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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

   yep, posting again cause I changed my BG again, I've used this theme before, but it's just so awesome... fairy chick with green and black.. nice... *nodnod*.. uhmuhmuhm... oh yeah!.. no wait I forgot.. dagnabbit! I hadda say something <.>...

~<~ Random Fun Thing Of The Day? ~>~

~ Stay Up Till Almost 5am Talking To A Friend Of Yours And Then Get Back Up At 7am And Stay Up All Day, It's Fun! ^-^ ~

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

first post in a week! o.o
yeeeaaaaaaah.. and I'm only posting now because I changedded my background! ain't it allllll colorry-full? ^o^
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Friday, May 6, 2005

   hmhm, just updating before I leave to ippississiM.. ^o^
SQUISHY!.. ok, A pic and a quiz... teh Pic?

Annnnnd Teh quiz...

Your Taste in Music:

80's Alternative: High Influence
90's Alternative: High Influence
90's Rock: High Influence
Adult Alternative: High Influence
Alternative Rock: High Influence
Punk: High Influence
Dance: Medium Influence
80's Pop: Low Influence
90's Hip Hop: Low Influence
90's Pop: Low Influence
Country: Low Influence
Old School Hip Hop: Low Influence
R&B: Low Influence
Ska: Low Influence

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Monday, May 2, 2005

Squishy squishy squishy... *cough* Annnnnnnnnywho, yeah, I prolly won't be on my'o for a while, simply for the fact that I feel like taking a break... Buut I will be checking my MSN mail every now and then, so yeah ^-^;;... Annd other then that.. On Friday I'm going to my gramparents in ippississiM... I'll be there until prolly Tuesday.. so yeah.. Laterz all! *huggles*
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Sunday, May 1, 2005

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!! I so proud of meself! I acually got to everyones sites today! first time in a looooong while!! ^o^!
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Saturday, April 30, 2005


/\_____/\.... /\_/\!

| |

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I've been like, suuuuuuuuuper happy since like 7:30-ish! my bestfriend, that moved a few weeks ago, called me today!!... she left a message on my moms cell phones answering machine and neither her or my brother could figure out who it was! so they gave it to me and I like flipped out! it was kinda funny cause I nearly threw a pen at my brother cause he couldn't find a peice of paper!!.. but yeah, this is the happiest I've really been in a while!! *dancing happily to TrustCo. in my comp chair* ^-^! but yeah... opooooooother then my true happyness steada fake-ness, we have no real post! ^-^U... sowwy! maybe tomorrow when I've calmed down!!


*falls over laughing* something I thought of while I was listening to these are not my pants...

Pants, bring romance!....

*lol* sad... I know.. but hey, sleepless person ya got thinkin' over here!!!

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Monday, April 25, 2005

*shrug* I got bored-ded! and ya all needa know more about me ^-^!!

You Know It's All About You (Over 100 Questions)

Created by niney123 and taken 10716 times on bzoink!

