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Thursday, July 10, 2008

hey there guyz! I see they put PMing back on here, only they're attached to the new otaku. bleh. i like the new one but its stupid i like this better ^_^
but i did find something; http://www.interpals.net
i love it!!! you should find me! xkiwizonfirex
thats my username
i got my myspace deleted. mom found out and she wanted my loggin, i didnt give so i deleted it. lol it made her mad. but i found interpals and i still have facebook. myspace was getting lamme.
I worked at the rodeo over the weekend. it was funn at actually got to see some of it this year! I handed out bandannas to the people, oh so much fun lol

I'm doing pen pals now and military pen pals. i just wrote a soldier that got injured; ^_^
but yeah PM me :D

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Friday, June 27, 2008

i hate boys
love is too confusing

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

posted yesterday and only one person came and commented lol i'd like to say thanks to Not.Like.You. lol thats was nice =]
my poem, here it is!

Sometimes I say i love you
and I know you wonder why
but i say it because i mean it
and I'll mean it till i die

and then I'll whisper to you
when I've gone and passed away
that i still love you endlessly
and I'll tell you everyday

when you pass beyond
and i see you once again
I'll tell you i love you
and my hugs will never end

but if you do not love me
I'm fine with that for sure
but i wont stop loving you
and my heart with go unheard

I hope we'll still be friends
i just wont press the issue
I'll be with you till the end
and I'll always be here for you

but if you catch me staring
for a little longer than i should
just remember that i love you
more than any other could

now isnt that sweet?!
gawd i love him <3

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Friday, June 6, 2008

hey guys! so sorry that i havent been on here in FOORRR EVERRR lol but you havent missed much, you know boyfriends here and gone and i just recently got a poem from my ex (quinn) it was really sweet I'll post it tomorrow!
PM me and talk to me! i havent talked to anyone in forever!!!!!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

good morning everyone!
snow day for us mon county people! we have about 6 inches here (at my house anyway) and I am so bored!!!!! right now I'm coloring in my coloring book, listening to The Medic Droid and drinking orange juice with no pulp but with vitamin D! sorry ^^''

its still snowing, blick! I hope it doesnt stop so that we have school off tomorrow too, maybe, idk. lol


uh. yeah I'm bored so send me PMs!!! ttyl!

-Jessa; =3

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ello peoples of the otaku!
how are you today? I'm okies, its just snowy and cold; tonight is supposed to be 15 degrees, tomorrow the high is 27 and low is 21, friday; high 41 and low 31. so its a tiny bit chilly! lol

school has been good, I had to write a 1000 word story and I got it done, its really good (well to me) lol
the music man is going to show soon. its the play that my school is doing, I'm not going to be in it. I ish too chickeny for it! lmao XD i like choir just fine! i love to sing! so yeah lol =]
I got my best friend back! (well I've had him back but I thought I'd share my happiness! =D)
we're not allowed to eat in the hallwayz for lunch anymore, because people make a mess and we got sent back to the cafeteria, I hate my school, but friends make it better! =D

I got a bigger window in my room now! its awesome! I can get outta it now! *shifty eyes* I'm mischievous! @_@

HOLY (cussword) its snowing so hard! its a winter wonderland here! lmao XD oh and we were one of 3 counties open in my state aha. I should have just stayed hom3! but I fine! i fine!
kay well ttyl !

-Jessa =3

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

hey guyz! check out this video, its really pretty and it calms me down. how about you?

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

morning everyone =] and a happy snow day! its too cold outside, I hate the snow, I hate winter!!! >[
my computers being stupid, and my mp3 just went bazerk..[or however you spell that word] lol
I changed my song, im in love with this song! and like i said yesterday, I'm still looking for new bands to listen to so if you have any send a msg to my inbox about your favorite songs, bands/artists! i appriciate it a lot! I'm getting sick of all my old stuff, I need some new flavor! XD
alryt well I'll tty guyz laterr!!


the lyrics to my song!

Lyrics | Pretty Rave Girl lyrics

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Changed me syt a lil bit! =]
oh and I'm still searching for new bands to listen to! send me a list of your favs to my inbox! make sure to label them as 'songs' or 'bands/artists' other than that if you just want to talk just label it as whatever you want! thanksya!


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Sunday, February 3, 2008

ello everyong! its like 12am on Sunday! and I'm still up holy crab. well I had a great time yesterday. me and my friends went to the movies, just me, elisha, melly, and thomas! so much fun =]
we went to see Over Her Dead Body very good I recommend it! we want to see other movies that were on the previews like Penelope and Step Up 2. I really wanna see Step Up 2..but I haveta watch the first one first lol.

I'm signing up for a fitness gym 45 day membership. its gonna be fun and plus I'ma lose lotsa weight! I hope. I really need to (to my friends that say I dont, I hate to break it to you guyz but I really do haveto lose weight! and i dont care if you beat me up for it! so XP)

my daddy has been in the hospital for a triple by pass surgery. he went in at 3pm and came out at 7pm but hes fine now, he moved up into a new room after ICU so thats good =]]
I get to see him on Wednesday.

okies well I think thats it thats been going on in my life so far! so I'ma go now and get some sleep =]


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