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Sunday, June 3, 2007

   New fanfic
i wont post it
but i wanted to say that i made a new one.
It starts out with Kakashi,(and meh..DUH what kind of fanfic would it be without me? hey, lol i rhymed! XD anyway...)

He is my well...imanginary friend type of thing, (kind of like a calvin and hobbes idea if you know what i mean, but it doesnt make people think i am crazy because he only shows up when people are gone.)
lol um...some details...some details...oh
He is my mentor, my guide instructer,...i cant really say anymore then that. lol (nothin perverted.)
but he can also communicate with our world and his, and only comes here, when he feels like it.
as laid back and boring as it may seem...
its kinda funny XDDD

heres a few sentinces when he finds my girl looking at something perverted online. XD :

Kakashi: *poofs quietly up and looks at the computer* "What exactly do you think your doing?"

Me: *looks at him, then the picture, then him again* "ummm...watching wrestling?"

well it was funny to me, but if not for you. then i guess your head is broke.
okay g2g

bye bye

The Kakashi FAN
Raine puppy

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