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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Dang! my dad makes me so mad. I mean, he wonders why I'm bitter at him? WELL DUH!!! Maybe leaving me at boarding school for 4 years has something to do with it! I have friends who started at that school in Kindergarten, so doing some quick calculations, I come up with the conclusion that over a 12 year span, from 6 to 18, that they'll spend the total of 3 years out of 12 with they're parents!!! o.O Seriously though, today my dad and I were watching this crime show called Criminal Minds...so in the episode, the victims of this one sicko are literally skinned alive, and skewered, so my dad's like; "Change the channel" and I'm like, "you know you don't have to watch it!" and he's like; "forget about it, just turn off the TV" and he started yelling at me! So I'm talking to him later, and I'm like; "I'm not 5 anymore, you don't have to try to protect me", and he's like, "Ask Erik (my older brother) if we let you do more then him at your age" (...) Well DUH!!! Maybe neglecting me for 4 years has something to do with it. I mean, my brother was homeschooled when he was 11... when I was 11, I was living in a dorm in the middle of Kenya, while my parents lived a country away, and only saw me 3 monthes a year...people tend to grow up with that sort of life, but that fact somehow that doesn't register to my dad (in some obscure way o.O) It's like he doesn't realize that I'm 15, and even though I still am young, I could easily live on my own and run a house (which I have been doing) It's so frustrating to me. I know I may sound whiny, and I should be grateful for a dad that cares for me, but sometimes I just want to run away TT.TT


1. What is your relationship with your dad? (if any?)

2. Have you ever felt angry enough to want to end it?

3. Are you depressed?

My Answers

1. Sucky, but sometimes we can really have a good time together, and pretend that we don't have arguments.

2. sometimes...

3. yes, but I'm avoiding shrinks, they never do anything good for me...

Queen of Sheba

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yay for garage sales and pawn shops! XD

Well, I spent this last Saturday doing last moment shopping for the start of school. So...since my uncle and aunt love pawn shops and garage sales, we dropped by at least six pawn shops and one garage sale. At the garage sale, I got this really nice leather jacket for...$1!!! I honestly couldn't believe it. Then we went to a clothing shop later, and the exact identical jacket was for sale at about $60...go figure o.O

Anyway, my dad and I were looking for the 2nd season of LOST in the pawn shops, but couldn't find it, (today) however, I was able to purchase the first disc of Evanglion, so I really can't wait to start watching it ^^


1. What is your least favorite anime?

2. Why is that?

3. Have you ever seen LOST?

My Answers

1. Robotech *bends over and pukes*

2. The storyline, the art, and mostly the girl (stupidest thing I've ever seen)

3. Only the first few episodes, but I've never really gotten hooked on it like my dad ^^'

Queen of Sheba

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Monday, August 20, 2007

   Yay for camping XD

Yay! tomorrow my dad is picking me up, and we get to go camping at the little acreage that we own. I've been so sick lately, but I hope to feel a lot better soon.

A few days ago, my cousins and me went out and shot rifles at some flying targets, and got totally chewed up by the local mosquitoes >:P Oh well, it was fun.

For about a week now, I've been living with my cousins while my dad tries to get a home in line for mom and me. Then he's going back to Kenya soon to pick up my mom and new little Kenyan brother Marcus ^^ I can't wait to see him again, I miss him so much!

So...today's sunday, so we went to my cousin's church, and man it was so teeny. I mean, not only the building, but even the congregation. I mean, in Kenya, the tiniest places are just crammed with kids who want to know about God, and here, people don't even make their kids go to church because it's SUMMER! o.O the world is just wacking out I guess.


1. Have you been sick recently?

2. What's the last thing you were sick with?

3. Was it a quick recovery?

My Answers

1. yes, for about a week.

2. the worst cold ever! TT_TT

3. I'm still recovering TT_TT

Queen of Sheba

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Sooo...nothing much to say except that I've got a head cold, so please don't expect me to say anymore TT_TT

Queen of Sheba

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

   Yay for Totoro!!! XD

YAY!!! since I've been in the library, I've found the movie "My Neighbor Totoro"...awwww ^^ it's so CUTE!!! ^^

Anway, the sleepover went well, we like watched 5 movies, listened to her ipod, and watched AMVs on my computer ^^ it was so awesome ^^


1. What do you tend to do on sleepovers?

2. What is your prefferable snack on sleepovers?

3. Do you preffer sleepovers at someone else's house, or at your own?

My Answers

1. watch movies, eat, and talk ^^ (sometimes we even sleep XD)

2. nacho chips!

