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Friday, July 28, 2006

   hello again!
i'm so sorry that i haven't been on much! i've just had a lot of things on my plate!!! i've been recooperating from church camp. it was really fun though. who here has heard of the speaker mike miller? well he is absolutly awesome! he doesn't drag on and on with the boring stuff. i mean the first thing he started out with is "I love sex!" everyone was like "WHAT???? is he allowed to say that?" but he was getting to the point that he was married, but that we needed to save sex until after we were married! he was so cool and funny! and if you wanted to talk to him, then he would really listen and give you advice!

but he wasn't the only good thing about camp, we had games like, there was this one where you had a frozen "parrot" (it really was a chicken) and it was raw. and you had to golf with it. with a slingshot. i mean come on! that was awesome!!! and there was this other one where you had to tackle people to get some "treasure" (a piece of tape with an x in 2 different colors) off their forehead! i was tossing people off my teammates who were bigger than me! the theme was lost (pirate-y and giligan's island) but me being as oblivious as i am, didnt' even figure that out until i was at camp.

but there were downsides to the camp. the food the first time was terriible! it was spaggetti. i had a chunk of noodles about the size of a 50 cent piece except a bit bigger, stuck together. and i couldn't get them apart. and the meatballs, one guy couldn't get his fork through one. and the showers were crappy. i mean, to keep them on, you had to hold a string! i didn't wash my hair the entire time i was there, that's how bad they were. other people did that too, other people didn't even take showers. lol. well i'll tell you more about camp tomorrow. time for breakfast!

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