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Monday, February 14, 2005

Part 6
Where was otaku this weekend? Was I the only one who could not get on? Well, here's part 6 to my story and some new music. It's the sixth opening to Inuyasha. I call it Mambo Inuyasha! Oh yeah, Happy Valentines Day.

After some time of walking (again), the group arrived at a very large door. Yusuke breathed harshly. “If this isn’t the battle field, I’m gonna kill someone!” The same voice echoed through the halls again. “Eager to fight are we? Well lucky for you, this is the battle field. If you would wait one moment, this fight will begin.” The doors open and the team walked into a large lit up room with a man standing in the middle of it. His hair was short and black and his eyes were piercing red. His hands were crossed over a stylish tux. Yusuke crossed his arms. “Well I’ll give him this much, he sure knows who to dress to impress.” Yusuke then cracks his knuckle while walking towards him. “It’s the perfect outfit for his funeral.” Yusuke stood right in front of the man. “And your name is?” The man smiled slightly. “I don’t have a true, but demons around have called me Blades.” Ember looked at him confused. “Blades?” He uncrossed his arms and revealed that his finger nails were as long and sharp as knife blades. Ember’s eyes opened wide and she laughed nervously. “Ah. Blades! I get it now.” She quickly ducked behind Hiei and looked back at Keera. “Okay. This guys mind is a scary place. But I keep picking up memories of you, Keera. Care to explain?” Keera stared Blades trying to remember. “I don’t know if it’s because I’m sick or not, but I just can’t remember.” Keera began to walk up to him.
“Keera, be careful.”
Keera looked back at the source of the voice; Kurama. She gave him a cold stare and continued walking. Kuwabara looked at Keera then Kurama. “What the heck did you do to her?” Ember gave Kuwabara a quick jab in the stomach with her elbow. “Shut-uuup.” Yusuke stepped aside and let Keera stand in front of Blades. She felt horrible and wanted to collapse, but she had to know who this man was. “I know you. I don’t know how, I don’t know where, but I know you.” Blades sighed. “I guess 10 years is a long time, but I thought you would remember.” Keera stared at him struggling to remember. “10 years?” Blades leaned in close and stared directly into Keera‘s eyes. “Think back. A small girl walking home from dinner with her parents. She’s skipping along the dark road without a care in the world, when all of a sudden, her parents fall over. When she rushes to see what’s wrong, she’s horrified to discover bloody, gapping wounds in her beloved parents’ back. Who could have done such a thing?” Keera stared at him in horror. “You. You were the one who killed my parents!”

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Friday, February 11, 2005

   Part 5 (the room is spinning)
Hello. Well, I was able to make it for one class before I went home. I just felt so dizzy, and still do. Every time I stand up, I just get so light headed. It's probally because my head is so full of crap! But never mind me. Here's part 5 and a fun quiz. Enjoy!

A little later, the team was walking through the castle. They were ever alert for trouble. Keera had wound up in the back of the group and was again struggling to keep up. Ember slowed down and walked along side with Keera. Ember glanced at her nervously and finally spoke in a whisper. “Keera, I...um...I know what happened between you and Kurama.” Keera had a look of both anger and embarrassment. She smacked the back of Ember’s head “You little brat! You read my mind, didn’t you?” Ember rubbed her head sadly. “Yes. I couldn’t help it. I had to know what was wrong with you. Not only that, but you really are sick.” Keera rolled her eyes. “You think I don’t know that?” Keera looked at Kurama angrily. “And it’s all because of him. I wouldn’t be feeling like this if it wasn’t for him. I wouldn’t be hurting so much.” Keera was clenching her fists and looking down. Ember stared at her for a moment. “Are we still talking about you being sick, or something else?” Keera looked at her surprised. “What else would I be talking about?”
“I don’t know. Maybe your heart. Maybe you’re so torn inside because you don’t know what to do.”
“Oh, so now you’re an expert on love? I’m sick because I was out in the rain because Kurama was such a jerk and that’s all there is to it. Now bother someone else, okay?” Ember looked at her with a hurt expression. “Fine. I was just trying to help.” After some time of walking, Yusuke begins to yawn. “We’ve been walking for ages and we haven’t had one fight since we got in here.” Ember tugged at his shirt. “Um, isn’t that a good thing? Don‘t we want to avoid as much trouble as we can?” Kuwabara struck a fighting pose. “No, it isn’t. Real men fight. They never take the easy way out.” Kurama looked around. “It is odd that we haven’t faced any trouble upon arrival.” Hiei sneered. “Hn. Our opponent must be either very strong, or very dense. Personally, I think he’s the last one.” A voice suddenly rang through the halls. “Dense am I? No. Just more logical. I’m the one who wishes to fight you, so what would be the point of sending out some weak opponent who you would easily defeat? It would just make me wait longer, and I am very impatient.” Kuwabara turned in circles trying to find the source of the voice. “Then why did you have to make the castle so big? If you want to fight so bad, wouldn’t it have made more sense to just meet us at the entrance?” The voice sighed. “Maybe to a simpleton like you. In case you’ve forgotten, this is my home and I’m not about to destroy it. You’ll just have to find the battle field. That’s why you haven’t faced anyone. It would just have taken up more time.” Ember looked around too. “What about that army of demons?”
“Oh, them. They were becoming a nuisance. Always fighting outside my castle. Those demons live to fight, so I told them about some strong warriors and they were more then eager to fight. I knew you would take care of them.” Keera didn’t even bother to look around. “Why didn’t you just kill them yourself?”
“I told you. I wish to fight you, someone worth my time. Now enough of this talking. I’m becoming bored. Just continue the path you’re on. You’ll eventually find me.” The echoing voice ended. Yusuke looked at the group. “I guess we just keep walking. Let’s go.” While the team walked on, Keera remained for a moment. The voice she heard sounded so familiar, she didn’t know who it was. She continued thinking while chasing after the rest of the group.

