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Saturday, March 5, 2005


I bring you something so shoking, so amazing, so......SHOKING!
KuramaC: You said shoking already.
Me: I ran out of words! Anyways, I bring you Robin with EYES!

KuramaC: That's amazing.
Me: Yep.....*tries to hold back laugh* No wonder he wears the mask!
KuramaC: Rose! That's not very nice.
Me: But it's true!
KuramaC: Well, yes, but...*also tries to hold back laugh*
Me: *laughing* See! It is funny!
KuramaC: *laughing as well* I know it is! I was trying to set a good a good example.
Me: *still laughing* That turned out well!
*both double over from laughter*

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Friday, March 4, 2005

Top 3
These are the top three people with the most points so far:

3rd- a tie between Raven8763 and Forbidden Kitsune with 1500 points

2nd- Hinaru with 1700 points

1st- Tiggerola with 2300 points

I changed the end of the contest to Sunday at 8:00 PM so you have 8 more hours to rake in some points!
Also...*phone rings* um, hold on one sec. *zips off*
KuramaC: *looks back to make sure no RL doesn't see him typing* I read your comment Kurama #2. Sounds like an excellent idea. If all us clones rise up as one, we can stop 311 from her newspaper whacking spree!
Me: *appears from behind* Are you plotting the downfall of my friends?
KuramaC: O_O Me? No! Don't be silly! I was just um...a...
Me: Save it. Your lucky I love you so much or you would be in trouble.
KuramaC: *sigh of relief*
Me: Anyways, you can earn a lot of points depending on your reaction to these pics which I find so cute!
KuramaC: Cuter then me?
Me: You hot-cute, this is cute-cute. There's a difference.
Kurama: Oooooooookay....

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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Okay so 500 points to tiggerola, demonwings, inuyasha311 and raven8763 for commenting, 800 points for yuukichan for giving ideas, 1000 parts for meggido for taking part, 1000 points for hinaru for agreeing Whose Line is funny, and 1500 points for forbidden kitsune for writing out a scene. Well that was fun!
KuramaC: I still don't quite understand what that was all about.
Me: Then you never will.
KuramaC: So what can these people do with the points you've given them?
Me: Well, I was thinking I could do a little contest. We'll see how many points these people can earn in noon sunday.
KuramaC: What do they have to do to earn points?
Me: Well, they get 500 points for commenting and depending what kind of comments they give for my posts, they can earn more points!
KuramaC: What will they win?
Me: A banner made by me! So if you guys want to win, give me cool comments!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Whose Word is it Anyways?
Hello and welcome to Whose Word is it Anyways where the points don't matter. Yes, the points are like Geometry, it just doesn't matter.
KuramaC: Another bad day in Geometery?
Me: Yes. Anyways! Back tot he game. Today we will be playing Scences from a Cap. What's gonna happen is Kurama here will pick a random scene from this cap *holds up cap* and you guys will give your responces and I will reward points to some good responces!
KuramaC: What caused this spontanious game?
Me: I was watching Whose Line is it Anyways, okay. Now do your job!
KuramaC: Which is....
Me: *hands KuramaC cap* pick out a piece of paper and read it.
KuramaC; Okay okay. *rumages through cap and pulls out paper* "If anime characters were on Jerry Springer"
Me: Oh, that's a good one! You guys comment on that and I'll reward you points.
KuramaC: What do the points do?
Me: Nothing! The points don't matter!
KuramaC: -_-' Okay....
Me: I'll go first! (but I won't reward myself points)

Jerry: Now, you have a problem, what is it?
Kagome: That dead bitch Kikiyo! Me and Inuyasha are just getting along so well when SHE shows up. It makes me so mad I just wanna....I just wanna....SIT!!! *Inuyasha slams into ground*
Inuyasha: What was that for! It's not like I brought her back!
Kagome: But you still love her! And she doesn't even love!
Inuyasha: Take that back!
Kagome: Fine! You run off with her then! I'll just travel with Koga from now on.
Koga: *stands up from audiance* I knew she loved me!
Inuyasha: Shut up you wimpy wolf!
Koga: *jumps on stage* What was that mutt!
*both start growling and attack each other*
Koga: You(BLEEP)! I can't(BLEEP) stand your(BLEEP) face!
Inuysha: Well your a(BLEEP) and a(BLEEP) you(BLEEP) wolf!
*riot ensues*
Jerry: God, I love my job!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

   Problem solved!
I fixed the banner problem thanks to my very good friend starfire001 who let me use her photobucket acount to make the banners. Thanks Star! So if any girl out there wants to protect there fav. anime hot guy, just PM me!
KuramaC: I'm your fav. anime hot guy, right?
Me: I have you as the banner, don't I?
KuramaC: Oh....I like good in that picture!
Me: *hugs* You always look good!

