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Monday, February 21, 2005

   No School!
*sretching arms* You do not know the joy I felt to waking to the sunlight rather then my alarm clock. It is such a beautiful day! I have no school, the sun is shining, and it's about 72 degrees out side. A perfect day to....stay inside and play Sims2 and watch Inuyasha!
KuramaC: You're a wild one.
Me: Well we could go outside and practice fighting tecniques some more.
KuramaC: Not until we get you another weapon.
Me:*turning to audiance* Yeah, that spirit javalen thingy didn't work to well. First of all, we couldn't come up with a cool sounding name for it and second....
KuramaC: And second, it apperently bends and wrapps around close objects. Guess what it wrapped around and stayed wrapped around for a full hour!
Me: Hey! It's not my fault that hedge clippers don't work on spirit energy. *pouts* You wouldn't even let me get my camera.
KuramaC: -_-' Yes, it most have been horrible not having your camera to catch me in another embaressing moment. Now, can we please think of another weapon? I don't want you to stay in this house all day when it is so nice outside.
Me: Hmmmmm....I know! *runs to bedroom and runs back* How about my nunchucks! It's padded and you won't get tangled in it!
KuramaC: How long have you that?
Me: Since December. I got it at the Otakucon. I can work with these pretty well.
KuramaC: Well, let's give it a try. Come on. *exits*
Me: Well, I have to go guys so here's a quiz for you. Enjoy!

Cheerful, you're a fantastic company! But you're kinda disorganized...I pitty your mother! You love parties and meet all your friends, tend to be caused loss of memory...
Friendly Girl:
Cheerful, you're a fantastic company! But you're
kinda disorganized...I pitty your mother!
Huhuhu! You love parties and hangin' out with
all your friends

What's your anime-girl steriotype?!
brought to you by Quizilla

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Daytona 500
Hey! Is anyone watching the races? It's really cool for me since I lize about half an hour away from the race track. When the jets are spelling things in the skys, they pass right over my house! Right now they got down spelling USA. It's so cool!
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Making a Banner
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   They Can't Be Replacing It!!!!
Whaaaaa! It's not fair! They can't be replacing Yu Yu Hakusho, they just can't! *falls on the ground crying*
KuramaC:*patting RL back* It'll be okay Rose. Maybe they'll just show it at a different time, or return to showing it every weekday.
Me:*sniff* I guess so.
KuramaC: And you'll still get to see you're favorite episode! The episode where you find out my true intentions with the Forlone Hope.
Me:*begins to get up* Well, that wasn't really you.
KuramaC: I was there. I was just a strand of hair at he time. I also have all of the memories so I think it should count.
Me: I feel bad for Star, and any other Hiei fan. They're gonna replace YYH right when they should show the Hiei episode....I don't like that episode.
KuramaC: Why not?
Me: Because Hiei pierces yo in the stomach! Well, not YOU but...
Kurama: Yes, yes. I understand.
Me: Maybe we should just go to the quiz before I confuse myself any more.

You and Kurama are the perfect couple!You feel very comfortable when you're around him and you had a great time on the date!
You and Kurama are perfect!You are completely
comfortable around him and can start a good
conversation with him.You had so much fun on
this date that you can't wait for the
next!Lucky you!!!!Can I be in your place?

A date with Kurama
brought to you by Quizilla

Me: This quiz was a lot of fun!
Me: What?
KuramaC: Rose, do you love the original more then me?
Me:*shocked for a moment* I love you!
KuramaC: That didn't answer the question.
Me: You and the original are pretty much the same.
KuramaC: That's STILL not answering the question.
Me: It's like trying to choose a favorite star in the night sky...
KuramaC: You are now stalling.
Me: Oh, I've been stalling
KuramaC: O_O......T_T
Me: *hugs KuranaC* I was just kidding around! Of course I love you more! *points at all Kurama fan girls* (but that doesn't mean I'm letting go of the orginal Kurama so back off!)
KuraamC: What was that last part?
Me: Nothing! ^_^'