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

   Part 4 *cough*
Hello my friends *sniff*. Man, I feel like crap. I was able to make it through about a third of the school day before I went home sick *cough*. I am so stuffed up and my throat is killing me. Oh yeah, I started another site here at theO called RoseGallery. It's basicly (as it sounds) a gallery of pics I like. Right now I have Kurama and Yoko pics, but I'll be adding more of other things. Well, here's part 4. Enjoy *sniff* (I need a tissue)

About an hour later, Yusuke and the rest of the team were hiking through a thick forest. Keera walked behind the rest of the group. She didn’t feel like talking to anyone, and she was having a little trouble keeping up. Kurama glanced back and saw she was having trouble. He waited for her to catch up. “Are you feeling well?”
“I’m fine,” She responded in a snippy tone. Kurama looked away for a moment. “Look, Keera...about last night...” Keera stopped walking and looked down. “I don’t want to talk about it Kurama. Just join the rest of the group and I’ll catch up sooner or later.” Kurama opened his mouth to say something but turned around to walk ahead. When he did, he noticed the rest of the team had stopped walking and were staring at something. He ran up to the group. “What’s going on?” Without saying anything, Ember pointed down the hill to a tall castle. Yusuke smiled. “Ya think that’s the place?“ A voice sounded from behind. “Guys, we have a problem.” The group turned around to see an army of demons closing in. One of the demons pointed ahead at the group. “There they are. Get them!” Ember began to look around at everyone nervously. “What do we do? What do we do?!” Ember wasn’t as strong as the rest of the group so she often got nervous easily. Keera raised her hands. She could probably take out most of the demons with one attack. She prepared for a spirit bomb, but a sharp pain raced through her head. She could feel her spirit energy fading. “What’s going on? I feel so weak.” She began to breath hard and fell to the ground and the army of demons were almost right on top of her. Yusuke thought of using his spirit gun, but the demons were too close. He could hit Keera. Ember ran towards Keera. “Keera! Get up! Please!.” Suddenly, a black object whooshed by and Keera was gone. The rest of the demons stopped for a moment, then toppled over dead. Ember stood confused. “Keera?” She turned around and faced the group. “Were’d she go?” Hiei jumped done from a tree with Keera in hand. “I knew it. This group wouldn’t last five minutes without me.” Ember glomped onto Hiei. “I couldn’t last five seconds without you, Hiei!” While Hiei was struggling to push off Ember, the group rushed over to Keera who was still breathing hard. Kurama felt her head. “She’s burning up. There’s no way she can continue this mission.” With much effort, Keera stood up. “I’m fine. It won’t happen again.” Yusuke shook his head. “I don’t think we should take that chance.” Keera smiled. “No really! I’m feeling much better. It was probably some power of one of the demons. I’m fine. Let’s go.” Keera ran ahead of the group towards the castle. After being pushed off by Hiei, Ember watched Keera disappointed. “She always was a horrible liar.”

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Part 3
Thank you for the comments yesterday. I'm glad o know people are reading my fan fic. I have part 3 here and if you didn't read part 1 and/or 2, GO BACK AND READ IT FIRST YOU BAKA! Oh! I have more Inuyasha pics as well. Enjoy!

