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Sunday, July 29, 2007

hey everyone,
been at my moms since Thursday, sorry for not tellin ya but I got my ears pierced [my second ones] its was fast and painful, on friday we went to SugarCreek Ohio for a horse sale. it was me, mom, Tom, Jim, and Curtis. it was fun, I hung around curtis the whole time though, hes so cool :] but while we were going grandad passed away. so yeah we have the viewing today at 7-9pm. we had one last night too. the funeral is on tomorrow at 11am. Im really going to miss him T-T I put a new video up for him. its Alison Krauss "Down to the river to pray" from the film O Brother Where Art Thou. hope you like it, I know he would
k well I have nothing else to talk about really, PM me I'll be on all morning. byez


Rest In Peace grandad♥
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Richard F. Spiker, 89, of Ed Dunn Rd, Morgantown, passed away on Friday, July 27,2007 at his residence.

He was born August 9, 1917 in Clarksburg, WV a son of late Benjamin R. Spiker and Elsie M. Bonner Spiker.

He retired from consol Energy as a machinist. He was a member of the U.M.W.A. Union.

He is survived by his children, Richard Allen Spiker and wife Shirley, Janet DeFord and husband Maurice, Joanne Bikar and husband Bob, Nancy Wacyra, Linda McNinch and husband Les, Larry Spiker and wife Janet, and Susan Walker, 25 grandchildren, 31 great grandchildren, 3 great great grandchildren, and a sister Wilma Rexroad.

In additionto his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife Betty L. Sine Spiker. and two sisters, Thelma Adamek, and Jeanne Jones.

Family and friends will be received at Hastings Funeral Home from 6-8pm, on Saturday, July 28, 7-9pm on Sunday, July 29, and from 10am until time of the funeral service at 11am on monday, July 30 at the funeral home with Pastor John Sommers officiating.

Burial will follow at Sugar Valley Cemetery in Bruceton Mills, WV

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

hey everyones! welp yesterday I went bowling with daddy :) I got a 110, 135, & 149. so yeah lol
my moms coming down today after work, I'm happy about dat ^ ^ I dont get to see her all the time, just talking to her on the phone, but thats okay :]
so anywayz my uncle john and Avery came down. of course Avery clings to me but John told her to show me how she fights, well she came running at me and knocked me down [I was sitting on the ground btw] and punched me in the mouth. _-_ so yeah not so much fun. and that happened like 3 times before he pryed her off me. so yeah ^ ^ after being attacked by a 3 year old we went back to the house and had pizza so yeah lol John couldnt get Ave to eat but I did with this weird growly voice I do. she loved it, she came over she said 'do the voice!' I did then she'd take a bite and she slung the pizza to John. that was funny cause I didnt hold it tight enuff. so yeah! lol

ok I'm done talking! sorry about rambling about that! ttyl then!


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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

hey everyone!! whats up? nothing much here. we did go to the mall yesterday but we didnt see a movie tho. but afterwards they came back to my house and we went for a walk, swam, and played DDR. I had a lot of fun! ^ ^

my grandad is doing okay today. he's hallucinating now. grandma sue said that he was talking to me in his mind about my trip and the mall and that I'm not allowed to go on anymore trips, like to the beach.
grandma sue told me that when she came over to brush her teeth and smoke at 4am that he got up took half of his pills, spilled water everywhere, and took 2 things of moriphene. lol she was laffin and it is kinda funny, now shes keeping his pills at our house lol

Today I'm going bowling with dad but he hasnt called me yet. he'll probly pick me up at 2:30pm as usual. lol

kk I think I'm gonna go now so I'll ttyl! byez!


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Monday, July 23, 2007

hey everyone. nothing much happening today. just got back from my grandads house, he's not doing well at all today. he had trouble breathing last night and today. he cant keep his eyes open and he can barely talk. I'm waiting on a phone call to see if I'm going to the movies with people today, maybe that will take my mind off of him. I'll be here. PM me if you want.
bye everyone.


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Sunday, July 22, 2007

hellos everyone! still tired from the long trip back home [8hours I think] but I thought that I'd tellyou about the beach. well we went into the ocean [and no Thomas I didnt get washed up like a beached whale thank you very much XP] but I fell down. lol but yeah we watched a movie called Pan's Labyrinth. its really good I recommend it! if you like bash your fash in violence then here ya go! lol but there are weird creatures. its like a fairy tale. but yeah. me and holly made a random notebook its so funny! and I'm doing a comic its going to be funny!!! lol but yeah we played miniature golf and went to islands. not very sure of what ones but they were cool. we saved a sea gull as well! me and holly we walking down the beach and she saw a sea gull and when we got closer we saw that it had a broken wing so we called her parents and we took it to the animal clinic on Manteo, so yeah that was pretty cool!

but yeah my grandad isnt doing to well right now. he's been sick all week and I think he's getting worse. when I walked in it seemed he didnt know me at first. but when he did notice who I was he almost started crying....I think we'll be at home for the whole day actually. so I'll be here. I dont wanna lose him but I might I dont know. maybe he'll hang on and shake it off. like I said I dont know, but I'll tell you guys what happened.
I'm gonna go now. I'll ttyl.


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Saturday, July 21, 2007

hey everyone! I know its kinda late to be posting but I just wanted to say that Im home safe from the beach. me and holly had a great time! I'll tell yaz about it tomorra! ttyl! PM ME!!!!

Jessii :D :D

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Friday, July 13, 2007

hey everyones. nothing much here just getting ready to leave today, so I WILL NOT BE POSTING FROM NOW ON! well until next week after the 21st ^^'' but yeah I'll be here trying to think if I got everything so PM me! I'll be here :3
hope to talk to some of yaz today! later!!!!

Jessii*:D :D

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

heyy everyonez!
nothing much here, just sleepy *yawns* I went to walmart last night at like 10pm. I dont like it in the darkness....its creepy! ._. but yeah I went to get my headset for my computer, yay! lol

Tomorrow I'm leaving for the beach so I'ma post in the morning but Ill be heading off around 5:30pm so yeah. lol yay I cant wait! ^^; lol

ok I'm not a big World of Warcraft person but I found this video and I thought it was cool so Im sharing it with you! I hope you like it!

kk I'm out so I'll ttyl! byezzz


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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

hey everyonez! just got back from Krogers! I got some stuff to take on my trip that I need. lol ya I watched Singing Bee on tv last night while talking on the phone with holly and talking to Liz and James on the computer. lol some of those people dont know how to sing a lick! lol

welp I'm all packed up for the trip but I'm going to look through my bags and such to make sure I have everything I need! I hope so. lol but uhh yeah! ^^;;

to my friend James [the Guv] glad you like your new background picture! I'm glad to have helped!

hmmmmm what else what else? oh! PM me if anyones one. I'll be here supposedly! lol I hope to talk to you peoplez soon! later!


1.who is your idol?
3.what is your favorite season?

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

hey peoples!!! I feel much much better today. I just hate the medicine is all. but anywayz I got a letter in the mail today from a modeling and career center o.o its like the freakin' beauty pageant letters I get. so yeah ^^;;

omg 3 more days til I leave with holly for Nag Head Beach at North Carolina! w00t w00t! =D cant wait! so we'll be gone for the whole week so I wont be able to post on here. srry! but yeah I'm gonna take a whole bunch of pics! so dont worry about dat!

I'm going to go bowling with dad today, we might go swimming and play tennis but we havent lately.

well I'll be here PM me!


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