3. someone else's house...then my family can't embarras my friends ^^ (or me)

Queen of Sheba

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

   Yay for sleepovers ^^

So, my friend is coming over today for a sleepover, so we're gonna listen to music, watch movies, and just hang out ^^ I just can't wait XD

Anyway, I've been hanging out in the library a lot lately, but haven't been reading so much as I want to, cuz these computer tempt me so bad TT_TT *attempts to withdraw hand from keyboard, but fails horribly* Anyway, me and my mom have been emailing each other a lot lately, and I so can't wait to see her and my little brother again ^^ I miss them so much TT_TT


1. Do you enjoy libraries?

2. What do you like most about them? (libraries)

3. Why?

My Answers

1. Heck YES!!! XD

2. the smell, and the feel of all of those books ^^

3. It's relaxing, and it's my happy place ^^

Queen of Sheba

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

   I'm BAAAACK!!! XD

Ahhhh...it feels good to be behind a computer monitor again. I won't be able to post as much as before, but I hope to. Anyway, the flight to Canada was a horrible experience I don not want to repeat again...we took Qatar airways to Qatar, where the humidity and heat was overwhelming. We got on an airplane there to get to Gatwick in England, and we were supposed to change airports from Gatwick to Heathrow. We got on a "shuttle" to Heathrow, but it turned out to be a bus to Scotland or something, so we totally missed our plane, and ended up driving around in the North of England. Finally, we crossed roads with another bus going back to Heathrow, so we got to slip onto that, and made it back to find that there were no more flights to Edmonton, so we decided to stay another day. My dad's so stingy, we acturally almost slept in the terminal, but I managed to talk him into getting us a room at a motel for the night, so we actually got to sleep horizontally ^^

Anyway, we made it back to Edmonton, and managed to find my Grandparents, and now I'm attempting to get over jetlag o.O (not fun in the least bit TT.TT) At any rate, I've been shopping for clothes lately (since I've left my others in Kenya TT_TT) so that's been fun ^^ I've finally got clothes that fit, and that I actually like, so that's good (something good AT LAST XD)


1. What is you're clothing style?

2. What is your worst flying experience?

3. Do you prefer dull or bright colors?

My Answers

1. sorta punkish, with a Kenyan flair ^^

2. When the driver at our school was supposed to drop me and my friends off at the airport to go home for midterm, and he drove so slow that we missed our flight, and lost a day of our midterm TT.TT (he also drove away before we could get back on the bus after finding out that we missed our flight ;.;)

3. Dull colors like brown and green, or maybe black ^^

Queen of Sheba

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

I might not be here for a while...

Sorry to everybody, but I'm gonna be moving really soon (as in REALLY move) So there may not be internet at the place I'm staying for the next 3 days, as well as I'll be on an airplane for a while too o.O

Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope to be up and runnin really soon.

Queen of Sheba

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

   Arg...the gypsy is on the move again...TT.TT

OK, so we've left the house, and are now living in this little two room suite at a motel in the village, it's tiny, and dirty, and there's allways people doing maintinance on the roof, and hammering stuff right outside my window until 11 PM. Also, nobody in Kenya seems to know how to build a house with insalated walls, or central heating, so we all freeze at night, and roast at day TT.TT

Oh well, the only good thing here is that they've got wireless here, but that's even flawed, because I've never heard of a wireless server where you have to plug to a cord in the wall o.O

OK, so I devoted my time yesterday to finishing the Gilgamesh series, and dang...it's the most depressing anime I've ever seen TT.TT I mean, everybody in the world gets killed in the end, and at the very last scene, you see this "new world" and the T.E.A.R. comes to great the new species (sorry, it's hard to explain, you'll have to watch it yourself if you haven't already) and the "new species" stabs T.E.A.R. to death with a tuning fork o.O (ummmm...yeah) but I still love the style and feel of it...most of the time!


1. Have you ever seen Gilgamesh? if so, what did you think of it?

2. Do you prefer dark anime, or funny anime?

3. Why? (for #2)

My Answers

1. Yes, it's a very dark and mysterious anime, but I love the style, and the story line, things happen that you'd never expect.

2. dark anime

3. Because it gives me a relaxed feeling, and it suits me

Queen of Sheba

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

   Leaving tomorrow... TT_TT

*sighs*...*SIGH*...*sobs*...gah, I don't wanna leave!!! TT_TT Tonight is our last night in this house, and so tomorrow we have to leave bright and early...for this nasty little dirty motel in the village TT_TT Then we stay there for three days, then leave for the college's guest house, since we're only allowed to stay 3 days TT_TT Then my dad and I leave for the airport, and we're back in canada ^^' I'm totally freaking out TT_TT

I've been saying goodbye to my favorite places lately, and to all of my friends that live here, and it's so hard TT_TT

Queen of Sheba

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