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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey, sup?
My stomach hurts..... <(*o*)>!
it was a burp. XD
lol okay
i entered artwork today!!!
i didnt draw ALL of it.
The fairie one i did.
my sister drew the angel one.
(i colored and edited!) ^_^
She moved out so yeah...i looked through her old drawin books for free paper and found these!

I called the angel one.
"Upon thy starry heavens sweet dreams."
I like the name. dont you?

i did pass the science test! by 5!
the lowest we could get was 75 words right.
I got 80! and i didnt even study!
i feel happy.

it was 94 words apperently.
the teacher wanted to make us study ALL the words. (ass)
anyway. good thing i didnt study huh? lol
i have good memory when it comes to important things.
but...things i want to remember...
i seem to forget...TT_TT:

i g2g

be sure to check out the art plz!!!!

The Kakashi FAN
Raine puppy

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