The next day Botan arrives at Keera and Ember’s home. The Urameshi team first met Ember after the Dark Tournament. Since she was an orphan, and with her impressive mind reading ability, Spirit World thought her to be a good asset to the team. Though she appears and acts like 8, she’s really 14. Ember answers the door and greets Botan cheerfully. “Good morning Botan! Come in! Come in!.” She grabs Botan and pulls her in. “What brings you here on this fine day?” Botan sighs. “Spirit World business. I have your next mission.” Ember begins to pout. “Another mission? I wanted to relax a little longer. Oh well! As long as I get to be with Yusuke and,” she blushes and sighs deeply, “Hiei....I’m happy!”
Keera appears in the doorway back in her large black sweater. “Oh. Hey there Botan. What’s up?”
“Another mission I’m afraid. Keera, are you alright? You don’t look so well.” Keera’s face was a little paler and her eyes seemed darker. Last night incident with Kurama was fresh in her mind, so she wasn’t feeling all to well, but she couldn’t let them know about it. “Oh...um. I must have been out in the rain a little too long, but I’m fine.”
“Well, come on you two. We’re all meeting at Kuwabara’s to discuss the mission.”
“Great.” Keera thought. “I get to see Kurama right away. This is gonna be a little awkward.”
Later at Kuwabara’s house, Ember starts to fuss. “Why isn’t Hiei here? I wanted to see Hiei!” Yusuke throws a pillow at her. “Settle down Ember. Knowing him, he already knows about the mission. We’re bound to run into him.” Ember throws the pillow back at Yusuke and tackles him to the ground. “I don’t care ! I want Hiei!” Yusuke and Ember always fought like that. They were just like brother and sister. Ember even called Yusuke brother from time to time. Kuwabara was trying to avoid being kicked by Ember’s flailing legs. “Would you two give it a rest!? Botan, when are we gonna hear about this mission?”
“As soon as Kurama gets here. Yusuke, you called him, right?”
While sitting on Ember to stop her from kicking. “Yeah, I called him a while ago (get off of me!). He seemed a little distracted (I mean it!) when I called him though, like he had something else (I can’t breathe!) on his mind.” Keera quickly averted her eyes. A few minutes later, Kurama arrives. “I’m sorry I was late. I was a little preoccupied.” Kurama and Keera glanced at each and quickly looked away. Kurama sat on the opposite side of the room as Keera. Botan stands up and faces everyone. “Well now that everyone’s here...” Ember pushed off Yusuke. “Hiei’s not here!” Yusuke stuffed a pillow in Ember’s face. “Go on, Botan.”
“As I was saying, now that everyone’s here, I can tell you about the next mission. It appears that there’s some powerful demon going around and just killing random people. He’s seems to be the type of demon who just enjoys the sight of blood and despises humans. What better way then to combine them? The true identity of this demon is unknown and since he doesn’t kill specific humans, we don’t know who he will kill next. But lucky for us, we’ve discover his hideout. Of course it’s located in some remote place deep in a forest.” Kuwabara rolls his eyes. “Why can’t the bad-guy ever think of a new place to hide?” As Botan was continuing her explanation, Keera began to feel a little warm. She also felt a little dizzy too. Maybe she was out in the rain too long. “This is not what I need right now.” She thought. “I have too much on my mind to be sick. But I really do feel like crap.”
“Keera? Keeeeeeera!” Botan was waving a paper in front of Keera’s face. “Oh! Sorry Botan. What were you saying?”
“I said, do you want to be in charge of the map?” Keera looked at the map. All the lines and dots were getting blurry. “Not really. I still don‘t feel to well.” Ember waved her hand feverously. “Oh! Oh! I want to be in charge or the map! Please, please, PLEASE!!!!” Yusuke put his hand on her head. “I don’t know if you’re ready for map duty yet.” Ember stood up. “Let’s put it to a vote. Who wants me to be in charge of the map? Raise your hand.” Ember raised her hand up high. Kuwabara raised his hand too. “As long as I’m not in charge of it.” Yusuke’s and Botan’s hands raised too. Ember smiled happily and then looked at Keera and Kurama. Their hand weren’t raised. “Keera, Kurama! You guys are so mean. Why don’t you want me to be in charge of the map?” Kurama and Keera responed with a synchronized, “What?” Yusuke looked at them both. “What’s wrong with you two? You’ve hardly said a word since you got here and you both seem to be focus on something else.” Ember smiled brightly. “I can find out what’s wrong!” Ember’s special power was that she could read minds. She first read Keera’s mind. “You read my mind and I’ll kill you. You think I’m joking? Try me.” Ember had a nervous look on her face. “Um...everything seems to be fine with Keera! Ha ha.” Botan looked at Ember then Keera. “Keera! Did you threaten Ember again?” Keera shot an angry glance at Botan. “Well she shouldn’t be reading my mind. I already said I wasn’t feeling well. That should be enough for you people!” Keera sat down, crossed her arms, and looked at the floor. Kuwabara looked around confused. “Um...are we going on a mission or not?”