.:General Info:.
Gender:Do I honestly have to answer this? o.O.. oh fine, MONKEY! ^o^!
Height:uhhhm's... 5'2. maybe 5'3.. I GREW!!!
Birthday:Jan. 26
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Describe yourself in one word:squiiiiiiiiish! ... er, me?
Describe your personality in one word:hee!.. *lol* tis one word! *points to hee*
.:School Life:.
What grade are you in:no clue o.O...
What school do you go to:Homeschooled
And where is that:uhm... my home?
Do you get good grades:heh.. depends on what class!
Favorite Subject:writing
.:Love Life:.
Sexual Preference:straighty-ness..
Do you have a bf/gf:meeeeehbeh! ^____^
If so,what is their name:squish! *huggles Mr. Eggy*
How long have you been dating:about... 2 months?.. maybe 3... I forget ^-^;;
Do you consider yourself in love with them:yupyups!! very!
If so,why:cause.. I can? ?-?
Have you had your first kiss:indeeds
If so,when:Idunno? awhile ago I guess
Do you have a crush:meeeehbeeeeh.. *cough* no... I wuv my Mr. Eggy!
If so,what is their name:EGGGGGGGGGY!
Why do you like them:cause he's eggy!
Do they know you:he betta! *looks at Mr. eggy*
Do they know that you like them:Mr. Eggy~ *slaps quiz maker*
How long have you known them:a while... almost as soon as I joined my'o..
Best Friend(s):WABEN *dizzy* ! SHAY! *essy* PAPER! NYA!
How long have you been friends:waben, a few years, Shay, about a year, maybe more
Do you consider yourself a good friend:I hope
How many friends do you think you have:tons? Idunno
Most popular:Jessica
Most conceited:Adam
Prettiest:o.O... Mr. eggy!
Craziest:me and Waben
Most recent:Drew
Food:Pizza! chicken!
Person:I have one?
Show:*blink* Dave teh barbarian! tis an awesome cartoon!
Song:at the moment.... The Geeks Get the Girls
Band/Singer:uh.. prolly, Sugercult
Place in the world:My room
Dream Vacation:*blink* hehe.. too long to type it all
Dream House:one that I designed in all my weirdness
Dream Room:dark room
Location:my computer chair?
.:Last Time You:.
Watched T.V.:*spins in chair, looks at tv* now!
Went to the bathroom:Idunno
Ate:awhile ago
Slept:awhile ago ^-^
Listened to music:right now!
Used the phone:a few hours ago
IMed someone/Got an IM:a few sec.s ago
Went to school:hehe, a few years ago
Played a game:what kinda game?
Took a shower:a few hours ago
Hugged someone:a few minutes ago
Went on a date:about a week ago
Wrote a letter:when I was upset about something, so afew days go
Cried:nearly 4 weeks ago...
.:Last Person You:.
Laughed at:Myself
Cried over:*cough*...
IMed/Got an IM from:Andrew
Talked to:Myself
Spoke to on the phone:Tiaun's dad
Ate with:my family
Spent time with:my mom
Heard:the random singer in my headphones
Played with:spanks
.:Have You Ever:.
Been out of the country:no, but soon! sooo soon!
Been out of state/province:about a thousand times
Done drugs:nah
Done anything illegal:>.>... <.<... who wantsa know?
Slapped someone:yurps!
Cut yourself:yups
Played an instrument:yups
Hurt someone for no reason:not really
Hurt someone:yeps...
Killed an insect/bug:yeah
Gotten stung by a bee:no
Lied to your parents:heh yeah
Stole Something:yup
Kissed Someone:yup
.:This Or That:.
Rock or Rap:Rock
Singing or Songwriting:songwriting
Tennis Shoes or Sandals:shoes
Phone or Computer:computer
Biking or Skating:skating
Analog or Digital:analog
Coke or Pepsi:neither
Sprite or Sierra Mist:neither
R&B or Country:country
Cingular or T-Mobile:cingular
Cats or Dogs:dogs
AIM or Yahoo:neither, MSN
Bzoink or Quizilla:either
.:Word Association:.
Good Charlotte:cd
President Bush:egg
Rock:*bobs head*
Rap:*does random weird dance pose*
.:Right Now:
Drinking:Root bear
Watching:my computer screen
What is on your mousepad:nothing, I'm not using one
What are you doing:this! duuuh
What song are you listening to:something by AFI *too lazy to look*
What's in your CD player:random burnt CD I listen to at night
Wearing:drawn on jeans, studded belt, grey shirt, very oversized grey zip up hoodie and glasses/bracelets
Month:*blink*... is it still April?
Day of the Month:no clue...
Day of the week:... I knwo this... oh yeah! monday!
What website are you on:this and my'o
.:Random Things:.
What color is your mousepad:table colored
What color is your keyboard:grey-ish
What is the phrase you use the most online:^o^/^-^/heehee/ w00tz!
Did you like this survey:did it like me?
Are you sad that it's over:*sniffle* yesh, I will miss it..
What are you gonna do after this survey is over:read over my answers and maybe post it
Do you like pop-up ads:no! they are TEH EBIL!!!
How long have you been online:*cough* hehe.. a few hours now..

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

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Listening to?~ Nas~ I know I can
Doing?~ trying to get over my writers block, and succeding in writing a totally sucky song >o<
Thinking about?~ teh dizzy person.. cause she isn't online and she usually is
Time?~ 11:07
Mood?~ cunfoosled!

^-^! I ish cunfoosed! ^o^! and I acually like it! o.O I'm weird.. and I don't know Why I'm cunfoosled... squee! paaaaaaaaants! *dances happily*

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

squish? no little things today *looks at last post*.. nyah... me doesn't feel right.. not Bad, just... Not Right... *sigh, shrug* I'll feel better later! SQUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISHY!!!
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