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

   I'm Hyper!
* while jumping up and down* 3 day weekend! 3 day weekend! I have a long weekend! Yay*
KuramaC: *while watching RL jump up and down* That's it! No more extra syrup on your waffles!
Me: Please! the syrup doesn't make me hyper. I'm like this alot!
KuramaC: O_O You are?
Me: Oh yeah! I've been in such a good mood ever since we met! I'm just so happy around you! Especially when....*starts laughing*
KuramaC: What's so funny?
Me: *still laughing* Especially when you were tied up in your own rose whip!
KuramaC: For half an hour. It took you so long to find the hedge clippers.
Me: *starts laughing harder*
KuramaC: Now what?
Me: I have to be honest. I found those in like 5 minutes. But you were just so cute that I ran off to find my camera! That's why it took so long.
KuramaC: So you left me tied up for half an hour to find a camera?
Me: Techniquely 25 minutes.
KuramaC: -_-' Didn't you make a quiz for your friends?
Me: That's right! It's "Your Inner Fighter" I've just been going quiz crazy lately!

The Fighter in You! (Girls only! Anime Pics) by Keera
How are you?
Do you think I'm odd?
What you look like
Are you a good fighter?Hell yeah! You kick ass!
How many people have you killCan't keep track anymore
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Me: Speaking of fighing, can I have another lesson today?
KuramaC: With the rose whip?
Me: Yep!
KuramaC: Everyone needs there own trade-mark weapon, so why don't we find you a different weapon to practice with? (one that won't tie me up)

(for the record: I didn't draw this. the girl just looks like me and I would never wear a shirt like that! t-shirts for me! ^_^)

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Friday, February 18, 2005

   Say Hello to.....
Hello everyone! I want you all to meet someone very special. Say hello to Kurama Clone #12! Say hi Kurama!
KuramaC: Hello everyone.
Me: *hugs* Isn't he just the
Me: Yesterday when we were being better aquaited he was showing me how he used his rose whip and I wanted him to teach me. I was horrible
KuramaC: I think you did very well for the first time, Rose.
Me: But I completely missed my target and tangled.... *KuramaC holds Rose Lover's mouth*
KuramaC: ^_^" We don't have to tell them about that!
Me: But I took a picture.
KuramaC: O_O You did?
Me: Yeah and I wanted to show my friends!
KuramaC: But it's kind of embarrassing.
Me: No it's not!
KuramaC: I'm not wearing a shirt!
Me: All the more reason to show it!
KuramaC: But Rose....
Me: *sad puppy-dog eyes* Please! I just want to show my friends how lucky I am to have someone as cute as you.
KuramaC: Oh...all right.
Me: Yay! *kisses KuramaC on cheek* You're the best! Okay people, behold the cutest picture ever!

KuramaC: -_-' I was tangled like that for half an hour.
Me: But even after that you still continued to teach me.
KuramaC: Well I would do anything for you.
Me: ^//////^

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Part 9: Final Part!
Well here's the last part to my story. And I made a new quiz for you guys to take. I also had pretty much the most traumitizing dream last night but I won't bore you with that. You want to read the story. But if you really do care about the traumitizing dream I had, I'll tell you about it after the story. Well, enjoy the last part to my story and a quiz. Enjoy!

