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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

hi everyone! i have been bored lately... nothing to do at home so bored... my mom is forcing me to finish all my homework... ARGH! so bored... i hate it... but im gonna watch good anime shows late at night so that a good thing! so goodbye and i hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

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Monday, November 22, 2004


YEA!! i just remember i have no school today!! YEAHH! man i thought today was like the weekend or somethin... im soo HAPPY! no school!

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it was raining cats and dogs out there!! i was watching the rain outside... but now it kinda slowed down... but i was soo happy when the thunders and lightnings stopped... im not a big fan of those... its been raining so much!! oh well... BYE!

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

TAKE IT!! and other my Dad

hi!! whats up?? i watched all the anime shows!! yea!! they were all so good! man, when i was watching Fullmetal Alchemist, and then my dad cane in and sat with us (me and my twin sis)(we were in the living room) i was thinking to myself, why dont he watch tv in his room? i mean they got a tv with satelite also... well then he was watching with us... and then he asked me why there was a big armor guy with a young voice... and why Ed had those robotic stuff... i answerd him... yea... and then Al and Ed started to you know practicing fighting with each other... and then he started to say this was a "lie" show. he meant all this stuff was fake... it was funny... kinda sounds gay... but it wasnt. yea. he hates watching stuff like that. (like the movie cats & dogs... he hated that movie... because there were talking cats and dogs) see ya!
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Saturday, November 20, 2004

WOW! i have been on the internet all day! sometimes thats why i should go to school and have hw... kinda gay and nerdy but yea... i have been BORED all day! i got nothing to do except chat with my friends and just go on the net and all these BORING things! that really sucks... thats why sometimes holidays really sucks. but i cant wait for all the anime shows to show! because i need some entertainment. well, i watched Rave MAster. thats a pretty good show. later on i'll be watching ruoni keshen (i dont know how to spell that),dragonball GT, and then the adultswim shows! yea! ;)

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man, i woke up early like at 9 even though i slept at 1 in the mornin... but i needed to watch all the shows in the morning at channel 39... yugioh especially!! and i especially cant wait for tonight!! they all have the good anime shows too!!

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Friday, November 19, 2004


i am so pissed off right now! one of my good friends is being blamed for something she didnt do! (lets say the girl name is Kiki and the guy name is Matt) Matt was blaming her for something i did! i am such a bad friend! i told one of my guy friends that Matt like my twin sis and then he got pissed at Kiki, and then they arent talking to each other, and even though Kiki was trying to apologize, he wont forgive her! i am so pissed! its all his fault! not hers! i hate myself! omg... i need time to rest... my lifes so HORRIBLE!

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hi! today is finally friday! YES! my thanksgiving break finally starts today! i have a week to rest my brain... sorta... the teachers assigned us some cruddy homework... (groans) i cant believe it! GRR! well i cant wait tomorrow... anime anime and anime shows! YEA! i cant wait to watch them! well, i finally got Alice 19th, the 7th volume! YEAHH! i was so happy! i read it... and was soo sad... someone dies, which really sux because i like that character! well i also borrowed my friend's Ceres, Celestial Legend, Volume 9. Its cool, but so sad at the end of the book! grr...i hate the guy inside aki! i like aki but i dont like the guy inside him! grr... bye!

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