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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Happy but sad...
I think the title discribes it. ⌐_⌐'

The cool part is, SCHOOLS OUT~ (...for tah summer XD lol)
Also me and my friends (8 girls) all had a party to celebrate at my friend Tiffany's house!
Was fun... she had a pool, and we got to swim in it! it wasnt small ether.
Think! Squrting each other with squrt guns...falling out....hitting the wall while underwater......XD
plus, we even play StarStation and Guitar hero II.
lets hope i passed L.A this year! i should have..
but idk! XD lol

yeah....the sad part.
While checking the mail i got an example of what the forign exchange student program was going to do in a year. (while in high school~ lol)
They sent me a real packet, 2 teens.
apparently the teacher i talked to who was supposed to help me, signed me up for Re-adopting a member. I dont mind, but the teens were in 11th grade. but in...Hong Kong and Germany!
(the germany girl looked snobby..i even read her profile and i was shocked... she got A's in everything! the hell with that! XD)
but the chinese guy, didnt look that bad.
He got Average grades. A's B's and C's.
plus i saw his pic and he didnt look that bad.
(lol, i am NOT saying he was hott.)
i feel sad for not accepting them. *⌐*
i wish we could...but.. we cant.. i am not in high school. (DAMN GRADES)
I gotta go.

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Raine puppy

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