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Sunday, March 6, 2005

   500 hits!

i finally have more than 500 hits yay!
well anyways today like at four pm i am leaving dallas and going home back to my home! YAY! LoL.
well i have new members for Favorite Couples Club:
Sailor Otaku
umm if i forgot anyone that already joined the club, tell me!
it's in the early morning and i don't seem to remember! SORRY.
Got to go! Bye!

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Saturday, March 5, 2005


Hey everyone! Sorry I havenít updated for yesterday!
Well my new club called Favorite Couples Club is going pretty well!
Takara Sohma
usagi sohma
If anyone else wants to join, please PM me! Thank You!

Spring Break is already here for me! I wish mine was next week because thatís when almost everyone I know has it. Oh well! I have to do my projects anyways so thank goodness for that! LoL
Well today is Saturday! And itís Anime Night BUT I canít watch any of it because I am in Dallas and the place where I am staying at doesnít have any cables or satellite! OMG! NOO! So I have to let my DVR at home do all the work! ^__^ I canít believe they stopped all the new Inuyasha shows! GRRÖand they were getting good too! LoL
Well I will have to go! I will try to go to everyoneís site! Bye!
Have a nice week or day or Spring Break if you have it right now!

PS Happy Birthday lilanimelover and inuylover!
I hope you are going to enjoy it! And i hoped you like mine and AnimeFantasy's birthday present for you guys! Happy Birthday!
PPS and mine is coming up in 8 days! YAY!

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Thursday, March 3, 2005

   Favorite Couple Club!

hey everyone! I made a new club! My first club! Itís called Favorite Couples Club. It sounds kind of gay but yea. If you want to join, just PM and tell me what is your favorite couple! And then Iíll make your banner for you! Thanks! I have to go! Byebye!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005


hii everyone!
well i took my spanish test today and i passed with flying color! well not a perfect 100... but a 97! yay! soo happy!
it has been raining a lot lately around here... so much rain! oOo well rain is cool.
not many people visit my site anymore... which really sucks... but i have to deal with it right? but it still sucks... and i am kinda sad.
hope you guys have a good day! bye!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005


heyy everyone!
today was fun! i got to skip like most of the day from school! i didnt have to take the spanish test but everyone said it was eeeasy! but we have to write an essay but i dont want to! X___X
well can you guys do me a favor? if you ever have time, please go by my twin sis site, AnimeFantasy! she needs more friends and all... well thats what i think she does. so please come by her site! thanks very much! byebye!

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Monday, February 28, 2005


man... what a tough week so far! and it is only monday! how sad... in spanish II, we have a test tomorrow... and i think it will be very difficult...but i won't be taking it because i will be going visiting the 5th graders at elemtary schools to persuade them to join band.(i play the flute) lol. i will be missing 1st to 4th period so i will only be going to 5th to 7th period tomorrow. haha. i get to skip school! yay! but the bad part is that i have to make it up for the next day! NOO! that sucks. well bye!

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

   Fan Art

Hii everyone!
Anime Night was awesome! Good shows! lol...
Well I updated my fan art, so if you have time please stop by and see it. Its not the best art you will ever see, but yea i tried my best. ^_^
Well I am gonna try my best to visit all of your site! ^_^

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Saturday, February 26, 2005


hey everyone!
today is anime night! yay! can't wait! is anyone else gonna watch it? well i think mostly everyone is gonna watch it! lol.
well i have to finish all of my homework soon... i hate homework so bad! who wouldn't?
i have to put some of my fan art... but i never have time! argh!
well i have two new projects i have to do... and i havent even started on any of them... and they are due the 18th of march! i am so gonna fail this semester!
well bye! i hope you guys will have a great day!

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Friday, February 25, 2005

   100 Guestbook Entries!

yay! i finally have 100 guestbook entries! so happy! lol. *celebrates*
sorry for not updating for a day or two... dont really remember.
well not much has happened really. i did get an 88 on my ipc test which made me kinda disappointed. i could've done better! and i made a frikin low A on my algebra test! so ashamed... and i thought i was gonna get a high A... oh well i have to deal with it. i think i am gonna fail this semester... augh...
well how has your school life been? just wondering...
i got my friend oanh, lilanimelover, a present for her birthday! yay! finally! i hope she likes it!
tomorrow is anime night! yay! so happy! i always wonder why saturday is like called Anime Night even though every night they do have anime. i always think that but i still call Saturday, Anime Night. lol.
i hope you guys will have a nice day! Bye!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

   Hii everyone!

hey everyone. i have to go real soon because then my dad is gonna yell. X_X
well just for the update, i finally got chobits vol.4, which took me forever and i meant FOREVER to find! i also got chobits, vol.5 too. yay! and i also got fruits basket, vol.4! yes! now i just have to buy the rest of it. lol.
i joined in like three clubs as you can see above.
one is TOG, The Onigiri Gathering, which the founder is Me Luv Kyo Kun... so if you want to join then go PM her!
the other one is Hatsuharu Fan Club, and the founder is rockstarfairychik, so if you obsessed with him, like i am, lol, then go PM her also!
and the last one is GOAG, Girls Obsessed [with] Anime Guys, and no one can still Haru! well besides Ryiosay, we share, lol. And Ryiosay is the founder also, so if you want to join also PM her.
well i have to go now... i wish i can visit people's sites but i only got to a few. well bye!
this is a long post and i had little time... i must type fast. lol. well bye!
enjoy your week!

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