Keera waited for a moment, but felt nothing. She then heard a yell from Yusuke. “Kurama!” Keera opened her eyes and saw Kurama in front of her with Blades’ nails pierced through him. Kurama fell to the ground as everyone looked on in horror. Keera’s eyes began to fill with tears. “Kurama?.....Kurama!” She buried her face into his shirt as tears streamed from her eyes. “Kurama! I’m so sorry I hurt you! I didn’t mean anything I said. I was just afraid to let someone so close to me. But I do love you Kurama. I do!” She felt a hand on her hand. She looked and saw Kurama smiling at her. He spoke weakly. “You love me?” Keera grabbed his hand and held it. “I’ve always loved you, since the first moment I met you. I just didn’t want to admit it to myself because I was afraid of being hurt. And then when I knew how you felt about me, I was still afraid. I’m just a coward! That’s all I am! Please forgive me. Kurama?” Kurama’s eyes had closed and Keera realized his hand was limp in hers. Ember, who had woken up a short while ago, struggled to speak. “Is...is he...” Keera shook her head vigorously. “No! You can’t leave me Kurama! You just can’t!” Blades suddenly began to laugh. “This is exactly how you looked when your parents died. How I love that look. The look knowing you can do nothing to help.” Keera placed her hands over Kurama’s wounds. “I’ve changed since we’ve last met and I learned how to heal all sorts of wounds.” Blades smiled. “But I doubt you can bring people back from the dead.” Keera looked at Kurama. His life was fading away and she had to act fast. Hiei spoke up. “Keera, you hardly have any energy left. You could use it all and kill yourself, it still wouldn’t be enough.” Keera began to heal Kurama. “I don’t care! There’s no point in living if I can’t be with Kurama. Besides, this is all my fault. I have to do something!” Keera could still feel Kurama’s life fading. “You can’t leave me Kurama! YOU CAN‘T!” Keera suddenly was engulfed in a glowing light. Blades’ eyes opened wide. “That’s it. The power I felt all those years ago.” While still healing Kurama, Keera looked up. “And it is the power that will destroy you.” Spirit bombs rushed from the light and circled around Blades with great speed. They began to cut him with just the energy that the orbs gave up. The orbs circled faster and faster and then, began to sink into his skin. Blades watched in horror and then looked at Keera. Keera’s stare was cold and full of rage as she spoke. “Everyday, for the past 10, the pain I felt would eat away. It’s an unbearable pain. I want you to feel it now. I want you to suffer just as I did for so long!” Blades’ body turned into a complete glowing light. He fell to the ground screaming in pain. “Make it stop! Make the pain stop!” Keera smiled. “If that is what you wish. Then die.” Blades continued to scream louder and louder until he was engulfed in a bright explosion. When the light faded, he was gone. Yusuke moved his hand. “Hey! We can move again!” Ember’s voice sounded. “Keera!” The team looked over and saw Keera lying on the ground. They rushed over to her and Kurama. Ember nervously looked at the team. “Are they okay? They’re not moving!” Kurama’s eyes opened. He sat up and looked around and saw Keera next to him. He held her trying to wake her up. “Keera. Please say something.” He looked at the team. “What’s wrong with her?” Yusuke looked at him sadly. “I think she used up all of her energy defeating Blades and...trying to save you.” Kurama held her tightly as everyone looked away sadly.
“.....Kurama, I can’t...breath.” Everyone looked at Keera amazed. Keera took a deep breath before she spoke again. “Man Kurama, were you trying to squeeze the life out of me?” Everyone gave a little laugh and a sigh of relief. Yusuke looked at everyone. “Well, I don’t know about you guys, but that was enough adventure for one day. Let’s go home.” Ember stretched her arms up at Yusuke. “Brother, carry me.” He picked her up and Ember hugged him happily as they left. Kuwabara and Hiei followed with Kurama and Keera in the back. They looked at each other for a moment and began to lean in closer. Right before they’re lips reached, Keera smacked Kurama over the back of the head. Kurama rubbed his head. “W...what was that for?” Keera looked at him angrily. “What were you thinking!?!? Why didn’t you just attack Blades instead of jumping in front him and almost getting yourself killed? I thought you were the smart one of the group.” Kurama laughed slightly. “I guess I wasn’t thinking straight. I just saw you in danger and I jumped without thinking.” Keera crossed her arms. “You’re darn right you weren’t thinking! But...it was still very sweet.” She kisses him. “Thank you Kurama.” Kurama looks at her surprised and blushes. Then he sneezes and holds his head. “Whoa, I don’t feel so well.” Keera laughed. “Oops. I guess when I healed you, I got you sick. Sorry bout that.” Kurama shook his head. “Let’s just go home.” Ember’s voice called out. “What’s taking you two? We’re going back to Kuwabara’s to celebrate!” As Keera and Kurama were leaving, Keera took his hand. “How about we go back to my place for tea instead?” Kurama smiled. “Sounds good to me.....Keera?”
“I love you, Keera. I always have.”
She rested her head on his shoulder. “I’ve always loved you too, Kurama. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize it. But we’re together now, and that’s all that matters.”

