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Thursday, February 3, 2005


hey everyone. not lots of people are visiting my site anymore... i guess they are busy lately. oh well. my site isnt very interesting anymore. well hope you guys have a nice day. mine is kinda getting better, thanks to the end of language project! ^_^ byebye everyone.
question(s) of the day:
1.What is your favorite color(s)?
2.What is your favorite manga(s)/anime(s)?
my answers:
1.black and pink
2.chobits and fruits basket

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005


hey everyone. gosh i am so bored. my life is bored. i feel that everyone hates me. i feel that everyone doesn't care about me. even though they say they do... i dont believe them. i am getting annoyed easily. i dont ever feel happy or anything positive. man, i am seriously going through depression problems. well actually i feel that around my classmates and friends at school. dont ask me why... oh well i will have to deal with it.
well anyways enough about me... how is everyone doing? how is school and all? mine sucks because so much stuff to do at night.
man yesterday i stayed after school for tutoring and when i was ready to go home. my parents were not at home. and they didnt even turn on their cell! and so it ended up that i had to stay after school for like one to two extra hours stuck in school. they finally picked up i their cell and that they were stuck in traffic. X_X so i had to wait another ten minutes so my friend's mom can take me home... what a day… well gotta go.
and i hate my nose. i have a runny nose. and it wont stop all day! i think i will become sick. everyone is getting sick. which sucks. well for anyone coming down with the flu or is sick, hope you will feel better soon! byebye!

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

hey everyone. hows everyone doing? yesterday was pretty cool. yesterday was my first time to go to the woodlands mall. it was fun. i went with AnimeFantasy (twin sis) and my two cousins, Alex and Daniel. i finally went to go to the bookstore. that was our last stop. me and AnimeFantasy couldnt find the mangas Chobits 4 and D.N.Angel 4! so i just bought D.N.Angel 5 since we already read both of them. but i didnt buy any chobits because we havent read any of them except 1 to 3. and i also bought fruits basket 1-2... i just started. YaY. and daniel was mad because they didnt have his mangas. Apocolypse... i think thats how you spell that. he was mad at the bookstore. lol. then we went home, and did other stuff. then my parents got back from their casino trip and picked me up.
anyways. anime night was pretty fun. and cool. i need to watch my other anime. but my dad is frikin watch the tv with the DVR thing do i cant watch it. darn it. well hope your day will be fun and cheerful, byebye!

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

hey everyone! tonight is anime night! yay! sorry for not posting yesterday byt i was at this solo and ensemble contest. i stayed all the way till 6 o'clock. X_X my ensemble performed yesterday and we got a rating of 1! 1 is the best and 5 is the worst. lots of people got 1s too! Yay! Good job everyone! My parents are at the casino and i left my cell in their car! X_X i am so mad! Well hope you enjoy your day. Bye!

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Thursday, January 27, 2005


hey everyone. i change my look again. a short period of time to keep the chobits theme on but i will have that again soon enough. sorry if i havent been to your site very much. i have bunch of homework and got no time to do anything i want. well if i have time i will try to go to your site. okay? well bye!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


hey everyone. yesterday we performed at this church with our ensemble. yay. it was fun. not. lol. i did horrible. oooh well i gotta deal with it! ^_^ and i am starting private lessons for my flute tonight at 8:00... that is so late! i don't have energy at that time of the day! X_X that sucks big time. oooh well... another thing i have to deal with.
well i might change my theme around here. i'll let you guys choose!
1. DNAngel
2. Inuyasha
3. Chrono Crusade
4. Fruit Basket
5. Chobits (another kind)
6. Yu Watase series (Ceres, Imadoki, or Alice 19th)
7. Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, or any other FF... just tell me.
8. others (please tell me!)
well bye!

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Bored So Took A Quiz- a Fruit Basket one too!

You're Yuki - the mouse.

Which Fruits Basket Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Sunday, January 23, 2005


hey everyone! sorry for not posting awhile. so busy in saturday. we went to the galleria mall and we went pretty much everywhere except... the BOOKSTORE! i wanted to go so bad to buy my mangas but nooo... we didnt have the frikin time. GRR. hatred but oh well i have to frikin deal with it. today i have to finish all my hw or i am a goner. anime night was pretty cool. i liked it. and that chief guy in Ghost in the Shell was cute. i fall for guys with those kind of hair... kinda long like that. but too bad there aint alot i know in the real world...
i borrowed the D.N.Angel dvd from a friend of mine... did you know Dark and Edward(from FMA) has the same voice. they are the same voice person... Vic something. it was okay...i rather be reading the mangas. and i also borrowed Fruit Basket.. i think i will be collecting that one. it seems really interesting! and i need to watch the Chrono Crusade. hope its good! well bye!
question of the day:
who's your type of guy/girl?
(you saw my answer up there... guys with kinda shaggy hair or like satoshi hiwatari's but i still think dark is cuter and someone a little bit taller than me and other stuff)
random fact:
if you fart like 15 times a day... you are considered healthy.
i know that is weird. got it from some guy.

and i hope you like my new look.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005


hey everyone. i just got home from the after school tutoring. well like two hours ago. lol. tomoorow i have to leave school early like at 6:30 becasue of this Breakfast of Champion... i am gonna perform (i am in band and play the flute) for those who got honor roll for the semester. yay. i am gonna perform with my ensamble (flute trio)... yay. and then i have to stay after school until like 9 o'clock at night. that is late! but its a Pracitce-aton. And we are practicing with our ensemble for out solo and ensemble contest. we do too many things in band... X_X. was the inuyasha shows good?? i need to watch them bad... and NOW... but my parents won't let me watch tv until like fridays and weekends and holidays... GRR.
have a nice day everyone!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


hey everyone. i really want to watch the inuyasha show with koga and ayame. i think ayame is so cute... well everyone says so that is.
sheesh. my life is so weird. i have this best friend of mine. and she has a boyfriend. and they don't do anything! they just walk and hardly talk to each other. i don't get it... and no they didn't get into arguements if thats what you are thinking. they just walk besides each other and don not do anything. you know when you see them walking in the hallways, you think they are just friends or total strangers to each other... really weird.
enjoy your day!

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