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Friday, January 18, 2008

heya everybody! nothing much going on just really bored. waiting for dinner actually! lol
okay I've gotten into liking cats and well I want a kitten! but ma says no _-_ plus i am so responsible that i could have a child [but not really] at least I'm willing to work so I can take care of it!!!! and i picked out names for it! if its a boy: Jake, Valiant, Milo, or Kojak and if its a girl: Keeley, Kasey, Niki or Nikita. pretty huh? lol Elisha said that i should name it Milo de Valiant! lol I would i would!

but in other news i get to go to the Reba and Kelly concert tomorrow!! yey =]

kay i think thats it, so I'ma go!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

ello. nothing much going on today. just pissed off. dont want to talk about it. schools tomorrow. bleh. kay bye.


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

heya everyone, whats up? nothing much here just got a lot of glue on my hands _-_ me is makin a castle! its awesome, I'm so proud of myself! ^__________^ I just need another pop box and a half of a box! yey =] but yeah I'll take pictures for you guyz and post it on here! if I can find my camera that is... =/

I think me and my gramma is gonna go and get our feet done today. oh joy, I'm the girl who is ticklish everywhere and I'm gonna let them touch my feet, lmao xp

there was an adorable kitten in the paper the other day, his name was Valiant and he has 2 brothers Vice and Viper. i have no idea why I just told you that but okies. lol ^///^

uhh new song. hope you guyz like it!


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Sunday, January 13, 2008

hello everyone..happy sunday? lol, well I went cattle penning yesterday, very fun. we almost got all of the steers the first time but we werent fast enough the second time we couldnt even get a steer over the line so yeah. met a new guy his name is Lambert, very odd. Luke gave me a hug but I had to tackle Lane for one [Luke is 5 and Lane is 7 i think] talked to Kyle's dad, Leonard for the whole time, I think I've talked to him more than kyle has in his whole life time. and I loved on his horse, Granny when is was about over, I gave her a full scratch down, so when I was done my fingers and nails were packed with dirt, but i didnt mind! I love horse =] but when it was done we didnt get home til midnight so I was tired :P
found a guy named Kenny at the penning that knew my bus driver. he's sometimes the sub for him and I didnt know it lol

I think thats all of my story, PM me if you want to I dont know if I'll be here or not, ttyl =]


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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

heya everyone, nothing much going on here..how about you? school was good, history was hectic, and science was actually fun! we made silly putty =D

i felt like a real retard at dinner today. I had spaghetti on my plate and I went to get a drink from the box on the floor and there went the food on the floor, lol it reminded me of my Christmas date of 2006 when he accidentally slid his spaghetti on the table. my first real date and the best.

havent started my story yet, just waiting for something to hit me in the face is all

i dont think theres anything else to talk about so I'ma go now! laterrr


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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I listen to my friends love stories but I keep asking myself..wheres mine?

you dont have to comment on it though.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Good morning everybody =]
Happy Saturday <3
nothing much going on here this morning just typing this and watching Squarebob Spongepants, lmao XD

ok the bus rides to and from school are the best times of the school day to me, my bus driver Swifty was talking to us and all of a sudden he said "yea just last night I was playin with my Wii." and me and liz started laffin, and the more he said it the more we laffed XDD I love Swifty hes cool =]

I might write a story, but I'm not all that good at it. Im more of a poetry person but I'll give it a try. but I wont be like my friend Lisha, she has like 265512312548752 stories going at once! but like I said I'll try! lol

what else what else? I think thats it. so I'ma go now! laterrrr


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Thursday, January 3, 2008

heya everyone, whats up? nothing much here just watching tv. School was good just very very boring.
you guyz should meet dale. hes awesome but he doesnt have an otaku =/ but me and him were talking last night about the snow, and so im a hibernating bear and hes a tundra yeti! lmao XD sorry i thought id share that with you guyz

we had a snow day yesterday and a 2 hour delay today. i love snow days but my ma tends to get on my nerves. we got in a fight because of brownies. and I call my mom, an juss because I didnt say one little part of a sentence she said to tell ma I get accused for not listening. which I was, why does everyone have to be up my butt all the friggin time?! rawr.
thats exactly why I like school. friends. all of them. its away from home. its the best! =D

my love life is not the best I still like to be single. I dont need a boy to make my life happy but it is nice to have a boyfriend to have once in a while. you know?

omg my friend Joey is such a dumbass...you are going to laff your ass off for about 20 minutes maybe lol well we ride 214 to go to the middle school so that we can catch 115 to go to the high school right? well, when we were in line to get on 115 he stuck his tongue on a flag pole...and puled it off, his mouth full of blood and some tongue on the flag pole XDD omg it was so funny! XP

but yeah I dont think theres anything else to talk about so I'ma go now! PM me, I'm really bored. lol


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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year everyone!!!
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Sunday, December 30, 2007

ello everyone ^^ hope you like my syt now, its pretty awesome =] nothin much going on here today just got home from Avery's 4th birthday party at Burger King. the most unorganized place for a party EVER! ><

listening to Jason Aldean =3

uhh I'm bored >]

Sis came back yesterday from North Carolina (Sis is Robin, she lives beside us where my grandad used to live) yupyup! ish cool!!

I think thats it I'm gonna go now! lol laterrr


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