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

   Part 2
So here's the 2nd part to the fanfic. Part 2 out of 9 parts. Kind of a lot, I know. I also have great Inuyasha pics. Enjoy!

After they arrived inside, Kurama handed Keera a towel and began rummaging through a closet. While drying her hair, Keera looked around. “So, where’s your mom?”
“She’s away on business. She won’t be back until the end of the week.”
“I hope she’s not out in this storm.”
“Me too, but I’m sure she’s fine.” He hands Keera a T-shirt and jeans. “Here. You’ll get sick if you stay in those wet clothes.” Keera looked at the black sweater which she always wore. It was her fathers so it was huge and after all the rain, it was completely full of water. Keera took the clothes and ran upstairs to change. After changing, she went back downstairs to find Kurama in the kitchen. Kurama looked up and saw her. “I hope the outfit isn’t too big.”
“No, it’s fine. I like baggy outfits. I didn’t know where to put my clothes so I hung them over the shower.
“That’s fine. Would like some tea?”
“Tea would be nice.”
Keera and Kurama sat on the couch drinking tea while watching the rain fall. If possible, it was falling harder then before. The wind picked up and blew harshley. Kurama looked out the window concerned. “It doesn’t look like the storms going to clear anytime soon. You might have to stay here for the night.” Keera nearli chokes on her tea and looks at him surprised. “Stay here?! The storms not that bad.”
“Are you not seeing the same storm I’m seeing? That storm could kill you!”
“Please. We’ve faced way worse than some storm.”
“Look Keera, I just have a bad feeling and would feel much better if you just stayed here.”
Keera turned away from him. “Fine. I’ll stay here, but I think you worry to much.”
After a few hours of talking, a strong gust knocks out the power. Keera’s voice come out of the darkness. “Man, that storm just won’t quit. Hold on.” She illuminates her hand with spirit energy to light the room. “Do you have any candles?”
“One moment.” Kurama opens up a drawer and pulls out a few candles. Soon, the room is brightened with candles. Keera looks around and smiles. “This actually nice. It makes the room much warmer.” She yawns. “Though, it does make me a little sleepy
Kurama looks over at the clock. It was late and he was feeling a little tired himself. He looked back over at Keera and saw that she was already asleep on the couch. He smiled and pulled a blanket over her. Then he blew out the candles and headed to his room to sleep. Later that night, the storm continued and Keera began to toss and turn in her sleep. She could hear the laugh, the laugh that came from the demon who killed her parents. No matter where she ran, it followed her. She finally awoke from her nightmare in a cold sweat breathing hard. Kurama shortly appeared in the living room with a candle. “Keera, what’s wrong? You sounded like you were in pain.”
“It’s nothing. It was just a bad dream, that’s all.”
Kurama sits down next to her. “Do you want to talk about it?”
She turns away. “Not really.”
“I have a feeling this isn’t the first time you’ve had this dream.”
“You’re right. It isn’t.”
“Keera, please tell me.”
She turns to see Kurama with deep concern in his eyes. “Alright, it’s stupid though.”
Keera explains her recurring nightmare of the unknown demon whose laugh haunts her constantly. Kurama smiles. “Why would that be stupid?”
“Because, I don’t even know who I’m afraid of. It’s only a laugh, yet that laugh was enough to drive me into a life of solitude for 10 years, that is,” she turns away and blushes lightly, “until I met you.” While looking away, she realizes that’s she’s blushing. “Why am I blushing? I mean, it is true. I did open up to Kurama. I still don’t know why I opened up to him when I first met him. He was a complete stranger then, yet I still opened up to him. Oh God! I think I’m blushing more! Why am I doing this?”
Keera looks back at Kurama, but his eyes looked different, even more caring then before.
“Kurama, I...” Keera’s eyes opened wide. Kurama was drawing in closer to her. His lips almost reached her, but she pushed him away and continued to stare at him surprised. Kurama also seemed surprised. “Keera, I’m sorry.” Keera stood up. “I think I should go.” Kurama tuned away until he heard the door close. He stood up and just stared at the ground. “What was I thinking. Keera’s my friend. Why would I want to change that? Now I’ve probably lost her forever.”

