digress) that makes the nerve endings in her feet not work. so if she were to get hurt, she wouldn't be able to feel them. so being the motherly and worrisome person that i am i asked all sortsa questions. is she able to walk? will she be put in a wheelchair? and the most scary, will it be fatal. my mom told me that she won't die, she won't have to be put in a wheelchair for some time (if at all) and that she is able to walk. if worse came to worse, she'd have to walk with a cane. but i feel kinda weird about going to the Y with her. what do you say to someone who won't be able to play most of the sports that you love? i found out that she can no longer ride horses either, and she loved doing that! now, swimming is one of the few sports that she can do without risking hurting herself.

i know that it seems kinda funny that i'm asking for advice, but when a friend of your's comes down with a disease that you haven't even heard of and disables her, what would you say? would you even say anything? i know that when you aren't the one in the spotlight it seems easy, but when something like this happens to one of your friends, the words just end up jumbled. but she's my friend, and i won't abandon her because she has some weird diease.

i guess that things like these make you wonder, and count you blessings. i'm so glad to have friends to help me with this stuff and that i can help other people when they need advice. i guess what i'm trying to say is that i'm glad y'all are my friends. well, see ya in a little while.

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