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It's not fair!
KuramaC: What isn't?
Me: I'm trying to start a club but I can't get the stupid banner to work! I give up.
KuramaC: You should never give up.
Me: Well, I can't figure out the problem, and everytime I ask for help, I get the smae thing: "Go to the properties and copy the URL code" and "Did you add the tag code blah blah blah" And so on! I can't find the bloody code people! Once I save it to my computer, it's gone! But saving it to my computer is the only way I can change it!
KuramaC: I wish I could help you, Rose.
Me: I know. Can anyone PLEASE help me? PLEASE!!!!!! I'm despret here!

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Monday, February 28, 2005

Hello everyone! Forgive me for yesterday. Just the thought of no Yu Yu Hakusho to look forward to made me snap a little, but thank goodness I had Kurama here to take over for me.
KuramaC: Anytime.
Me: And thanks to you guys too! I've been getting more comments lately and I just hit 700 hits. Thanks! Here's a quiz for you guys to take.
Your crazy but, fun to hang out with:) Sometimes
you go nuts over a question(lol) Also you don't
care what you look like. As long as your fun
and have lots of friends:) Your one of a kind:)

What Type Of Girl Are You???(Amazing Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Me: I guess I do get a little crazy sometimes.
KuramaC: Sometimes....
Me: What's that supposed to mean?
KuramaC: Everytime you do one of your post, something crazy happens!
Me: Nothng crazy's happend today.
KuramaC: That's true.
Me: *pause* I can't take it any more! *tackels KuramaC to the ground*
KuramaC: What was that for!?!
Me: Well I had to do something intresting. Kurama? Kurama?
KuramaC: X_X
Me: Whoops. *sighs* Come on, lets get you some ice. *drags KuramaC away*

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

*stuffs face into pillow crying*
KuramaC: Rose? Rose, what's wrong?
Me: *mumbling through pillow*
KuramaC: Can't hear you.
Me: *lifts head with tears streaming down face* No more Yu Yu Hakusho! They're gonna replace it next week and they won't bring it back till who knows when! It was hard enough only watching it once a week, now it'll be ages before I get to see it again! *stuffs face in pillow again.
KuramaC: What are you talking about? You bought two tapes of it and you've recorded many episodes.
Me: *yelling through pillow* It's not the same!
KuramaC: *patting RL back* Come on Rose, it's not all that bad. They were just showing repeats of what you've already seen.
Me: *lifts head* Well, yeah.
KuramaC: And you didn't want to see the next episodes.
Me: I hate seeing you hurt.
KuramaC: And even if it was a new episode, you wouldn't want to see it.
Me: Why wouldn't I?
KuramaC: Well, you already know what will happen in the neext new episode.
Me: *starts crying more and slams face in pillow*
KuramaC: What now?!?
Me: *yelling through pillow* POOR YUSUKE!!!
KuramaC: *sighs* I'm not helping, am I.
Me: No, you're not!
KuramaC: Well, since Rose is a little preoccupied, I guess I'll have to finish the post. Rose made a quiz yesterday so I guess you can take that while I try to calm her down. Bye.

Your future holds love and fufilled dreams. You
live a happy life with the one you love, just
the way you dreamed it would be!

What Does Your Future Hold? (girls only)
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Saturday, February 26, 2005

   You just had to kill him. The boy cries you a sweater or tears, and you kill him.
lol! I just love line from SpongeBob. Soooooooo, how is everyone? I don't have much to say so here's a quiz!

Anime Bishounen Match
by c_chan
LJ Username:
Favorite Number:
Your Match:Shigure (Fruits Basket)
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Anything having to do with Fruits Basket, I either get paired with Shigure or Ayame, I rather have Shigure. He's so cute!
KuramaC: Um, I'm right here.
Me: ^_^' You two are paracticly the same!
KuramaC: What's that suppose to mean? WE are nothing alike!
Me: You're more alike then you know *cough cough same voice actor cough*
KuramaC: What was that?
Me: Nothing!

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Friday, February 25, 2005

I'm Back!
Yes! I have returned. Sorry I was away. I messed up my own computer. I'm such a baka! *starts smacking head over and over* Baka baka baka!
KuramaC: Now, now. There's no need for the B word.
Me: Well it's true. I just don't work with computers. *smacks head again* Baka!
KuramaC: *sigh*
Me: Well since I was so chilidish why don't I put some cute childish pics up!

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