You as Death! (Girls only GREAT ANIME PICS!) by Keera
Do you believe in life after death?
What you look like
How many souls you will reap563,829
Do people fear youDuh! Your about to kill them!
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Well, if your here to read my dream, thank you. It's nice to know you care. My dram started with me being in my pottery class. I'm working on my pot, talking with friends, when Elder Toguro bust through the window and if you know me well enough, I am positivly terrified of him. Well, I freak and then pass out(smart move). He picks me up and zooms out of the room. He takes me to the roof a really tall skyscraper. The roof is like one of those garden top roofs. I began to wake and am actully pretty comfortable, until I realize that I am in Toguro's arms. I push my way away from him and look around to realize I have no where to go. I ask him what he wants and he tells me that he wants to marry me. I was like, "I'm not marrying you!" He leaves saying he needs to get stuff for the wedding and I'm screaming after him that I'm not maaying him. There's this little glass building where I was that would lead out of the building, and I run to the door but it's locked. I say some guy in there, I guess the janitor and I'm banging on the door for help. He comes over to open the door, when he drops dead. And there's Toguro with his bloody nails saying that he doesn't want the wedding ruined. And everytime I tried to escape, somone would end up dieng, so I just gave up since I didn't want anyone to be hurt by me. So I just stayed up there as Toguro would find stuff for the wedding. I would distract myself by tending to the flowers. Then the day came when everything was all set up and Toguro said we would get married the next day. I was like, "Look! I am NOT marrying you!" He looks at me and says, "You're beautiful when you're angry." and kisses me on the lips! Blah! Gag! Make me hurl! I freak out and try to back away but trip over my own feet(way to go me). Then he...*twitch*...he gets on top off me and....*deep breath*...begins taking off my clothes. My legs are flailing like the wind trrying to get him off! I'm able to get him off and I'm yelling and crying so hard when my alarm goes off. I have never been so happy to hear my alarm! So that was my most traumitizing dream ever. T_T I need a hug!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

   Part 8
T_T I am so upset right now. I'm in a pottery class and we're working on a large water jug that is 1/3 of our grade. I had finished yesterday after missing two days and working super hard to finish it. And today, COMPLETELY DESTROYED! *starts crying* Just read the story! I need a hug. Oh, I made another test with lots of pics.

All was silent in the room until Blade spoke. “Well, that was very entertaining. Now can we get on with our fight?” Each one of Keera’s fingers lit up with spirit bombs. “I’ll give you a fight!” She tossed all of the spirit bombs straight at him. “Die you bastard!” The attack hit him directly and caused him to be completely engulfed by smoke. Keera was breathing hard. Using 10 bombs at once was very tiring and being sick didn’t help matters. The smoke cleared and Blades was standing completely unharmed. He shook his head. “I’m disappointed in you, Keera. I expected much more.” Keera ran at him and punched but to her surprise, he caught it with ease. “Let me show you what a real punch is like.” Blades punched her right in her stomach. Keera flew back right through her teammates and hit the wall hard. She hit the ground unconscious. Yusuke ran to attack Blades. “I don’t care what she said. I’m taking you down! SPIRT GUN!” Yusuke trade mark spirit gun shot from his finger. Blades dodged with ease. Kuwabara chared forward with his sprit sword. “Let me give you a hand there, Urameshi!” Kuwabara slashed at Blades about 8 times, and missed every time. While dodging, Blades began to mock them. “This is the team that defeated the Toguro team. What a bunch of weaklings!” Hiei scowled and then disappeared. He reappeared behind blades and slashed with his sword. “I am no weakling!” Blades dodged but Hiei was able to cut a few strands of hair. Blades smiled. “Well done. No one’s been able to get me on the first strike.” He slashed at Hiei with his nails and was able to cut a bit of his outfit before Hiei dodged. “And it will be the last time you ever strike me.” Kuwabara again charged at him. Blades quickly moved and then slashed his back and was able to slash Yusuke before he hit him. the fight continued on like this. While they were fighting, Kurama hadn’t moved. He just stood there almost in trance. Ember was trying to wake up Keera “Keera! Keera, come on! Say something.” Ember stood up and pulled at Kurama’s sleeve. “Why are you just standing there? Your friends need you!” Ember gave a tiny gasp. She watched a tear trickle down his cheek. He spoke softly. “She hates me. What have I done?” Ember pulled harder at his sleeve. “Kurama, snap out of it!” Kurama didn’t say another word and just stood there. Ember watched the fight. It wasn’t going to well. Blades was fast, faster then Hiei even. The team could hardly touch him. Ember began to panic. “What do I do? Keera’s unconscious, Kurama’s lost it, and this freak is moving too fast to be hit. What do I do?” Hiei got hit hard in the chest. Ember gasped. “Hiei! I coming!” She ran full speed at Blades and hoped on his back and began beating his head. “I’ll teach you to hurt my friends!” Blades merely grabbed her by the back of the shirt and pulled her off and hurled her at the wall. Like Keera, Ember hit the wall hard and fell unconscious. Hiei looked at Ember surprised, then angrily at Blades. He began to unwrap his arm. Kuwabara began to freak out. “What are you doing!? There’s not enough room in here to do that attack!” Hiei continued to unwrap his arm. Blades suddenly appeared in front of Hiei and slashed his arm. Only this time, Blades’ nails were glowing red. Hiei stared at his arm. He couldn’t move it. “What did you do?” Blades laughed. “Paralyzed your arm. I couldn’t have you destroying my entire fortress.” The fight continued and Blades managed to slash Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei to the point of complete immobilization. At this point, Keera began to wake up. She saw Ember unconscious, Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei defeated, and completely ignored Kurama. She struggled to stand and walk towards Blades. She tried to form another spirit bomb, but fell to her knees breathing hard. Blades approached her sighing. “You disappoint me, Keera. I thought you were something special, but I guess I was wrong.” Even though Yusuke was paralyzed, he could still speak. “Get away from her!“ Kuwabara struggled to move. “Just cause we can’t move doesn’t mean we’re beat. Get over here and fight!“ Blades just smiled and looked back at Keera. He raised his hand ready to strike. “You’re just another pathetic human that must die.” Blades attacked and Keera closed her eyes and braced herself.

