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Friday, December 24, 2004

   It's Christmas Eve!

Yeah! its Christmas tomorrow!! ^_^ i am so happy!
i couldn't get to sleep yesterday... X_X we had a party yesterday night and i was tired so i went to my room to draw... (it was 9 pm) and the adults were singing karoke!! GRR! i couldnt concentrate! i was trying to draw Chii... she's really hard... and the adults were singing really bad! i wanted to go out of my room and yell "shut the *beep* up!! you guys are horrible!"(it was viet music)but i didnt and so i ended drawing in the bathroom where it was the most quiet. but then my mom made me go to sleep. but i couldnt because the stupid karoke. who knows when they all went?? oh well... Merry Christmas!
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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

   My Statistics and Other Stuff...

Total Visits 201
Popularity Ranking # 2040 (out of 17,334 active sites)

well i was just bored and decided to put my statistics on... well anyways, i am really bored lately. even though i am in california... it is still like home. i went to that big asian mall again and bought another cd.. it was a final fantasy. i wanted to buy the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex but i didnt have enough money :( and i didnt know which one to choose so i asked my twin sis which i should buy... and she answered the FF. well it didnt really matter anyways. and i also bought a Chobit keychain! it had Chi on it!! shes so cute and cool!
and Kingdom Hearts is really good! i really like it... but sometimes it gets boring but sometimes it gets really interesting. so it kinda depends on what you think. i usually think all the video games good... except there are some i dont like but yeah. well KH is really good!
well byebye!

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hi! yes! finally i got to be on the internet! i couldnt get on myo for awhile... because i am in california! well california is going pretty well! i got Chobit cd and Final Fantasy VIII piano collection cd! ^^ and i am starting to collect the DN Angel and Chobit mangas! they rock! well i hope you guys are having a nice holiday break! well byebye!
oh, and by the way... i got Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories!!! yeah! i am so happy!

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

   Happy Holidays!

hey everyone! yea! we are finally off! i am so happy! and tomorrow, we start our road trip to California! yeah! and i can do anything i want in the frikin car! i dont like airplanes very much just to tell the truth becasue you can't do anything. but they are still cool. anyone go anywhere for the holidays? well byebye!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

   Kingdom Hearts

darn it! i just got back from Target and they ran out of KH:Chain of Memories!! NOO! but i got a rain check! :D haha! and i also got FF: 1&2!! well its for my twin sis... yea shes playing right now, right beside me! well now she stopped... haha! well tomorrow is my last day of school! YEA!! but theres a language arts exam tomorrow...X( that sucks really bad. but oh well. byebye!
oh and by the way, if you guys get a chance, can you please come and visit my twin sis site?? she needs more friends! her site is AnimeFantasy!! bye!

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Monday, December 13, 2004


hey everyone! man, there are so many finals and i am getting stressed out! this whole week is finals all the way and i cant believe language arts final exam is on thursday! the last day of the semester! that sucks big time! but then i think soon i am gonna get Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories! i really can't wait to get that! YEAH! and i am tryong to find if California even HAS adultswim!!*goes to adultswim.com* ok it does... because california is in the pacific time right? and it does... and it starts late and i have no idea if my parents let me stay up that late... yea... well i have to go study, study, study... byebye!

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Friday, December 10, 2004


hi everyone! thank god its the weekend! but i have a whole bunch of homework and i have to do them! they are a whole bunch of reviews! finals are next week! AHH! i am so stressed out. but after next week i am going to california for christmas break! and i am gonna miss all my anime shows if i dont know the frikin schedule! so anyone that lives in cali, can ya tell me? thanks! and byebye! ^^

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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

hi everyone!! omg... we had the reading cba... and it was hard!(psst... most was pretty easy though)and then tomorrow is social studies cba!! no! phooey. and i have no homework! yea!free at last! well bye!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2004

hey everyone!well yesterday was my band concert. we played Christmas songs! cool! i did okay... yea. and today we had the math cba (exam for end of semester) and golly! i am so tired! then next two days we have cba too! social studies and reading! and i am always so tired and sleepy!grrr... stupid tests... dont you just hate tests?

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Sunday, December 5, 2004

   Anime Shows

hey friends! well yesterday i watched all the anime shows i watched!
1.Rave Master-thank goodness they showed it instead another GI Joe movie. XD
2.Dragonball GT-i felt sorry for the shuron(i dont know hos name or how to spell the words)that died... hate the white shuron guy
3.Rurouni Kenshin-ROCKIN show!thank goodness he didnt turn into a man slayer again.
4.Fullmetal Alchemist-hehe! GOOD show!! can't wait for next week
5.Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex-cool show! they didnt finish the Laughing Man case yet...:(... have to wait next week

i missed some shows i wanna watch like YuYu Hakasho and others... well did anyone watch any of these shows?? BYE! ^^

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