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Saturday, May 15, 2010

She Lives
I do live.
I haven't updated since I was 19. That was so terribly long ago. I doubt anyone still gets on here, but I'll probably keep this still as my little piece of personal space on the internet. Myspace is...eh. Not so personal I guess.

I've got a new boyfriend. As of sometime earlier this year that I can't recall exactly, Andrew and I terminated our relationship permanently. I hated that fuck anyways, so I was happy. I shed maybe a tear...out of happiness. I didn't have to mask or live in misery.

So I met Zach. I actually had seen him around before at school, but of course, too shy to talk to him. Found him on okcupid and started talking to him. We talked for a while and finally met each other. It went well. Ever since 3/01/2010 we've been dating. We're pretty much inseparable.

School is going well I guess. It's out for the summer. We started collecting Magic cards and old NES and SNES games, and some various tv series. We're on season 4 of OZ. I love OZ.

Time to get to work!


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