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Monday, June 18, 2007

i watch shin chan on saturday.
I also drew a picture of him.
if i get around to it. lol i will uploaded it.
along with 2 new MY best friend is my plushie comics.
I have More then just two comics. i have a whole school notebook of them, i am just too lazy... lol
plus its 8:05AM EST!!!!
T_T tired...
i have to ajust the damn size cause its 24 cm? inch? too long lol!
gooed gawd.
i g2g
sorry i havent updated.

ta ta.

The Kakashi FAN
Raine puppy

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Happy but sad...
I think the title discribes it. ⌐_⌐'

The cool part is, SCHOOLS OUT~ (...for tah summer XD lol)
Also me and my friends (8 girls) all had a party to celebrate at my friend Tiffany's house!
Was fun... she had a pool, and we got to swim in it! it wasnt small ether.
Think! Squrting each other with squrt guns...falling out....hitting the wall while underwater......XD
plus, we even play StarStation and Guitar hero II.
lets hope i passed L.A this year! i should have..
but idk! XD lol

yeah....the sad part.
While checking the mail i got an example of what the forign exchange student program was going to do in a year. (while in high school~ lol)
They sent me a real packet, 2 teens.
apparently the teacher i talked to who was supposed to help me, signed me up for Re-adopting a member. I dont mind, but the teens were in 11th grade. but in...Hong Kong and Germany!
(the germany girl looked snobby..i even read her profile and i was shocked... she got A's in everything! the hell with that! XD)
but the chinese guy, didnt look that bad.
He got Average grades. A's B's and C's.
plus i saw his pic and he didnt look that bad.
(lol, i am NOT saying he was hott.)
i feel sad for not accepting them. *⌐*
i wish we could...but.. we cant.. i am not in high school. (DAMN GRADES)
I gotta go.

The Kakashi FAN
Raine puppy

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

   New fanfic
i wont post it
but i wanted to say that i made a new one.
It starts out with Kakashi,(and meh..DUH what kind of fanfic would it be without me? hey, lol i rhymed! XD anyway...)

He is my well...imanginary friend type of thing, (kind of like a calvin and hobbes idea if you know what i mean, but it doesnt make people think i am crazy because he only shows up when people are gone.)
lol um...some details...some details...oh
He is my mentor, my guide instructer,...i cant really say anymore then that. lol (nothin perverted.)
but he can also communicate with our world and his, and only comes here, when he feels like it.
as laid back and boring as it may seem...
its kinda funny XDDD

heres a few sentinces when he finds my girl looking at something perverted online. XD :

Kakashi: *poofs quietly up and looks at the computer* "What exactly do you think your doing?"

Me: *looks at him, then the picture, then him again* "ummm...watching wrestling?"

well it was funny to me, but if not for you. then i guess your head is broke.
okay g2g

bye bye

The Kakashi FAN
Raine puppy

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Friday, June 1, 2007

I am eating ramen.
American made ramen.
not Japanese,
not Korean,
not Chinese...

boy can i tell ya it
taste just as good as a milk carton thats labled cheese.

i am eatin tho.

i just ordered a kakashi alarm clock off eBay.
The person made me buy it for more then 10$ so it better work damn it XD

it says its still in the box.
and the seller is supposdly a girl, so maybe i can trust her.
plus, it was in Hong Kong!
i hope it ships fast. ^^
I will need it this coming week.

only 5 days of school!!!!!!


The Kakashi FAN
Raine puppy

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey, sup?
My stomach hurts..... <(*o*)>!
it was a burp. XD
lol okay
i entered artwork today!!!
i didnt draw ALL of it.
The fairie one i did.
my sister drew the angel one.
(i colored and edited!) ^_^
She moved out so yeah...i looked through her old drawin books for free paper and found these!

I called the angel one.
"Upon thy starry heavens sweet dreams."
I like the name. dont you?

i did pass the science test! by 5!
the lowest we could get was 75 words right.
I got 80! and i didnt even study!
i feel happy.

it was 94 words apperently.
the teacher wanted to make us study ALL the words. (ass)
anyway. good thing i didnt study huh? lol
i have good memory when it comes to important things.
but...things i want to remember...
i seem to forget...TT_TT:

i g2g

be sure to check out the art plz!!!!

The Kakashi FAN
Raine puppy

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New thought bubble + Kawaiiness~
I had a new thought.
tis kawaii.
but i dont know if i can draw it.
i will try though. (since its a kakashixneko i shouldnt really quit now should i~ x3?)
yeah lol

7:27AM EST..

i love doin that.
I am going to try and pass that last quiz today in science. its just a vocab quiz. the word TRY is in there because its over 100 words. -_-'
science words, but it shouldnt be that hard since they are mostly like weather and rock terms.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

anyway, i will try to visit anyone who comments.
thats my new goal, since, well.
lots of friends, and not enough time to comment all!

okay. i will try that drawing.
i will TRY...not to add chibi's into it.

The Kakashi FAN
Raine puppy

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


IQ Test Score

Testriffic Quiz Your Friends
Create your own Friend Quiz here

have fun!

plus i added new artwork today,
it sucks, but. i wanna know how u ppl like it!

The Kakashi FAN
Raine puppy

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Monday, May 28, 2007

   *thinking...thinking....my brain stopped*
I'm bored.
i guess...my mind...somehow got into the atomic bomb incident in hiroshima and nagasaki,
i looked it up for no random reason yesterday.
this may sound corny, but do you think it was because of memorial day?
I found a nice website about the things that happaned and i get help but get interested in it.

i love reading the stories from the surviors
dont think that as cruel, its just...well...
you know ^__^;

The Kakashi FAN
Raine puppy

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

lol photoshop is fun
i made a new picture!
2, actually.

They are in my portfolio!
One kitty and a hamutaro one,
personilly i dont like the hamtaro one.
lol the color is great, but the drawing i mean...^_^:

Another thing.
i have to have My Myotaku page up twice, at the same time so i can listen to the music.
its too cute~~~~ XDDD

zomg 8 days till school's out.
the only class i am flunkin is math again.
i am never goin to pass it.

The Kakashi FAN
Raine puppy

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

i dont really know which photoshop is the best.
but...um my dad is going to buy me 5.0.
is that good?
for coloring i mean.

please respond if u know anyone with it, or if you had/have it.
please tell me
cause i am buying it tommarow at wal-mart in the morning and i want to know.

bye bye~

The Kakashi FAN
Raine puppy

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