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Friday, August 10, 2007

heyyyz everyone!
nothing much going on today, just gettin up really. but anywho, I let my mom listen to Marilyn Manson just now and she said he had a pretty voice xD I thought it was funny...but she likes it ^_^ so I iz happy about that! dunno what me and moms gonna get into today, probably go to walmart or something.I hope we need to go there! lol

well today we're picking up Blaire at like 8pm so that she can sleep over at my house! then we go to the fair like I said yesterday! lol
I'm glad that some of you guyz watched my video yesterday about the gay boy. there are 2 more that I'm posting. so yeah you'll get to laugh your ass off!!! haha!

ok welllllll I think thats it so I'm gonna go now! later!

Planet Unicorn #3

Planet Unicorn #4

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

heyy everyone! nothing much going on here just really tired is all. well my friend amalia came down on monday and left yesterday. we had a lot of fun, like going to the movies to see Hairspray [which my mom hated] and went to BK and whatnot! lol I also introduced Amalia to Marilyn Manson and now both me and her are obsessed with him! lol

on Saturday I'm going to Waynesburg to a cattlepenning/fair thing, and Hol...Blaires going with me! so we're going to have fun! we get to see Kyle I think unless he's still in Oklahoma so yeah. lol last year I was by myself but now its gonna be fun because I have my friend with me! lol

well nothing else going on now so I'ma go! oh and watch my video that I'm posting today! its HILARIOUS!!!!


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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

hi everyone. just thought that I'd let you know that I have a new vid and what not up! k ami says HIII!!!!~to everyone as well

uhhhhh k heres a pic!
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isnt he


Shorty* n Ami

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Monday, August 6, 2007

hey everyone
whats up? nothing much for now. mom came over to my house at 6am just to bring lasagna, lol
but yeah we had to move food out of grandads house yesterday. my god that man had A LOT of medicines. he had two medicine drawers and a cabinet ._. and Avery kept wanting me to pick her up. nehh. I can only take so much of lil kids. but oh well, lol

welp my uncle john lemme borrow some of his CDs like Metallica, Lifer, Drowning Pool, and Nonpoint. they're really good actually. lol I'm putting em on my mp3 if my computer will actually work :D:D so yea

welll I think thats it so I'ma go now! ttyl!

The Potential Breakup Song

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

whats up today? nothing much for me! lol ok I need to change my song that automatically plays and knowing most of you people on here dont like country lol or bluegrass so yeah ^ ^'' I take it off for ya! lmao

welp my aunt Janet and Uncle Larry left today around 8am. I was still in bed and mom comes in and puts BoBo on my bed. BoBo was my grandads dog now he sleeps with me lol I'ma post a pic at the end of the post.

hmmmmmmm what else?? I tripped over everything last night and scared myself. lol I'm not very gracefull. lmao

kk I think thats it so I'm going to post a pic instead of a vid today. ttyl! bye!


BoBo is the lil white dog of course! ^ ^''
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Saturday, August 4, 2007

heyy everyones!!!
how are all of you today? I'm good. I went to the Truck pulls in reedsville with holly. we had sooooo much fun! JD said that he was going to be there but we never saw him, but instead we saw Brandon Whipkey, Bobby Bradey, and Alexis Rogers. _-_ oh what joy. so yeah. but I saw Seth and Fred [people my grandma sue knows and I know] lol

nothing much is going on here, bored really. just listening to Simple Plan is all. lol I decided that I'll put a video of the day up so yeah ^ ^ lol

so yeah...I need to call holly today to talk about going to the movies with Dallas and his friend Twinkie, that'll be funn =D lol

well I think thats it so I'm gonna go now! byez!

Evolution of Dance

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Friday, August 3, 2007

heyy everyones
*yawns* its like 7 in the morning and its pouring the rain down. *blinks* grandma sue going to the doctors today, she broke her tooth yesterday. so she'll have to get anothing bridge or whatever that things called. but yeah we went to Texas Roadhouse yesterday at aroung 4:30-5pm. we had a BIG dinner, then grandma sue and Larry ordered a Margarita, omg it was good [they let me have a sip] but yeah.

I'm going to rearrange my room now, mom said I'm allowed to put a couch in my room, so that'll be.....interesting. itzfor my friends when they sleep over, instead of on the floor. we're going to put reclieners [sp?] in the living room instead. I'm going to get rid of 3 in tables.so I'llhave bunces of room now! lol xD

I found 2 videos today. its Greg Patillo and he's playing the flute and beatboxing at the same time. its pretty neat. they're going to be at the bottom of the post.

ok I'm going to go...maybe I'll find something to talk about later. then I'm modify my post. lol ttyl!


Inspector Gadget Remix

Super Mario Theme

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

hey everyone!
whats up today?! nothing much here! just really really bored. listening to Panic! At The Disco. lol
we might be going to Texas Roadhouse tonight! I cant wait! I love that place. the only thing is when they start dancing my family wants me to dance with them. *rolls eyes* my family so rediculous! lmao but I love em to death!!!
OMG O.O Eclipse comes out in stores on August 7th! I cant wait!!!!!! its on a tuesday. so yeah! WHOOO!!! sorry just kinda happy for that! lol
I dont really have anything to talk about so I'm gonna go. PM ME!!!!!!! k LoveYouAll!!!!!


Video of The Day!
this made me laugh so hard!!!! XDDDD

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

hey everyone! whats up?! nothing much here goin on, yesterday I went bowling with my dad and Jackie. it was fun I got some really bad scores [95,127,128] so yeah, ^^'' then we went to Dicks Sporting Goods. I got some Heelys! I love em! lol =D then we went to walmart. I dont like the one at the University Towns Centre. its all backwards and whatnot @_@

Today we're going to Walmart, I need to get some Neosporin [sp?] for my ear piercings. so yeah! lol

I think thats it for today so I'm gonna go! ttyl!


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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

hey everyone, how are all of you today? I'm doing good. the funeral was yesterday, it was really nice. some of my family went up and told us funny stories and whatnot. I had wrote a poem for him and I was going to have it buried with him but I forgot it at home so me and my mom wrote a note instead and put it in his hand. I thought that was nice, at the end I had a meltdown when we had to say our last goodbyes. but I'm ok now. oh and thank you for all the comments by the way, we highly appriciate the sympathy, Thanks again everyone.

Today we're going out and doing stuff in town. so yeah at least I'll have something to do today.

me and my grandma sue have nicknames for each other, shes Cookie and I'm Shorty. yeah I'm taller than her but it makes her feel tall. lol so yeah

kk I think thats it so I'm gonna go now! later!


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