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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

*hey everyone.
*not so chipper today.
*I felt sick to my stomach that I would pass out.
*almost slugged Randy in the face because I thought it was elisha [srry LayLay] I was just a pissy bitch and I'm srry to everyone that I yelled at.
*I'm feeling a lil better.

I'm gonna go ttyl.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

*hello hello!
*today I felt dead. =/
*I was just sluggish today..
*but I'm okay now but a lil tired.
*today actually passed very quickly.
*my bus was a half an hour late today to go home.
*so I waited with Abby and Joey.
*I love Abby ♥ shes awesome!
*retarded voice* muh friend! [u haveta be here in order to get it]
*Joey gave me his Axe cologne and I sprayed it on my bag and also mehself! so did abby
*I smellll goood! lol
*mom hates it
*the bus finally came and it was small and icky XP
*I want my old bus back dammit!!!!

kay I think thats it so I'ma go. ttyl!

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

guess what?
I'm bacccck!!!!
srry I havent been here just busy busy,
I went to the homecoming dance last night. my date didnt come but I still had fun with my friends!!! lol I love them!
I also went to the parade and football game. we won!!! 40-7 yeahyeah! lol

ok PM comment whatever you wanna do!!!!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

srry I havent been on in a while. High School is so stressful. some guy I like kinda likes me and he has no idea how much I like him. and ugggghhh!!!! rawr. I dont think I can type anymore.
add me on myspace or something


i might be like my friends and just shut my syt down for the remaining. idk yet. ttfn


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Monday, September 10, 2007

heyyyy EVERYONE! lol sry I'm really hyper...wow and its monday, creepy o.0 but omg I went to Alex's house [yes Herbst or Herpes to my friends that know him] yesterday for tacos! omg mmmmm tacos, but yeah we had THE BEST TIME! lol he's so cool ^^
but anywayz how are all of you doing today?
I hope good!!!
kay I think thats it! I shall disappear! lmao jk ttyl!


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Sunday, September 9, 2007

hey everyone nothing much going on just talking with my friend.
I went hiking with mary at Botanic Gardens, it was funnand I ran into c0bwebs the whole way. _-_
Elisha spent the night last night. took her home this morning. kay I think I'm gonna go now


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Saturday, September 8, 2007

heya everyone, just got back from yard saling. I got 3 books, a jumping frog and a flower pot thing with a snowman on it. the books are like murder mysteries, poems, and a ghost tales book. their pretty cool. lol I ran into Alex Herbst today too. lol I went to his house because he was having a sale too and I saw Randy Jones there too. lol Alex gave me a hug ^^
but yeah now we're getting ready to go shopping at wal-mart and whatnot. so yeah ^^ lol

like my new song? I love it! its all techno and scream-o and YEAH! lol
ok I'm gonna go now I'll ttyl! byez!

[fruity pebbles]

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Friday, September 7, 2007

heya everyone....I would just like to say..


yey. lol omg I love that thing!!! lol
glad a lot of you liked my flower pic, that was just a random one because I was fooling around with my Macro setting, omg I love it! lol srry I ish happy for da weekend to be here! >D
me mom and Robin are going shopping tomorrow, and on sunday I'm gonna be with Mary. we might watch Pan's Labyrinth, because no one else will watch it with me here at my house! >[ rawr. but yeah its going to be an awesome weekend! ^ ^

kay I think thats it I'm gonna go later!!!
aka Fruity Pebbles :D:D

a video to watch!
Pan's Labyrinth full length trailer

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

heya everyone. changed my theme! like it? the flower in the bottom I took myself ^ ^ I might be using my own photography on my syt from now on! w00t w00t^^ but yeah I think that my song is peaceful dont you think? its neat to me :] and I wuv the smileys! lol
I think I'm gonna go just thought I'd ask for your opinion! ^ ^' lol later!

aka Fruity Pebbles :D:D

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

heya everyone! how is it? omg I am so bored right now. I was all happy today but I was sick to my stomach. /[ I heard one of my friends arent moving! yay :D:D moms going to work tonight so its computer for me! or homework. lol I need to read my book some more. I wanna talk to some people on here! or on my phone. lol
I learned the kids name that keeps tickling me in science. I think its Brian but I'm not all that sure. lol but I think he likes me, not all that sure tho, heheh ^^' but he alwayz talks and walks with me, lol he's nice tho! but i think he may be related to Evyn...but I have clue. lol

I think thats it I'ma goooooo, so PM me or IM me on aim. kay?




aka Fruity Pebbles :D:D

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