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Thursday, December 30, 2004

What Yu Yu Hakusho Character Will You Meet and What Will They do? by CPMiko
Your Name
Your Favorite Japanese Word
Your Favorite Yu Yu Hakusho Character
Most Feared Yu Yu Hakusho Character
Your Sanity?
You Will Meet:Kurama
You Will Be:On a random street corner
Meeting Them Because:Blind Date
Your Reaction:You bang your head on the wall
Their Reaction:Smiles, but really thinks you're crazy
Ultimate Outcome:You now live in the afterlife
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   It's not fair!
I had joined Quizilla so I could make my own quizzess. I had been working for ages on my first quiz and I really liked it. I was ready to upload some images for it when I hit a wrong button and EVERYTHING got deleted. My quiz which I had beee working on for over an hour disapeeared and I can't get it back! T_T Why me?
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Hello one and all! How is everyone today? How about some quizzes. I'll most likely be making a new quiz if my brother doesn't kick me off the computer so he can play Doom 3. Say, does anyone have an idea for a new quiz? I'm running a little dry.

Afterlife as an Angel
by childdoll
Your Name
Astrological Sign
Angel TypeAngel of Nature
Wing ColorRed
Heavenly WeaponAxe
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Guys just love...how vulnerable you are!

What Do Guys Love About You? (with pics :3)
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Winter! You are the calmest of the seasons, that's
because you don't let alot of things get to
you. You may not have the most friends, but the
friends you have are as close to you as your

What season were you meant for?(pics coming soon)
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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

You Soul-Mate by Keera
your soul-mate
when you meetJanuary 13, 2006
how you meetHe saves you from certain doom.
when you marryFebruary 24, 2009
number of kids4
eye color
hair color
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I forgot my password so I had to make a new person. Rose Lover and Keera are one and the same!

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You use magic to destroy
You are a black mage (short for magician). You use
your magic to destroy. Your simple spells are
Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Water. The spells
get stronger with the different suffixes u add
such as watera and waterga. You can also learn
poison and death spells.

Which Final Fantasy X-2 Dress Sphere are you?
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I am so happy! I recently bought all 26 episodes of Read or Die and all 167 episodes plus three movies of Inuyasha! It should be here any day now. I got all that on ebay for a super good price! How bout a quiz?
hopeless romantic...

Who exactly ARE you? (AnImE PiCs)
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Dear God! How true that is!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

light spirit
light spirit!
u look to the future, full of energy and yet purely
calm, silent, yet loud.
as the moon shines her soft light upon u, linger
and look at the wonder of it all.

what r u? (girlz) (anime pics)
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   Yu Yu Hakusho Pics! Yay!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

   I'm Back!
Hello one and all! I Rose Lover have returned with the tales from the the OtakuCon. I have autographs from Scott McNeil (who's Koga, Piccaloe, and Buu) and David Kaye (who's Sesshomaru). Scott's really nice. I spent most of Friday with him and watched lost episodes of Inyuasha with him. I was dressed as Rin and he wrote on my autograph "sorry bout the whole killing you thing" I got hugs from him, David Kaye, and a guy dressed up as Tuxedo Mask. TM picked me up too! (he was so hot!) I got a Sesshomaru plushi and a Kurama action figure. I got so much stuff! I just had so much fun! I also freaked out my friend starfire001. Go to her site if you want to know what I did. I'm so evil!
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Sunday, December 12, 2004

   Freaky Dream
I just feel like writing about something and I got an idea from my friend ISmellDT. Have you ever woke up and had an unexplainable cut or scratch. Well something even freakier happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Remember that dream I told you about where I was with Kurama...and then it wasn't really Kurama...it was Eleder Toguro *shudder*...yeah, that one. Well this is another me, Kurama, E.Toguro dream. How it started was I saw Kurama and I ran up to him and hugged him, but then I rembered the last dream and I looked at him real closely. I could tell it was really him by his emerald eyes. He looked at me confused and said "What?" I was like "Nothing!" and we walked to the side of my house. Then we have to run into E.Toguro. To make a long story short, Kurama protected me and fought with E.Toguro. Unfortunatly, Kurama lost. He was on the ground unconscience. I was watching the whole fight from a tree (I didn't run! Kurama put me there to keep me safe.) Well, E.Toguro was about to kill him so I hurled a grapefruit at him. (I was in a grapefruit tree) I kept throwing the grapefruits and yelling at him, and then he vanished. All of a sudden, the tree falls over and I tumble out. I stand up and he's right in front of me. His hand reaches out and wrappes around my neck. That's when I start to wake up. I was half awake and I moved a litte. When I moved, the grip around my neck tightened. I was awake and I couldn't breath. I was terrified to open my eyes or move. I finnaly oppened my eye, but no on e was there. The stragling went away, but my neck was so sore the next day, Tell me that's not scary!
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