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21 years old. I've been here since I was 13. My persona still remains.

In college. Still trying to figure out everything. Still clinging to the cracks. I won't just survive. I'll live.



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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So maybe it's finally time to say goodbye?
No one is on here anymore, but I'll never forget all the awesome friends and people that I knew. I'll never forget how this site helped better me as a person, by having a place to vent and people to talk to.

But no one is on here anymore. I doubt that I'll be getting on "theotaku" anytime soon, seeing as I have a very unupdated page on there already. Life is changing so much. Everyone had grown up. We were all 13-15 in age range.

Kuronekosama had a baby. Shintoga and I never met, but we're still close friends. Luminae and I still remain close friends, despite shaky contact.

I wish I could still hear from Hinaru, Darby (BlackNova), Momo (PeachesxCream), and all the other people that aren't on here anymore. Vicious2, Frosty (who I actually lost contact with a year or two ago), Bradley (Brosenka), etc.

I'm married now. And not to either of the crazy exs that I used to be with. I actually had a legitimately meaningful relationship with someone who I'd like to procreate with one day. Zach is a great guy, despite the other post I said about me not wanting to have sexual organs. We have a home together now and a kitty cat. DragonAge II came out the other day, so you know what he's doing hahaha!

So goodbye Myotaku. I'll miss you but I'll keep you here to be a reminder of everything. All the awfulness and happiness I felt.

See you, Space Cowboy!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Desire is awful
I wish God would have voided me of sexual organs. I wish I felt no desire.

Trying not to look at porn is one of the hardest things right now. I told myself and Zach that I wouldn't. I know that if I do slip up even once, then it's going to fuck me over the rest of the way. I know I'll be right back to where I was before all this. I've tried so hard. So fucking hard.

I won't do it now. No matter how bad I need it. There is no release. I'm a horrible person.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

She Lives
I do live.
I haven't updated since I was 19. That was so terribly long ago. I doubt anyone still gets on here, but I'll probably keep this still as my little piece of personal space on the internet. Myspace is...eh. Not so personal I guess.

I've got a new boyfriend. As of sometime earlier this year that I can't recall exactly, Andrew and I terminated our relationship permanently. I hated that fuck anyways, so I was happy. I shed maybe a tear...out of happiness. I didn't have to mask or live in misery.

So I met Zach. I actually had seen him around before at school, but of course, too shy to talk to him. Found him on okcupid and started talking to him. We talked for a while and finally met each other. It went well. Ever since 3/01/2010 we've been dating. We're pretty much inseparable.

School is going well I guess. It's out for the summer. We started collecting Magic cards and old NES and SNES games, and some various tv series. We're on season 4 of OZ. I love OZ.

Time to get to work!


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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Super Awesome Time.
I'm doing my finals in like...3 minutes.
Wish me luck ><;
And also...
Guitar Hero World Tour is fun.
But the song selection as usual is
-farting noise thumbs down-
At least they had Dinosaur Jr.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I had...
An awesome day yesterday...
Like hung out with a friend, smoked, and watched mr. show... OwO
I totally want to watch Begotten now.

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