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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New thought bubble + Kawaiiness~
I had a new thought.
tis kawaii.
but i dont know if i can draw it.
i will try though. (since its a kakashixneko i shouldnt really quit now should i~ x3?)
yeah lol

7:27AM EST..

i love doin that.
I am going to try and pass that last quiz today in science. its just a vocab quiz. the word TRY is in there because its over 100 words. -_-'
science words, but it shouldnt be that hard since they are mostly like weather and rock terms.


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anyway, i will try to visit anyone who comments.
thats my new goal, since, well.
lots of friends, and not enough time to comment all!

okay. i will try that drawing.
i will TRY...not to add chibi's into it.

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Raine puppy

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