Your Inner Mage (Girls Only, TONS of anime pics!) by Keera
Current mood
What you look like
Your powerYou draw your powers from the stras
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Part 7
Today is such is such a nice day. Right now it's about 67 outside. That's winter in Florida for you! Well enough of that, here's part 7 to my story and some cool magic pics. Enjoy!

Everyone looked on in horrified amazement as Blades spoke. “Yes, I was the one who killed your parents. I can still remember the devastated look on your face. What a beautiful expression it was.” He began to laugh. When he did, all of Keera’s nightmares returned to her. She covered her ears tightly and began to scream. “Stop it! Why did you kill my parent? Why did you kill my parents and leave me to suffer?” Blades smiled. “I despise humans, but I love a challenging fight. You see, I was planning to kill you as well, but after I killed your parents, I could sense a deep power from within you. I knew it would take you awhile to discover it and control it, but I knew it would be worth. And then 10 years later, I hear about a team that defeated the infamous Toguro team. I was very pleased to hear that you were apart of the winning team. So now here we are and not only do I get to fight you, but 4 other strong warriors.” Ember looked around counting. “1..2....Hey! There are 5 of us.” Blades stared at Ember for a moment. “And what is your power my dear child?”
“I can read minds!”
“Anything else?”
“Um...no, not really.”
“I stand by what I said before.” Ember looked down disappointed. “Ow, that hurt.”
Keera stepped forward in a fighting stance. “Your fight’s with me and only me!” She looked at her teammates. “I don’t want any of you to interfere. He’s mine.” Kurama objected. “You are far to sick to be fighting alone. You shouldn’t even be fighting!” Keera clenched her fists. “When I want your advice, I’ll ask for it, and trust me, it won’t be for a while.” Kurama stepped forward. “You’re so blinded by rage that you can’t even see what kind of danger you are in.” Keera’s voice began to quake from anger. “Leave me alone, Kurama.” Kurama began to yell. “Keera! You have to listen to me!” Keera whipped around and began to scream at him. “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I don’t want to hear another word from you! I don’t EVER want to hear anything from you. I HATE YOU!!!!” Keera’s voice echoed through the room. Everyone stared at Keera and then at the devastated Kurama.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

My last post didn't stress the importance of Valentines Day so this one will. I was depressed for some odd reason, but I was snapped out of that (thanks hiei4ever!). And it doesn't matter even if you don't have a valentine. My friends and I were all each others stand in valentines since we didn't have one. I actully did find a valentine but since he's kinda far away at the moment GA was my stand in valentine. GA is still looking for a valentine if any girls are intrested. He's in my friends list and he's Guardian Angel. Well, here are some pics. Enjoy!

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