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Monday, February 7, 2005

   Fan Fic: Part one
So I just got done with my Yu Yu Hakusho fan fic. It's pretty long (9 pages) so I'm just gonna give you parts each day. I added 2 more people to Yusuke's team: Keera (based after me) and Ember (based after starfire001). PLEASE comment on it! I want to know that someone likes my work and I'm not just babbeling to no one. Once you read all of this fan fic, then you get to read the next one where Yukina thinks Kurama's her brother! Oh, I made another quiz too. Enjoy!

A girl around the age of 16 stares over a river while sitting on the railing . She turns at the sound of her name. She notices a boy around her age walking over to her. His long red hair blew across his emerald green eyes. She hopped off the railing and ran over to him. “Hey Kurama. What’s up?
“Oh, nothing. I just felt like taking a walk.”
“Me too.” She stretches her arms towards the sky “The sun’s just so nice today.”
Kurama walks over to the railing. “What were you looking at just now?”
Keera walks over next to him. “Nothing really. I was just enjoying the sun and breeze. It’s nice to finally have a chance to relax, isn’t it?”
Kurama nods in agreement. “It is. I can’t remember the last time I had a moment of peace. Ever since I met you, it’s been nothing but one mission right after another.”
Keera turns and stares at him harshly. “You mean ever since you stole that mirror.”
Kurama turns away sadly. Keera responds quickly. “Not that you didn’t have good intensions! You were using the Mirror of Darkness to save your mother. There was nothing wrong with that. Besides, who knows where we would be if you hadn’t stole that mirror, or even where I would have been.”
Kurama smiled and looked out over the river with Keera. Kurama had met Keera after he had stole three artifacts from Spirit World with Hiei and Goki. Keera was very different when he first met her. She was very cold and uncaring. Keera’s childhood was a difficult one. Her parents were slaughtered in front of very eyes by a demon when she was just five. The only thing Keera can remember about the demon was his laugh. The laugh that haunts her dreams to this day. Needless to say, watching your parents die a bloody death has a lasting effect on a child, one that pushes her away from everyone else for fear of losing another loved one. She was taken in by Spirit World when she was 10. She spent 5 years training and being Botan’s assistant yet still wouldn’t let anyone close to her. It wasn’t until she met Kurama when she opened up more. She wasn’t sure why she opened up to Kurama, but she was glad she did. It helped her to be more friendly with Yusuke and the others on their missions. Now she’s surrounded by loved ones and couldn’t be happier. While staring into the distance, a rain drop fell on Kurama’s head. “Rain? On such a clear day?”
The two teenagers looked into the sky and saw storm clouds quickly move in. Rain poured down on them both. Lightning began to tear across the sky. Kurama turned to Keera “Come on, my house is just up the road. We can stay there until the storm clears.” Keera and Kurama raced over to his house

Your Guardian Angel by Keera
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Sunday, February 6, 2005

   I'm under attack!
The birds are plotting something! I looked out my window and a saw a red-breast robin and then another one and then I raise my eyes some more AND THERE'RE HUNDREDS OF THEM IN A CLOSE YARD. T_T There moving there way towrad my house. there in the trees, the bushes, the yard. This isn't the first time this has happened to me, oh no! A long time ago i woke upi, looked out my windoa and couldn't even see a blade of grass in my backyard. Just tons of red-breast robins covering the ground. And they've come back for revenge! Oh God! They're breaking into smaller grounps and taking over the neighborhood! T_T I'm doomed.
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   Remember: I am not just Rose Lover. I am also Keera

What Does Your Inner Child Look Like? by Keera
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Wow! I got a tough inner child. Cool. I need some help. When I change my music, I don't know what to change it to! All the songs I want to change to are Yu Yu Hakusho related. I really like the song Unbalenced Kiss in english but I also like the song Itsuki(Gate Keeper) sings to Sensui because Itsuki has sush a hot voice but they the talk for almost three minutes in the begining. Then there's the song Touya sings that is so cool and he only talks a little bit in the begining but I also like the song Yoko and Hiei sings. They too talk a little in the begining. So I'm leaving the choice to you. What do you want to hear?

Unbalenced Kiss (english)

Eien no rekuiemu (Japanesse-sung by Itsuki)

Dark Side (Japanesse-sung by Hiei and Yoko)

Gleam Yami No Hikari (Japanesse-sung by Touya)

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Saturday, February 5, 2005

Change in Music
I know I had 1,2, Step for my site's music, but now I have Embracing the Ice Knife REMIX sung by Kurama and Kurama beats out all others! Now for some Kurama and Yoko pics!

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   The Fools...
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Least you know what a perfect saint you are. You
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However - congratulations on being the most pure,
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MWA HA HA HA!!! O_O *cough* I mean, of corse I'm an angel! What else would I be?

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